Session 7 June 2014


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Session Date: June 7th 2014

Laura and Andromeda at the board
Pierre, Perceval, Possibility of Being, Chu, Kniall, Data, Atreides, Mr. Scott, Timótheos, Alana

Joining via Skype:
Breton, Jefferson, Tomiro, Aragorn, Seppo Ilmarinen

Q: (L) This is June the 7th 2014. {Review of those present} I just want ya'll to know that we don't have anything planned for the public part of this session. We certainly have stuff planned our private session because we have issues that we're going to be continuing from a previous session. But, basically, we don't have anything on the agenda. So, we're hoping you guys do!

(Breton) Yeah, we tried to give some thought today about what might be concerning the Finnish group.

(L) That's all you're concerned about, eh? I mean, what about Russia? What about Ukraine? What about Red China? Is China red anymore? Those kinds of questions?

(Perceval) What color is China? [laughter]

(L) No, we're just joking with you! Sorry... Okay... Let's see if anybody shows up.

Q: (L) I suppose we ought to say hello.

(Andromeda) Hello? Is there anybody there?

A: Mrioioeag of Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) So we have our Finnish group here tonight. And we also have a lot of things going on here in the house and elsewhere. So, we don't have any particular questions, so we're just going to ask them what their first question is. Go!

(Breton) So, as you know, there's five of us in the Finnish group. I would be moving from here soon, but the Finnish group has been thinking quite a bit about where they should focus their energy best to serve the aims and the goals of the Fellowship. We're feeling a little exposed being in a Northern country with all the climate changes. One of the things that we're doing at the moment is making a web page and trying to translate a few articles in Finnish with the goal to try to attract more interest from people who speak Finnish. Now, the question is, is that a good use of our efforts - to do this web page and translation?

A: Indeed. In your spare time. It is service to others. Giving of the self sends a special signal to the environment, both immediate and cosmic. As to other concerns, do not make precipitate moves. Support is needed in several ways. If you are easily able to come and help with prep, it is good. {letters come faster now} But trust that if you are sending the correct signal that at the right moment you will know what to do.

Q: (L) Alright. Next question? Was that clear? Do you want that expanded on, or do you need to ask supplementary questions?

(Aragorn) The climate thing... Should we expand on that? We could, I think. It's bothering us.

(Breton) I think what Aragorn is getting at is what I alluded to before: feeling a little bit exposed in this part of the world. But is it something that should be very high on everyone's agenda to be making plans to leaving this place, or...

A: {letters come very quickly} If everyone is paying close attention to reality, you will receive the warning in time. And if the preparations made by this group proceed apace with support, there will be a place to "land" and time to get there.

Q: (Breton) Yeah, okay.

(L) In other words, probably working on SOTT is your best bet. That's what keeps use cued in to what's going on. That's where we get our signals.

(Breton) Yeah.

(L) Paying attention to the whole global situation, the weather, the earth changes, and so on and so forth.

(Perceval) And if the preparations made by this group, here, proceed apace with support...

(L) Yes.

(Pierre) By working on SOTT, if you work on SOTT, we get more donations, we can fund preparation of the bases, we can build a landing area for you eventually when "BEEPS" hit the fan.

(L) And how long does it take to drive from there to here?

(Breton) Couple of days. It's about 3000 kilometers, and there's usually a ferry ride involved.

(L) So you need a couple of days warning?

(Breton) In theory, yeah.

(L) Well, I think we can manage that. I think we may even have a week to two weeks if things get weird. The thing is we know neither the day nor the hour. We suspect in a general range because there's all these different signs and so forth. But we have to concentrate on what we're doing right now, which is... Well, we've got various things going on. We've got this project going on in the US. I'm thinking that in the end, this EU house is just going to be the only EU house there is: this one we're in, and the one down the road that we're getting ready to sign the deal on. And that one – the farm - can house probably 25 or 30 people. I don't know that there's any more than that who are able, ready, or willing... Well, of course there are going to be a whole bunch of people who don't think anything's going on who are going be crying and saying, "Oh, I wish I'd thought about this beforehand!" But, you know, in general, I think 25 or 30 people on the EU side are what we're going to have. We've got a lot more on the US side. So I think we'll end up accommodating everybody here. At this point, I don't see that there's any real need for everybody to just jump up and move... There are several people who are in a position - Breton's one of them - to come and help. Preparation work. But there are other people who have jobs, families, different things going on that it would be better if they stay there for now. For example, Aragorn has a wife who doesn't think anything weird's going to happen. Well, at that certain moment, when she says, "Oh sh*t! You were right!" Then I think she'll be a lot more willing to get in the car.

