Session 8 August 2015


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Session Date: August 8th 2015

Laura, Andromeda, and Galatea at the board

Pierre, Perceval, Chu, PoB, Arky, Data, Athena, Scottie, Oxajil, Niall, Noko the Wonderdog

Joining via Skype:
Heimdallr, Menrva, herondancer, Approaching Infinity, Truth seeker, suelarue, Ennio, Magpie, Bear, Thaigrr, A Jay, trendsetter37, Renaissance, Nancy2feathers, Nicholas, KJN, Odyssey, aleana, l_autre_d, Foxx

Q: (L) [Skype connection established] Good god almighty!! {Referring to the large group of people appearing on the screen.}

(Chu) How many are you all?

(???) 20. {Actually, Hesper had left already so the number was 19}

(Andromeda) We're outnumbered! [laughter]

(Chu) We need names.

(Heimdallr) Okay, I'll do it. [review of those present. Then Caesarea internet dies, wait for reconnect...]

(L) Okay, you said you had questions. Who's gonna ask questions?

(Heimdallr) I can do it.

(L) Alright, let's get going here.

(Ark) Now the question is: Are the C's online?

(L) Yeah, we have to see if the C's are online.

(Scottie) [Makes Skype calling sound]

A: Hello to all children of Cassiopaea!

Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Leajillaea

Q: (L) What's ya'll's first question?

(Heimdallr) Was there a connection in the deaths of the five holistic doctors who were recently killed?

A: Not as asked, no.

Q: (Perceval) He asked about the doctors that were "killed".

(L) Well, the next question would be... What was your intent behind the question?

(Heimdallr) I wanted to know if they were killed because they were all studying and researching vaccines?

A: No.

Q: (L) Obviously, some were killed. I think there was a murder or two involved there, and some accidents. So, I think that trying to make a connection might be the problem - trying to connect it to some kind of conspiracy.

(Pierre) Or maybe some are connected, and some are not.

A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay, some are connected, and some are not. You'd have to examine it and use logic, I guess. We could spend a lot of time weeding it out, but I don't think we really want to.

(Galatea) Did you say the date?

(L) Oh, it's August the 8th 2015. Okay, next question?

(Heimdallr) Can the Rife technology be as effective as the antibiotic protocol now being discussed on the forum?

A: If adequately constructed machine were available. Tall order.

Q: (Heimdallr) Okay. Is camel's milk beneficial to take, and does it aid in killing pathogens?

A: If fresh, yes.

Q: (Heimdallr) How often should we take it?

A: Once daily.

Q: (L) Don't you want to ask how much?

(Heimdallr) Yeah, how much for each dose?

A: 6 ounces.

Q: (Odyssey) In the last session, you said that some people are resistant to parasitical manipulation or can compensate. What are the compensatory conditions that protect against parasitical infection?

A: Strong mind and will. Doesn't necessarily protect against infection, but allows for mental stability in spite of.

Q: (Heimdallr) How many people in this world have this problem of infection?

A: 63 percent.

Q: (Heimdallr) Would adding cold therapy to the antibiotic protocol be beneficial?

A: Yes, but further in.

Q: (L) So that means not right at the beginning. I'm tellin' ya, it's brutal! I felt like I was gonna die for a couple of days. The first and second rounds were bad. Third round it was still really bad. Fourth round, it was better. By the fifth round, I was able to function somewhat. It was only about the seventh round that I didn't really feel anything at all. It was freakin' brutal.

(Heimdallr) So, Pierre's not swimming in the pool now that he's on the protocol?

(L) He is.

(Pierre) Not in the pool; in the pond.

(Perceval) But it's not cold therapy. The pond is 20 degrees.

(Pierre) I go under the spring.

(Perceval) Doesn't matter, it's still only 15 degrees C. And you're not there for 15 minutes.

(Pierre) Well, it helps.

(Heimdallr) Is there anything that this group here needs to be doing or focusing on more?

A: Magnetizing.

Q: (L) What does that mean? Magnetizing who or what?

(Galatea) Where? When? Why?

(Heimdallr) How?

A: Fulfilling the function of the lighthouse! If it isn't broke, don't fix it!

