Session 6 September 1997


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September 6, 1997
Terry, Jan, Alice, Frank, Laura, Anna H.

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Plianni.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: Is it alright if we ask a couple of personal questions first?

A: But of course!

Q: Jan wants to know about the trip she and Terry made to New York...

A: Wrong mental approach for trip in preparatory phase.

Q: (J) What phase do you mean? We went too soon?

A: And ideas "askew." Why did you look upon it as a business trip? You were so uptight and argumentative!! Want to tear this marriage apart?!? Then try another one of those.

Q: How can Jan stop being so uptight?

A: Tis the two of them, not just Jan.

Q: We don't want to get into marital things here...

A: Then why ask the question?

Q: (J) That wasn't the answer I was expecting. We were trying to figure out why Terry's Aunt acted the way she did...

A: Vibrations affect all concerned. Next trip... we suggest pleasure only. Have you noticed how all your trips are for business? Unleash the pursestrings for fun and stop worrying about money.

Q: (T) Should Jan call Tracy?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay, {Ark’s}e divorce: the judge has refused to change the hearing date so that it is before he leaves... his idea is that we should wait for this hearing since it is only 9 days and something may be accomplished.

A: Stumbling blocks await.

Q: In other words, stumbling blocks if he waits for the hearing?

A: Your best bet is to concentrate upon the developments of Arkadiusz's career and not expend so much energy on a situation designed to destroy your work.

Q: Anything else you want me to tell him about the divorce or the hearing or anything?

A: Oooh yes!!!

Q: Do it!

A: You know, my dear, there are legal and other powers in this country which can supercede the "corruption and shenanigans" taking place in Poland involving this case. All one needs to do is to mine and trawl for same, then utilize properly. The one mistake Arkadiusz is still making is that he is still too trusting of the system to which he is most familiar.

Q: Is there some further - if he stays for this hearing will something happen that will cause him to have to stay longer?

A: Well, it is not so much that "something will happen," as that the merry-go-round will just turn and turn...

Q: (T) Perhaps he should suggest that he can oversee a student exchange program and use this as leverage to get them to cooperate with him...

A: Just mine and trawl!!!

Q: Well, we have Fernando...

A: Push him.

Q: Fernando?

A: Yes. And light candles that will burn so as to reveal opportunity where it counts!

Q: Why the reference to candles? Is there a deeper meaning to this?

A: What do candles do when lit? In the darkened chamber?

Q: Well, they illuminate it. Anything else on that subject?

A: Build a sphere of influence.

Q: What?! (T) Contact your congressman!

A: No.

Q: Well, what do you mean?

A: Who benefits from the proverbial "feather in the cap?"

Q: Well, UCF...

A: And... Who profits? Who derives gain from publicity?

Q: You mean the university where he is right now? I don't understand...

A: No!!!

Q: State of Florida?

A: And...

Q: Enterprise Florida?

A: And... Anyone or anything that climbs one more rung up...

Q: (T) Everyone who has something to gain from having him here.

A: Bingo!

Q: (T) Bilirakis... Bill Young...

A: Be careful with politicians!!! They are just as likely to bite as to pat.

Q: AH questions about the sale of her house.

A: Remember, Anna, numbers can elicit magical responses when arranged properly.

[Questions about network marketing scheme AH involved in, omitted as of no interest.]

Q: We would like to know if there is any significance to the fact that Mother Theresa and Princess Diana both died within a week of each other?

A: Vague.

Q: Why didn't you tell us that Princess Diana was going to get killed in an auto accident? That's pretty big news!

A: You would not have benefitted, and, besides, it was not predetermined. Just one possible future.

Q: Why was this particular future the one that manifested?

A: Because it was chosen.

Q: Why?

A: No escape any other way.

Q: For who?

A: Diana.

Q: Escape from what or who?

A: Judgement.

Q: Judgement by whom?

A: You pick. She was damned if she did and damned if she did not.

Q: (T) Let me ask: is she dead?

A: Yes.

Q: Was there any factor involved in her death that could be connected to any secret groups on the planet that wish to bring down the monarchy?

A: No.

Q: So, this wasn't part of a plot to bring down the monarchy?

A: Soul mates.

Q: She and Dodi were soul mates?

A: Yes.

Q: And they decided to leave together...

A: Yes, at another level.

Q: Is there any special significance to the fact that they were soul mates?

A: No, only way out, and valuable lessons learned by everyone else.

Q: So, this was a gift?

A: And STO. And the same with Mother Theresa who waited for the proper timing, so that others would notice what you did.

Q: (T) Well, things usually happen in threes... who is next?

A: “Usually threes” is an old wives tale.

Q: So, from one perspective, the death of the Princess is nothing more than a tragic accident?

A: We did not say that.

Q: So, she chose this because it was the only way out... (T) Was she helped along? Was there more to it than choosing the time and the way?

A: There always is.