(Aragorn) Yeah, sure.

(L) So, I mean if you stay and you help as much as you can in whatever ways you can to support the global effort, then you're doing the right thing where you are. And then just let us handle - and the people who are in a position to help now - let them handle the preparations. You know, we don't KNOW exactly what's going to happen. So we have to hedge our bets. You have to prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and take what comes. Continue to conduct your life doing every moment what is in front of you, what is important and right to do. And that doesn't mean running off and abandoning your families or any of that sort of thing. People are in different positions so they do different things. So... Next question?

(Aragorn) I would really like to ask my question. I am in a situation where I am wondering what line of work I should be pursuing in order to help the Fellowship and protect my family and increase my options. Would it be good to still pursue the university career, or something else?

A: What would you be doing if all things were equal and money was not an object?

Q: (Aragorn) I would be singing and teaching singing as a day job, I guess.

(L) In a university, or somewhere else?

(Aragorn) Um, not at the university, no. I am motivated, but...

A: How can you move into that reality from where you are?

Q: (L) What do you need?

(Aragorn) Geez... Um... I need to put out an effort to do it.

(Breton) You have to establish your own business, maybe?

(Aragorn) Yeah, but um... A relating question is: Why do I feel always enormous tiredness and lack of energy when I try to think of this kind of plan? It feels like there's some block...

A: Psychic draining from those close to you.

Q: (Aragorn) Is it possible to ask who these close ones are?

A: You know.

Q: (Aragorn) I know. Okay. I don’t know what to say.

(Breton) Think about it?

(Aragorn) I'll think about it. Let's go to the other questions.

(Breton) Seppo Ilmarinen, want to go ahead, or Tomiro?

(Tomiro) Well, I have a personal question. We discussed earlier here with the group the situation about my partner and her girlfriend. And I'm kind of wondering if moving in with her and her children and selling my apartment could be a good idea for being able to serve others or if there's a kind of program running here. Maybe I'm not seeing everything here.

A: Review what we have said. Are there things you could do to make a sudden change easier?

Q: (L) You mentioned selling an apartment. Why don't you sell your apartment and just rent where you are for the time being? In other words, lighten your load, but at the same time, make no super-drastic changes.

(Tomiro) Mm-hmm.

(L) Just kind of be ready, like Cassius Clay [Muhammad Ali]: float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

(Pierre) Be ready to move.

(Perceval) But his suggestion was that he do that, but move in with his girlfriend and her children.

(Jefferson) She's pregnant.

(L) She's pregnant. Is it your fault?

(Tomiro) No.

(L) No??

(Jefferson) In vitro.

(L) Whose idea was that?

(Tomiro) It was hers.

(Perceval) Who's the father?

(Tomiro) It's in vitro.

(Jefferson) Sperm bank, and she did it unilaterally, without consulting with him.

(L) I'd stay away from somebody who does things like that.

(Perceval) How long have you been with your girlfriend?

(Tomiro) Maybe a year, two years.

(Pierre) How do you feel about what she did?

(Atreides) So your girlfriend went and got pregnant by another man?

(L) No, she went to a sperm bank.

(Atreides) Well, it doesn't matter how she got the sperm in her.

(Pierre) How do you feel Tomiro about this event?

(Tomiro) Not really good.

(Possibility of Being) What keeps you with her?

(Tomiro) She is kind of stubborn. She had made a decision that she wanted a child before she was 35.

(L) Doesn't she already have children?

(Tomiro) She has an adopted child.

A: Pity those who pity.

Q: (L) That if you're in a relationship because of pity, or you stay because of pity, then you are to be pitied.

(Tomiro) Mm-hmm.

(Perceval) Or maybe even that she pities, because an adopted child, maybe she pities herself or whatever...

(L) There's just pity all over the place here.