Q: (Heimdallr) So, I guess we just continue doing what we're already doing? Man the posts? SOTT and the Forum?

A: More and better! You will see that united efforts send a signal of which you are not fully aware with ramifications as yet unseen. The important element is the colinearity.

Q: (Heimdallr) We were wondering if Putin and his team of advisors are aware of the hyperdimensional reality, and if so, how they do they understand it?

A: He is somewhat aware, but in a different context.

Q: (Perceval) Would that context be kind of in a more military or technological context where they've been trying to use devices or...

A: More like a form of mental martial arts.

Q: (Ennio) So, he's battling through his mind basically?

A: Yes

Q: (Heimdallr) We wanted to ask about Chelyabinsk: Keit posted on the forum that there was this small area with downed trees. It didn't look like it was caused by an explosion or fire or anything. What was it that caused that?

A: Air burst caused by EM anomaly.

Q: (L) Would that be something like a plasma phenomenon?

A: Yes

Q: (PoB) Is there anything special about the area around Chelyabinsk, because there are many weird things happening there?

A: Magnetic.

Q: (L) Magnetic. It's an attractor.

(Heimdallr) We wanted to ask about this recent photo that a woman took in South Carolina of a supposed "lizard man". Is this something that is real, or was it faked?

A: Faked.

Q: (Andromeda) It was too clear.

(Approaching Infinity) There have been many sightings and reports of a lizard being down there. So, are all of these caused by the same reason, or is there actually something to the sightings that have happened for years there?

A: Something?

Q: (L) I think you need to do something with your question there. Let me suggest that there is something to it energetically, and that somebody decided to, "make Star Trek real". Am I onto something here?

A: Close.

Q: (L) So, have there ever been any real sightings there?

(Galatea) Recently, down there?

(L) No, don't complicate my question. Have there ever been any real sightings there? Simple question.

A: Yes

Q: (L) Have there been any recent sightings?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So the phenomenon is not just as simple as being faked?

A: No

Q: (L) So there is something going on there, and there may be some real exhibits of some sort?

A: Yes

Q: (L) But in this particular case, no. Is that correct?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So there is something going on there, there are real sightings going on there. It's more than energy.

[The sound of Andromeda slurping up the last of her beverage through a straw shatters the temporary silence]

(L) And you drank all the coffee! [laughter]

(Heimdallr) In a previous session when you guys talked about reality splitting related to Ark and Scottie misremembering a woman's name, um, and we wanted to ask if there's any way to know when that is happening in the moment?

[Clarification: Scottie remembered the woman had a different name, and Ark remembered not meeting her while everyone else remembered that he DID meet her]

A: Remember the Matrix cat!

Q: (Heimdallr) Was Jade Helm just a pure psyop?

A: Yes. And notice how many exposed themselves as potential vectors.

Q: (L) Is it over?

(Perceval) No. Middle of September. July to September. I think they are having military exercises. But the way it was promoted, someone was out there trying to work people up about it.

(L) Yeah.

(Menrva) I wanted to know if they could tell me what's going on with my heart?

A: See a doctor.

(Menrva) Oh, good.

(Approaching Infinity) Didn't you already see a doctor?

(Menrva) I did. I'll see a cardiologist.

(Heimdallr) Are there any good diagnostic methods for the parasites?

(Chu) Like a test to see if you have the parasites.

(L) Don't they have that in the papers?

(Chu) Yeah, but they're very hard to do. The DNA growing or whatever they do...

(Pierre) And there are many different ones.

A: Best test is the antibiotic challenge.

Q: (Galatea) They watch YouTube! Ya know, like the Ice Bucket Challenge?

(Chu) Well, some people here in this house who we know have chronic health accumulated issues do not have such a strong reaction as you did.

(L) Right.

(Chu) How to tell whether it's that they need a different antibiotic, or more time, or perhaps a higher dose?

A: Dosage can be adjusted. Also combine, as you have, with other helpers. Also, some have stronger constitutions.

Q: (L) Well, Atreides is having reactions.

(Chu) Some, but not like you. Galatea didn't have reactions either.