Q: Can you list some of the other factors involved?

A: Lessons, that is all there is!!

Q: (T) Was she murdered?

A: Would murderer agree to be crushed to death?? What future is there in that line of work?

Q: Well, there are some Middle Easterners who think there is a LOT of future in that line of work... suicide bombers and so forth as well as persons programmed to do that sort of thing... Was anybody or any other thing behind this?

A: No.

Q: Was the driver drunk?

A: Yes.

Q: (AH) Would she like to tell us something?

A: Statement as such would not benefit this work.

Q: Did Dodi give Diana the purported ring as an engagement ring?

A: Yes, but that is incidental to the "bigger picture."

Q: What IS the bigger picture?


Q: You are saying that this was an STO act? (T) That's what they said...

A: No.

Q: That's not what they said. They said that this act would make others realize what they did and would start thinking about STO.

A: Yes.

Q: Are you saying that this was done by Diana as a service to others?

A: Part.

Q: I get the feeling that there is something we are not getting here...

A: Maybe we are waiting for you to figure it out on your own!

Q: When I read the article by Rupert Cornwell and there was a paragraph that was identical to what I had written on the original web-page, and then he made the remark about the circle of daggers surrounding Prince Charles, that he was in the center of a circle of sharp daggers... that struck me as a rather bizarre thing to say. With all the theories going around about the various families and bloodlines killing each other off from time to time... and this is connected with all this other underground business, CIA, KGB, God knows what else... Is the way the press plays the event a capitalizing on a circumstance on behalf of such conspiratorial groups?

A: If so, that is nothing new.

Q: Was this Cornwell saying in this article that the "dagger men" are gathered around Charles and that they are going to use this event to bring him down?

A: No.

Q: (T) Were the deaths, in addition to generating feelings of STO, also to speed up the process of the changing of the systems, the entering the new realms...

A: Close.

Q: There is still something we are not getting. And, they are waiting for me to figure it out - okay. But, give me a clue!

A: You will do so when it is appropriate.

Q: Okay, there is an issue here and it is just not the appropriate time to address it. Jan asked about the significance of the circle of daggers...

A: Circles are always significant.

Q: (T) Well, the only way out of a circle of daggers is through the center... (L) Or up... (T) The daggers may not be pointed at him to take him out but to limit him... or to move him to the center... (L) Once before you told...

A: Seven.

Q: Seven what?

A: Ask your question.

Q: Well, I was going to ask... once before you told us that the monarchy in England was going to come to a halt and that Charles would never be king... what are the probabilities that one of the sons will?

A: Are you trying to coerce a response?

Q: No, I'm just trying to be sneaky!

A: Well, forget it!!!

Q: (T) Does this have to do with getting Charles... is this whole thing designed to get Charles to take charge the way he is supposed to... to get his center back...

A: You are making a mountain where the universe sees a molehill.

Q: Okay, change gears: I read the other day that the word "Iscariot" means "from Sikarios," and this connects the Jesus story directly to my Paran Sikarios... the Percys, piercing, PS, etc. Could you comment on the fact that Judas Iscariot was "from Sikarios." Was he a member of the Paran Sikarios, the Assassini, a dagger man?

A: You are not to be told some things yet, because of your tendency to share before realizing the ramifications it can bring to your doorstep.

Q: Anything else for tonight?

A: No, Goodbye.

End of Session
Here's a nice take on the issue, this site is rather good at this sort of analysis: _

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Laura said:
September 6, 1997
Terry, Jan, Alice, Frank, Laura, Anna H.

A: Soul mates.

Q: She and Dodi were soul mates?

A: Yes.

Q: And they decided to leave together...

A: Yes, at another level.

Q: (T) Was she murdered?

A: Would murderer agree to be crushed to death?? What future is there in that line of work?

Q: Was the driver drunk?

A: Yes.

Q: I get the feeling that there is something we are not getting here...

A: Maybe we are waiting for you to figure it out on your own!

End of Session

Thanks for sharing.
Just one thing. I don't understand about the death of Diana. So she decided to leave this world for another realm with Dodi ? But I thought that in a recent session, the C's said that she was killing and that her death has change the timeline of this reality....
Can someone elucidate this point for me, please ?
Hi Sentenza

I don't know.

It could be both I suppose. Agreed to be murdered/die and leave this Word. I don't know if one could check out in such a way. Just guessing.

And about the other possible timeline, maybe she didn't agree to such terms and choose to remain on this plane for other higher motivations. Diana was very outspoken and popular. Taking 9/11 for example, if people like that take a stance for justice and truth. The PTB have a real problem.
Im not sure why but Diana has been very strong on my mind today 😔 I sense something in the air... . Also pondering if your soul mate is strickly a lover/partner or if a soul mate could be a friend or a family member.
Interesting mention of the assassini, supposed connection between them and the templars. Judas or Brutus, would like to read more on this
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