Session 6 March 1999


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March 6, 1999

Ark, Laura, Frank, “Chloe”

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: Who do we have with us this evening?

A: Znsllsos.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: I think Chloe had a couple of questions that she wanted to ask this evening. (C) When I was living at the farm I had a dream where I woke up with some words reverberating in my ear. Do you know the dream I am talking about?

A: Speak in precise in present tense.

Q: I have a question about a past dream.

A: My dear, fire away. Hesitate not!

Q: Is the name and/or the entity ‘Sekenenre’ significant to my life or to the life of the people gathered here?

A: Certainly.

Q: Would you care to enlighten us?

A: Enlightening comes through discovery, born of searches.

Q: Is Sekenenre connected to the legends behind the Knights Templar?

A: Whoa!

Q: (L) Who? Oh, WHOA! I get it!

A: Do you? We thinks you a bit rusty.

Q: (C) Okay … Sekenenre … (L) I think that ‘whoa’ means that you are supposed to back up and regroup with your questions …

A: Jump to conclusions. How ya gonna keep ’em down on the “farm?”

Q: (L) Is it jumping to a conclusion to think that there is a connection between Sekenenre and the Knights Templar? Well, back up to the personal issue here. The dream. (C) Was I actually a contemporary of Sekenenre in the body?

A: See previous answer.

Q: (L) I guess you are jumping to conclusions again. I think I would get very basic. In the first place, we don’t even know for sure that Sekenenre actually existed as described or listed. It could be all disinformation. Was or is Sekenenre an incarnate person?

A: No.

Q: (L) Why was Sekenenre known as one of the pharaohs of Egypt?

A: History is a bit muddied by design.

Q: Okay, from what source did this dream and this voice Chloe experienced originate?

A: Now you are getting back on the track.

Q: (C) So, what source?

A: Sometimes, our fifth density friends play games when they know our vulnerabilities.

Q: (L) Are you saying that this source was fifth density and that it was playing on her vulnerabilities?

A: Yes.

Q: And what vulnerabilities were these?

A: Assumptive mind analysis.

Q: (L) Well, who is Sekenenre?

A: Not yet.

Q: (L) What was the purpose of this dream and voice?

A: Multi-tiered.

Q: (L) Can you tell us the most basic of the purposes?

A: Riddles reveal.

Q: (L) What was the riddle?

A: Search for truth.

Q: (C) Okay, so Sekenenre did not exist as a person …

A: Chloe, you could have foreseen all obstacles if you had learned better interpretations. Review for revelation.

Q: (L) Review what for revelation?

A: Dreams, my dear, dreams!

Q: (C) It was pretty simple. There wasn’t really a dream. I woke up, and as I woke up I realized that just before I woke up I heard a voice saying, “Beloved of Sekenenre.” I told you about it because I had never heard a voice so clear and I had never heard of Sekenenre. You found Sekenenre as a pharaoh in that book about the Masons with a hole in his head. Okay, who was the skeleton with the hole in its head in the book that was identified as Sekenenre?

A: Masonic rites guide to life’s path.

Q: (L) Chloe’s life path?

A: And others too.

Q: (L) So, Chloe had the dream and the “word.” I found who it was and the connection…

A: Clues … not conclusions.

Q: (C) Was this an illustration of a connection of our lives?

A: Maybe, but there is more to it than that.

Q: (C) Are Laura and I and Frank and Ark also, connected to Sekenenre or is fifth density involved in that in some way? That’s not a clear question …

A: And this is not clearly explainable, unless one gives up all of one’s assumptions/anticipations.

Q: (C) So, forget about the connection; that’s really not important.

A: We had trained Laura do this, but she is rusty!

Q: (L) Not so much rusty, but this is Chloe’s dream. If this were my dream and I wanted to find out some things about it, I would ask, first of all, was it in fact the ending of a dream?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay. Was it also an interaction with beings of other densities?

A: Fifth.

Q: (L) Were these beings STS or STO?

A: Fifth is recycling zone.

Q: (L) Was it someone on the verge of recycling, someone who was being recycled, or was it someone who had been incarnated and was in the recycling zone between incarnations?

A: Latter.

Q: (L) So, it is someone who had been incarnated and was now at fifth density, having died. Was it someone Chloe had known?

A: Yes. Maternal.

Q: (C) Was this my mother?

A: Yes.

Q: (C) Was the name Sekenenre one of her …

A: Your fifth density connections must get creative in order to message, as that old free will edict is a real “bear.”

Q: (L) So, in other words, her mother was trying to get a message to her in such a way as to not violate free will?

A: Close enough for horseshoes!

Q: (C) So, I am getting messages from my mother and others on the other side. And Laura found the Sekenenre … what did the ‘beloved’ part mean? Was that just an attention getter?

A: Maybe.

Q: (L) Okay, you have dealt with the free will part and you know that somebody is trying to get messages to you without violating your will … Would it be part of this free will, or message business … (C) Okay, I’m here, so let them give me the message.

A: No.

Q: (L) Well, she got the message, it connected to something in a book, would it be possible … (C) Is my life path part of the message they were trying to get to me?