(L) She took cortisone. She masked it. Yeah, I think I was pretty... I'm pathetic! That's what's wrong with me. I was pathetic! [laughter]

(Perceval) You didn't take cortisone. You were hardcore.

(L) Yeah, I did once. The second day of the first round, I did take cortisone because I was scared to death to have that going on again. But I didn't take any again after that one time. It really didn't help that much. So...

(Pierre) Even with cortisone you were miserable. That gives you an idea of the... shock.

(L) We've got five people on the protocol right now. They have symptoms, but nobody had it as severe as I did. Pierre had symptoms pretty bad. Mostly, it's like you get... they're flu-like symptoms. You have a headache, your neck is stiff, you're achy, you're foggy in the head, you just want to sleep all the time because you're really exhausted. Don't really go by my experience, I guess. Some may have it as bad as I did. But these younger people seem to be dealing with it a lot better than I did. They don't have anywhere near the severity of the reaction, but they are having some reactions. We also added the bromelain and the NAC to kind of break up the biofilms in case that's part of the problem. And there's also the camel milk. Oh, and colostrum - very important!

(Chu) What about antifungals?

(L) I'm not doing any antifungals. I may add some.

(Chu) What about adding some, like fluconazole?

(L) Well, I already did rounds of fluconazole.

(Chu) Yeah, but I mean like together.

(L) Well, I may try some fluconazole along with the other stuff.

(Chu) I mean, you want to nuke 'em, so...

(L) Yeah. I want to wait a little bit until I get towards the end. I've got three more months to go. So, maybe next month, I'm gonna do a round of metro on the 15th of this month just to test. Then next month, I'm gonna start maybe three weeks of antivirals. Then I might do fluconazole. I might even toss in albendazole just for the heck of it.

(Perceval) Just because you like the sound of it.

(Chu) And turpentine.

(L) Yeah! [laughter]

(Chu) The thing is that those papers are saying these critters... the minute you leave them alone, they take revenge ten times harder. So, what I'm thinking is that the nuclear option is not enough.

(L) The nuclear option is not enough?! [laughter]

(Pierre) Constant nuking!

(Athena) Carpet bomb them! [laughter]

(L) Well, I'm taking 500mg of doxycycline every day. Atreides takes 600mg. And, It's better to get the powder form and mix it in water and drink it. If you take it in pill form and it's a little late, and you lay down in the bed, that stuff will burn a hole in your stomach and you will be up in the bathroom barfing when you don't have anything in your stomach to barf!

(Pierre) Pretty exciting, eh? [laughter]

(L) But I tell ya: I don't have any more pain! And I'm eating eggs every day. [remote cheers] And eggs used to put me in Hurt City.

(Perceval) So, you're using plasma weapons then. [laughter]

(L) Yeah. You have to go after them from all different directions. I dunno what they are, but I'm gonna kill 'em! I may kill myself in the process, but... [laughter] But they aren't getting away!! So, I think if any of ya'll are gonna do it, you need to get the doxycycline, fluconazole, and metronidazole from Fludan. And it's gonna be a little pricey, but it comes in a powdered form. On Amazon, they have these little measuring spoons that have names like drop, smidgen, and a tad. Those are the names on the spoons because they're kinda funny. But the one called "smidgen" is exactly 100mg, and the one called "drop" is exactly 50mg. So, you can adjust the dosage according to your weight. And believe me, 25 grams of doxycycline goes quite a ways. If you're taking 100mg, that's 250 doses in a 25g container. And then you can probably get camel's milk easier there than we can get it here. They mail it to you in a cold package. Then you just have a small amount, and you put your colostrum powder in the camel's milk, stir in really good, and drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Then a little later you take your doxy or metro or whatever you're doing. With the kids, they started with a week of doxy before they started metro. I didn't. I did it cold turkey and nearly killed myself. If I had to do it again, I would do a week of doxy first. And never take metro without food in your stomach. Doxy you can take on an empty stomach. If you take metro on an empty stomach, you'll be very sorry. Then you take your bromelain and your NAC with your medication. On metro days, you have so many doses of medicine that you do not have a period of time during which you can get in a probiotic. So, just forget probiotics for those two days. The other five days of the week, you try to get your probiotics in before you take your nightly dose of doxy. You need to take the probiotics to revivify everything good in your gut that you're killing.