(Perceval) And the point of "pity those who pity", it doesn't mean to that we SHOULD pity them. It means it's not a good thing. People who pity is a bad deal.

(Andromeda) Don't be led by pity to do things.

(L) Okay, that's a tough situation.

(Perceval) Yeah, I would say...

(L) I'd run like hell, and I know a thing or two. But you're still young and loaded with hormones. I can't tell you anything.

(Perceval) I would say that in terms of the idea of keeping yourself free and available to do things and move, I would say that moving in with her is a "tie that binds".

(L) That's a bear trap.

(Pierre) And does she want you to recognize the children as yours?

(Tomiro) Well, I guess... I'm not really sure about that. I guess she wants me to be their father, or raise them...

(L) But you don't know?!

(Pierre) That's the next step: to lock you in.

(Chu) It doesn't look like you have a very open relationship if you don't know.

(L) Oy vey. Let's move on to the next question. You've gotta work this out.

(Perceval) Sounds like she's making all the decisions, and you're just a passive bystander, ya know? Even though you might think you're not. Women are smarter than men in that regard, at least.

(Possibility of Being) You can ask the forum for more feedback.

(L) Yeah, why don't you ask about this on the forum?

(Tomiro) Yeah, I'm planning on doing that.

(Perceval) She's got a plan for you, and you'll find out about it as you go along.

(L) You don't have a need to know. Ya know, I have a girlfriend. She's in her 70's now, and I'm in my 60's. We've been friends since we were in our 20's and she was in her 30's. She had 3 teenage boys. And I was kind of like their big sister. And they sat down one day and asked me for advice. And I told them: If you can't keep your zipper up, use protection. Because nearly every girl out there is looking to get pregnant so that she can lock a guy into a relationship or responsibility, or an obligation. Most women are extremely unhappy in their family lives, their home lives... They've got this whole nurturing instinct, this baby-making instinct that's really powerful. A woman's baby-making instinct is as powerful as a guy's "I gotta get me some" instinct. Trust me. So, if you know how powerful your urges in that direction are, just imagine that women's urges to make the baby and entrap the man are just as powerful. So, you have to keep that in mind.

(Perceval) It's a match made on Earth! It's what keeps the species going.

(L) It's the General Law. What are ya'll whispering about the in the background there?

(Aragorn) I was saying that the "psychic draining" comment is really bothering me, and if there's time I'd like to ask...

(L) Go ahead.

(Aragorn) Is this intentional, and what can I do about it?

A: No, not intentional. It rarely is. Knowledge and awareness and standing up for yourself at crucial moments should help.

Q: (Aragorn) Okay. Thanks.

(L) Alright. Carry on!

(Perceval) What about Seppo Ilmarinen? He's getting antsy!

(Seppo Ilmarinen) My question is about why do I have so many blank spots in my childhood? Childhood memories?

A: Abuse can tend to aid dissociation. Writing may help.

Q: (Breton) I guess we're familiar with the writing exercises.

(Seppo Ilmarinen) Yeah, I've been doing those.

A: Not just "the writing exercises!" We mean writing down your life, and do it with the hand, not the keyboard. You will be surprised at how much returns to memory, especially if you allow a bit of automaticity. Also, SRT is recommended.

Q: (Seppo Ilmarinen) Thank you. I've booked a session.

(Breton) Are we getting near the end?

(L) Are we getting near the end of the questions?

(Jefferson) I have a question if it's alright. Considering my very complicated home situation with many children and ex-wife and potential health or mental blocks, the question is where can I focus my energy in terms of wage work, and the work on the self to best serve the fellowship and my family?

(L) Can you break that down into two questions? I'd say that...

A: Grow where you are planted.

Q: (Jefferson) I wonder if I'm being a detriment to my children's and ex-wife's...

A: You lack a lot of self-discipline. It will do you good to be responsible and see things through. Stop trying to find ways to force others to be responsible for your choices.

Q: (L) Next?

(Breton) Anybody else have...? Well, only one that I have was kind of the wrap-up question if that's okay. Do the C's have any message for the Finnish group, or something that we haven't asked about that maybe we should know?