A: Not really …

Q: (L) Can we assume that, since such a dramatic message was conveyed to her, that she DOES have a life path and is, perhaps, not following it, and that this was a ‘wake-up call?’

A: Not bad for shooting in the dark!

Q: (L) So, I’m there!

A: Not there, but maybe in “Orlando.”

Q: (L) Is she supposed to be in Orlando to find her life’s path and Sekenenre?

A: Better to meditate on this.

Q: (C) I’m planning on going to Orlando next week. Will I find a clue at that time?

A: It is possible.

Q: (C) Is this related to business?

A: Ditto.

Q: (L) Okay, you had a communication that you told me. I found a clue and told you. You couldn’t make head or tails of it, which led to you now asking and being told that someone has tried to tell you something without violating free will, and they have pointed in the direction of Orlando and meditation. That seems to be about the limit of free will here.

{Personal family matters redacted.}

Q: (L) I would like to know what was the source of the fire that started by the house last night? Was it J***’s cigarette tossed over there?

A: And tannic acid.

Q: (L) I have been working on putting the puzzle together and I have come to a lot of thoughts, and I have been reviewing the material and finding clues here and there, and I found this amazing sunken city in Wisconsin. Somehow I am wondering if this is what you meant when you mentioned treasures in Rhineland. It is not in Rhinelander, but it is not too far. I would like to know if this is part of the clue system since there was a huge link between this site and the Canary Islands. {Book referenced is Frank Joseph’s “Atlantis in Wisconsin.”}

A: Keep digging.

Q: (C) That’s an interesting double-layered remark. (L) When you made the remark that travel is okay for me in small doses, I started thinking that when the point in time comes for us to go and dig something, that it might be either right under our house or not too far away?

A: Maybe.

Q: (L) Is it still an important thing for us to find what is buried under this house?

A: If you have a hunch, does it serve you wrong?

Q: (L) Not usually. It would be so bizarre to find something important right under this house. That would explain why I got it so easily!

A: And would that not be cool?

Q: (L) Yes, it would be totally KEWL! Okay, so … that is a possibility. I have been trying to take it easy in order to let things sort out in my mind. On the one hand, I feel sort of useless, on the other hand I think I am doing the right thing for the moment …

A: It all leads to paydirt. So, patience is the virtue begotten.

Q: (L) Well, there have been several clues along the way about something under this house, and I asked once about the value of it, and the reply was that it was very valuable to some, so that gave me the idea that it was an artifact of some sort rather than money or jewels or so. (C) Well, tonight they have remarked about digging and paydirt. (L) Well, the circumstances surrounding the getting of this house are just so bizarre, and it was remarked that there was a reason I got this house … a very specific reason. Was there ever another structure here before this house was built?

A: For you to discover.

Q: Well, we’re getting too close to it … and this Miami Circle thing makes you wonder … (C) Was there a cellar there before the cement block cellar was put in?

A: Maybe. We ain’t gonna tell you that!

Q: (C) I think what’s down there is older than the cement blocks. They said something about an eccentric former owner hiding something down there, and it could have been something HE found rambling around these parts and then reburied. (L) It would just crack me up if this blasted thing I’m looking for all over this planet is buried right under this house! That would be absolutely the ultimate irony! (A) I want to ask about my sleeping disorder … what is the reason …

A: Vitamin and dietary changes, combined with diligent efforts to solve that which may or may not be solvable at work. Increase dairy intake, add light doses of niacin.

Q: (A) What about this humidity that I think I am lacking in the air? I can’t sleep because of this.

A: Open windows up.

Q: (L) Well, if he does that, I won’t be able to sleep!

A: Yes you will.

Q: (L) No I won’t. I’ll breathe that outside air and it will kill me!

A: If that will kill you, then you are doomed.

Q: (L) Speaking of air and being doomed … there was some stuff on the internet the other day about contrails being a dump of chemicals or bacteria or something into the atmosphere this way and that this is what is making everybody sick. Is there any truth to this rumor?

A: Not much, but in isolated instances, yes.

Q: Well, we don’t have anything else tonight …

A: Goodnight.

End of Session
Also very interesting.
Did you discover something under your house?
I remember i lately session you asked "how deep should we go", but I never came to that point
where you stopped searching.
Laura said:
A: Vitamin and dietary changes, combined with diligent efforts to solve that which may or may not be solvable at work. Increase dairy intake, add light doses of niacin.

Hey, just doing a search, finding more about Niacin (Vit B3) and saw this from the transcripts. Interesting suggestion from the C's on the dairy... Laura did Niacin help with Chloe's sleep?
What leaps out at me from this transcript is the " How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm" comment, which seemed to slip by unnoticed - my brain continued the refrain - "After they've seen Paree.."
[Paree = Paris].

And now here you all are, in France! On a farm!

I guess that's one for the C's. :-)

C's are!
Thanks for the session,

Yet another reminder to be vigilant with ones own assumptions and conclusions. Strive to be objective and keep searching!!

thanks for sharing :)
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