(Pierre) And if doxy is too harsh, you try to take it after breakfast, and instead of having two doses a day, break it into three.

(L) But that can mess up your probiotic profile.

(Pierre) You take that later. You can have doxy morning, doxy lunch, doxy early dinner, and then probiotic before bed.

(L) Yeah. Everybody has to kind of figure out the way around it. I guess if after two weeks of doxy and metro and bromelain and NAC, if you don't have any reactions at all, you might try one or two other antibiotics. If you still have no reactions after that, I think you can assume you don't have anything. Then, quit taking antibiotics and fill up on probiotics to put back what you just killed.

(Pierre) First before quitting, you can try to adjust your dosage, too.

(L) Yeah, just do things to challenge your system to see if you get something to happen there.

(Chu) Maybe that's like doing transmarginal inhibition on the critters. You bombard them with different stuff until they obey. [laughter]

(L) So, that's what I can think of to advise about it.

(Heimdallr) Do you think the herbal methods brought up on the forum are really worth exploring?

(L) I think they're good adjuncts, but I think if you really want to kill the suckers, you should just go in and nuke 'em. You can be taking these herbals for two or three years to deal with something like this. I would like to see somebody experiment with it. Maybe someone who's not on death's door like I was practically... Somebody who has a little life left in them to play with, but they still know they have a condition. That kind of person could experiment with the herbal option and report back on how it works. I think Gandalf said he was going to do it, but I dunno if he has any real chronic issues. You really need somebody who you know has a serious enough, clear cut issue like arthritis or some kind of thing.

(Chu) Even Dr. Nicholson lists them as supplements for the days off the heavy duty stuff. He gives a list like Pau D'arco and that kind of thing. He must have tried it, but he never lists it as a main treatment, but instead as just a support.

(L) I think they just make the environment unpleasant. They may have some effects on the biofilms or something like that. I dunno. Do I feel different? Yeah. I don't have pain. I can eat things I couldn't eat before. I'm still not willing to try some things. I can tolerate camel's milk, but one swallow of cow's milk will put me in the bed for twelve hours because I have these horrible attacks with waves of pain, phlegm, and all that stuff. So...

(Chu) Swimming may be good. It's like gentle jiggling that loosens stuff up.

(L) Yeah, swimming is good. Do you guys have a flat place there where you could put an above-ground pool?

(Heimdallr) Well, the only place is basically behind the creek, but it's right in the front yard.

(L) What about the part of the driveway that goes off towards the blocked-off road?

(Heimdallr) We put our cars there right now. That's our parking area.

(L) Oh, okay. The thing that Chu was having in mind is that the movement of swimming can jostle things around like biofilms, it can increase circulation to all those areas of the body. I noticed when I swam a couple of times when I was taking the medication that there were some areas that started hurting really bad. I figured the medicine was finally getting in there and killing things, like in my knee joints. When the medicine gets in there, the stuff starts dying and toxins are released in that part of the body. You're like shaking 'em up a little bit.

(Pierre) Any exercise will do, I think. Exercising stimulates blood circulation, which increases antibiotics delivery, which leads to die-off. I noticed during manual work that you will get pains after one hour that normally you will get after 10 hours of work. It's localized around the area you stimulate.

(L) There's one other thing, and this was something that kind of bothered me. I started getting those light flashes around my eye. I still have them, but sometimes it's more than other times. Of course that concerns me a little. I went to the doctor and he examined my retinas and said I don't have any signs of anything. He said it's something that happens when you start getting older and the fluid in your eyes starts drying up or congealing a little bit. Great news, but... What I read was that doxycycline can cause an increase in intracranial blood pressure. So, I looked up some different things. The one thing I found the quickest and most efficient for bringing that down is hibiscus tea. It tastes nasty, but supposedly it works really well to bring your blood pressure down.

(Chu) And maybe adding things like birch juice. I dunno if you can get it there, but anything that can help you eliminate. Saunas...

(Perceval) Drinking lots of water.

(Heimdallr) What about working out aside from swimming, like any kind of cardio?