A: If you have a strong bond, and one of you comes to this locator, it will ensure that the others have a magnetic connection. Tomiro, there is someone for you, but she cannot free herself from the tangles of her life if you cannot and thereby transmit the strength to her.

Q: (Breton) I would ask one quick personal question. I have been sort of really procrastinating getting SRT. Do you guys think that it's a good idea that I do Spirit Release Therapy?

A: For you it is not so urgent.

Q: (Breton) Okay, I'm done.

(Jefferson) If there's still time, if you're not so tired, I'd just like to ask, I know the discipline issues have been ongoing. And I just at this point, as I'm trying to break through the wall and work on this discipline issue, and unconsciously it shows that I'm, uh, putting the blame on others, forcing others... Is there something I can do, something practically, that I can work with? Something practically on the ground to help me out in this discipline issue?

A: Jefferson, work with dedication and, above all, honesty. That means to work in all ways.
1. Job
2. Family
3. Group
4. Assist all who are asking to the greatest extent possible.

Q: (L) Are you going to sing a song now?

(Aragorn) [laughs] Maybe.

(Breton) We recorded it for you guys.

(L) Well, put it up on the Paleos group so we can watch it.

(Breton) Sure.

(L) Because right about now, I'm whupped.

(Breton) Yes, I'm sure. [thank yous]

(L) Kissy kissy! Good night!

End of Session
Yes, thank you very much for sharing another very interesting session. Could anybody tell me if there is a spanish group created in Spain? Cheers.
Enjoyed reading this latest session and thanks for sharing your situation Tomiro. If you need feedback we are here!

The Finnish group sound really strong.

Was wondering if there is a similar group in the UK?
Thank You all for this session, very interesting. Seems big changes I have been waiting for all my life are here. I wonder why I don't feel the need to move and I am in central Florida USA ! While reading this session I felt like electricity on the right side of my body, from head down the right arm...
very interesting session, thank you all

for a long time now i have been thinking about forming a Portuguese group, but maybe there's one already and i just haven't found them here yet.
is it a good idea to just start a thread about it? i think so.
i have time, and I've been using it to read and read and read and it seems that i could, of course, do that forever. just read!
my girl and i have already translated some articles about tobacco and diet from sott, and we have it online in a blog.
it's just not enough.
how do we get people who are close by and willing to meet face to face and maybe( just an idea) work out a way to have a SOTT page in Portuguese?
we are thinking about this wholeheartedly.
Thanks for the session. Seems that things are speeding up? The certainty that it is time to act.
Ditto, thank you!

A: What would you be doing if all things were equal and money was not an object?

I'm going to live in Helsinki together with my girlfriend from September onwards (for 2 years, or rather as long as it is feasible) to pursue my direction in making art. My internal answer to this question felt reassuring.

Two other questions kept ringing in regards to moving there were about the cooling of the Northern hemisphere, the idea of 'location, location, location..', and whether there is a group in Finland to start networking for real if I were to eventually join FOTCM.

All just got answered exhaustively, what a coincidence. :D

Thank you very much again,
for your constant work to inform and help the growth of others.
victor said:
very interesting session, thank you all

for a long time now i have been thinking about forming a Portuguese group, but maybe there's one already and i just haven't found them here yet.
is it a good idea to just start a thread about it? i think so.
i have time, and I've been using it to read and read and read and it seems that i could, of course, do that forever. just read!
my girl and i have already translated some articles about tobacco and diet from sott, and we have it online in a blog.
it's just not enough.
how do we get people who are close by and willing to meet face to face and maybe( just an idea) work out a way to have a SOTT page in Portuguese?
we are thinking about this wholeheartedly.

The skype sessions are exclusively held with members of FOTCM that have formed groups under supervision.
casper said:
Is there coming end of the world as we now or not? :huh:

Hi Casper,
I see this is your first post. Welcome to the forum. :)

We ask that you to introduce yourself in the Newbies section. A bit on you, how you found us and what you have read of Laura's work, etc. There are examples in that section that you can read to get an idea.

Welcome aboard!
casper said:
Is there coming end of the world as we now or not? :huh:

Check out this post by Laura and the discussion following:,34784.msg499343.html#msg499343

In short, the end of the world as we know it is a possibility (it's happened many times in the past!), but there is no real 'end'. The universe merely transforms.
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