(Pierre) Yeah.

(L) Yeah, but remember cardio is not all that good in other ways. Weight lifting is good in short bursts. Cardio is hard on your body.

(Chu) I started doing the five Tibetan exercises that Ark recommended once. Those are pretty good for jiggling.

(???) And massage is good to get things circulating.

(L) Oh yeah! Massage is good, especially the lymphatic drainage massage. Are any of ya'll a massage therapist?

(herondancer) I was a while ago. I've still got the table.

(L) Well, ya'll need to be practicing this. Maybe somebody else can go to school because that's an absolutely essential therapy. Having somebody onboard who is there in the house who can do that is good. Maybe a couple of them so that the one who does it isn't the one who gets left out, ya know? So... If anybody wants a new career path, that's my suggestion. You guys got any more questions?

(Approaching Infinity) Did Paul ever reincarnate?

A: Yes

Q: (Approaching Infinity) Anybody we might recognize?

A: No

Q: (Perceval) He's Kim Kardashian. [laughter]

(Approaching Infinity) Is he around today?

A: No

Q: (Nicholas) There seems to be a lot of events coming in September. On the 13th, it's the last day of the Shemitah year, the 15th the UN may formally recognize the Palestinian state, the 25th the pope visits the US and gives a UN speech which might kick off Agenda 2030, Egypt wants Isreal's nuclear sites to be inspected, and the 28th is the last of the four blood moons. Is this something that could be a marker for the start of the Powers that Be to ramp up their agenda?

A: Wait for October.

Q: (Odyssey) What's happening in October?

A: Wait and see!

Q: (Bear) Recently the US changed policy with reference to Syria in terms of supporting bombing. Russia said that there would be a line in the sand. So, the question is: Is this gonna be turned into something wider?

A: Putin has cards up his sleeve that may be well played.

Q: (L) Hmm. I hope it involves a video.

A: It may!

Q: (L) Make it quick. I'm draining fast.

(Approaching Infinity) I just want to ask this one last one here. What was the percentage of psychopaths in Rome during Caesar's career?

(L) I think it would probably have changed.

(Approaching Infinity) Maybe at the time that he died.

(L) Well, when he died he killed off a bunch of them. So how is that gonna relate to before he killed them off?

(Approaching Infinity) Well... What was the average?

(L) You want an average overall? Okay, we can deal with that. That's fairly specific, even though the answer is not. What was the average overall percentage of psychopathy in Rome during Caesar's life?

A: 29 percent.

Q: (L) It could have been very low at one time, and much higher at another.

(Perceval) Can I ask if the plane parts found recently on Réunion, were they from MH370?

A: No!

Q: (Perceval) Those three climate scientists who died, did they really die of natural causes as is described?

A: Induced.

Q: (L) Okay, last wrap-up? I'm fading fast...

(Approaching Infinity) Just one more, Laura. Right before the civil war started, what was the percentage of psychopaths in Rome? [laughter]

A: 42

Q: (L) I'd say that's not terribly unusual. Rome was an attractor for every nasty critter in the whole empire.

(Perceval) Like Israel today.

(L) Even the so-called common people, they were there and they were probably psychopathic looking for handouts or to make trouble or whatnot... Decent people weren't in the city; they stayed away.

(Perceval) A more wretched hive of scum and villainy...

(L) Alright, I think we're gonna say good night.

(Galatea) Thank you very much, and good night!

A: Goodbye.

Merci à Laura et son équipe ainsi qu'aux Cassiopéens pour leur transmission...

Thank you to Laura and her team and the Cassiopaeans for transmission ...
(Approaching Infinity) Just one more, Laura. Right before the civil war started, what was the percentage of psychopaths in Rome? [laughter]

A: 42

Q: (L) I'd say that's not terribly unusual. Rome was an attractor for every nasty critter in the whole empire.

(Perceval) Like Israel today.

It's interesting. Different acts of violence on larger scale coming back in the future. I think mostly suffering which we can observe on the world is simple karma.

Let's say somebody choose to take psychopathic point of view. He go to army, adopt psychopathic behaviour as the acceptable or right. He can be in minority between soulless psychopath, following the excuses, or fear, or sees in this form of development. He does a lot of ugly things.

And what next. He born in similar place to which he created sometime. But what if a lot of people behave in psychopathic way. Then in next generations quantity of psychopaths arrives and they connect themselves until create situations where there is now way to dodge, living like between the devil and the deep blue sea. Where most normal people can do little because the loop is tightened so that normal people do not integrate and destiny be fulfilled. Of course, karma is not everything, and other things decide about our lives.

The worst is that it always finds someone who will be waving that sword. And those lessons - karma and simple understanding, even not be fullfilled and can not be say about transition to the new level. And some be smashed to the primal matter or cycle will be replaced or extended, then will be replay of 3D lessons and maybe finally learned.
Thanks for the new session guys. I tell you, the more I read of the protocol the more anxious I get about going through a long period of that much pain. Also, one of my (career) aims is actually being a massage therapist, but that's going to take quite some time - getting reasonable health is the priority of course. I've thought for some years now that massage therapy & psychology are really important, not just in today's world, but any future world. Lots of studying to do.
Ascien said:
Thanks for the new session guys. I tell you, the more I read of the protocol the more anxious I get about going through a long period of that much pain. Also, one of my (career) aims is actually being a massage therapist, but that's going to take quite some time - getting reasonable health is the priority of course. I've thought for some years now that massage therapy & psychology are really important, not just in today's world, but any future world. Lots of studying to do.

Well, notice that I am the one who had the most severe reaction. The Young'uns have taken it in stride. And it wasn't so much pain as it was just being freaking SICK like having a flu. Yeah, there's pain, but it is more than that. And it was only during the metro rounds, for two days a week (read thread about protocol with my regular updates). I had five days to recover... and then, it was only bad about half way through the necessary number of two day rounds of metro. It got less and less until finally, no reaction at all by the 8th and 9th round.

As noted, one really needs to have a REASON to do this and I certainly did: a life of serious pain and physical suffering. To me, 8 weeks of two days a week being really sick is NOTHING compared to what I've suffered for over 50 years.
Thank you everybody for this session!

Q: (Odyssey) In the last session, you said that some people are resistant to parasitical manipulation or can compensate. What are the compensatory conditions that protect against parasitical infection?

A: Strong mind and will. Doesn't necessarily protect against infection, but allows for mental stability in spite of.

Q: (Heimdallr) How many people in this world have this problem of infection?

A: 63 percent.

Just a guess here, I´d say the other 37% without infection could mainly be composed of OP´s. Or another possibility could be all of them are infected because of their SAS alignment, but their psychological make-up doesn´t fight anything within themselves, and thereby no tension arises that would interfere with these bugs. Maybe the difference lies within the kind of illness, whether it´s due to the weakening of the immune system or just to a transient organic issue. Dunno.
Thank you very much for this session.

When Laura mentioned that she is mixing Camel milk with colostrum is she using fresh milk? I was under the impression that she was using camel's milk powder from the AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES CAUSED BY AN INFECTION? thread, but I could be mistaken.

If this is the case can camel's milk powder be considered "fresh" or as an alternative to fresh camels's milk?

Thanks again for all the session and all the great work that is done here.
Thanks for another session!

Just wanted to mention about the hibiscus tea. This is a pretty wide-spread folk remedy in the Caucasus and Middle East for high blood pressure (but not sure about intracranial blood pressure). But it is commonly said that you should drink it cool - drinking it hot could actually RAISE blood pressure. Another one is thyme tea that pretty quickly lowers blood pressure - it seems to work by being a diuretic, as it increases urination. Just anecdote, but when my mother had chronic high blood pressure, and medication didn't do much, thyme seemed to lower blood pressure more quickly than hibiscus; hibiscus was good as a daily protocol (several times a day 1/4 to 1/2 cup) to keep blood pressure in check, while thyme brought it down quickly if she had a sudden spike in pressure. Just thought I'd mention all that.
Every time I see that new session has arrived I'm feeling like a child in a world full of treasure.
Simply thankfull is never enough to show my gratitude what you doing for all of us.
That's way I usually don't post it my gratitude. :)
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