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The Kp scale/index was new to me and I was trying to figure out what the K was in reference to. As noted above, it is a measurement of how disturbed the Earth's magnetic field is. Consequently, I would think it would have been the Magnetic field - Mf - scale. I still have no clue as to the Kp designation and I'm not finding an explanation so far.

Jeep, I've been following space weather for a long time. This link may be helpful. You can download a PDF as well. (IMO the Suspicious0bservers channel on YouTube is a good place for rational education and exploration of the Electric Universe/Sun topic.)

Here's the link: NOAA Space Weather Scales | NOAA / NWS Space Weather Prediction Center

"The NOAA Space Weather Scales were introduced as a way to communicate to the general public the current and future space weather conditions and their possible effects on people and systems. Many of the SWPC products describe the space environment, but few have described the effects that can be experienced as the result of environmental disturbances. These scales are useful to users of our products and those who are interested in space weather effects. The scales describe the environmental disturbances for three event types: geomagnetic storms, solar radiation storms, and radio blackouts. The scales have numbered levels, analogous to hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes that convey severity. They list possible effects at each level. They also show how often such events happen, and give a measure of the intensity of the physical causes."
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The Force is Strong With This One
I'd like to thank Laura, the Team, and everyone. Since I just changed my avatar recently, thought I'd post to share my support ;) and express my gratitude for all the years I've relied on this forum for fact checking and Knowledge. We may be far apart physically, but energetically not far at all!


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Thank you for sharing another session with much to digest. Things are definitely heating up on the planet! Some days, the state of the world is too much and I feel a heaviness and hope we will see changes soon. Feels like the whole world has gone crazy.....and no one can see it...sigh, thank you for being the lighthouse in the storm


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I'm currently at Part 3 of Haidt's book, Morality binds and blinds, with the central metaphor being "we are 90 percent chimps and 10 percent Bees", right on time. I just read two relevant quotes:

Mc Neill recalls his experience in the army when the unit began to synchronize well :
= The Righteous Mind - Chapter 10 - The Hive Switch - p 256 said:
Words are inadequate to describe the emotion aroused by the prolonged movement in unison that drilling involved. A sense of pervasive well-being is what I recall; more specifically, a strange sense of personal enlargement; a sort of swelling out, becoming bigger than life, thanks to participation in collective ritual.

And from "one veteran who gave this example of what happens when "I" becomes "we":
The Righteous Mind - Chapter 10 - The Hive Switch - p 257 said:
Many veterans who are honest with themselves will admit, I believe, that the experience of communal effort in battle... has been the high point of their lives... Their "I" passes insensibly into a "we,", "my" becomes "our," and individual fate loses its central importance... I believe that it is nothing less than the assurance of immortality that makes self-sacrifice at these moments so relatively easy... I may fall, but I do not die, for that which is real in me goes forward and lives on in the comrades for whom I gave up my life.

I really am getting a better understanding of our individual roles as single neurons to get the whole big brain to function efficiently with this book. I checked the fables around The goose and queen bee :

In regards to the Goose and the golden eggs, we have this from Jean de la Fontaine : said:

A grasping miser loses all again;
I seek no further proof to make it plain
Than what the fable of his Hen has told,
A Hen that daily laid an egg of gold.
He thought her body did a treasure hold,
So killed her, opened her, but did not find
That she was different from the common kind,
And lost the source from which he riches drew.

A lesson, niggards, this for you.
In days of late we’ve seen, and not a few,
Beggars become ’twixt morn and noon.
In seeking to be rich too soon.

The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs - Wikipedia
The story and its moral

Avianus and Caxton tell different stories of a goose that lays a golden egg, where other versions have a hen,[1] as in Townsend: "A cottager and his wife had a Hen that laid a golden egg every day. They supposed that the Hen must contain a great lump of gold in its inside, and in order to get the gold they killed [her]. Having done so, they found to their surprise that the Hen differed in no respect from their other hens. The foolish pair, thus hoping to become rich all at once, deprived themselves of the gain of which they were assured day by day."[2]

The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs, illustrated by Milo Winter in a 1919 edition

In early tellings, there is sometimes a commentary warning against greed rather than a pithy moral. This is so in Jean de La Fontaine's fable of La Poule aux oeufs d'or (Fables V.13),[3] which begins with the sentiment that 'Greed loses all by striving all to gain' and comments at the end that the story can be applied to those who become poor by trying to outreach themselves. It is only later that the morals most often quoted today began to appear. These are 'Greed oft o’er reaches itself' (Joseph Jacobs, 1894)[4] and 'Much wants more and loses all' (Samuel Croxall, 1722).[5] It is notable also that these are stories told of a goose rather than a hen.

The English idiom "Kill not the goose that lays the golden egg",[6] sometimes shortened to "Killing the golden goose", derives from this fable. It is generally used of a short-sighted action that destroys the profitability of an asset. Caxton's version of the story has the goose's owner demand that it lay two eggs a day; when it replied that it could not, the owner killed it.[7] The same lesson is taught by Ignacy Krasicki's different fable of "The Farmer:"

A farmer, bent on doubling the profits from his land, Proceeded to set his soil a two-harvest demand. Too intent thus on profit, harm himself he must needs: Instead of corn, he now reaps corn-cockle and weeds.
There is another variant on the story, recorded by Syntipas (Perry Index 58) and appearing in Roger L'Estrange's 1692 telling as "A Woman and a Fat Hen" (Fable 87): A good Woman had a Hen that laid her every day an Egg. Now she fansy’d to her self, that upon a larger Allowance of Corn, this Hen might be brought in time to lay twice a day. She try’d the Experiment; but the Hen grew fat upon’t, and gave quite over laying. His comment on this is that 'we should set Bounds to our Desires, and content our selves when we are well, for fear of losing what we had.' Another of Aesop's fables with the moral of wanting more and losing everything is The Dog and the Bone.

And concerning The Queen Bee - Wikipedia:
"The Queen Bee" is a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm, tale number 62. It is Aarne-Thompson type 554, the grateful animals.


Two sons of a king went out to seek their fortunes but fell into disorderly ways. The third and youngest son, Simpleton, went out to find them, but they mocked him. They traveled on, and Simpleton prevented his brothers from destroying an ant hill, killing some ducks, and suffocating a beehive with smoke. Then they came to a castle with stone horses in the stable, and no sign of anyone. They hunted through the castle and found a room with a little gray man, who showed them to dinner. In the morning, he showed the oldest son a stone table, on which were written three tasks. Whoever performed them would free the castle.

The first task was to collect the princess's thousand pearls, scattered in the woods. Whoever tried and failed would be turned to stone. Each of the older brothers tried and failed, and they were turned to stone. For the youngest, however, the ants collected the pearls. The second task was to fetch the key to the princess's bedchamber from the lake, which the ducks did for him. The third task was to pick out the youngest princess from the three sleeping princesses who looked exactly alike; the only difference was that the oldest had eaten a bit of sugar before they slept, the second a little syrup, and the youngest some honey. The queen bee picked out the youngest.

This woke the castle, and restored those who had been turned to stone. The youngest son married the youngest princess, and his two brothers, the other princesses.

It is all about simple karmic understandings, 'Greed loses all by striving all to gain', 'Much wants more and loses all' and what keit just said :

The mention of not creating additional burdens and "no drama" probably has to do with interpersonal relationships. Basically, living a life and trying to do the best with what we have, including being of service to other people, is hard enough. Creating new burden is when instead of taking responsibility for our actions and our own inner c**p we either dump it on other people, or let it "color" our relationship with them in some way. Essentially, we should always try to be excellent to each other. :-) But maybe they were talking about something else as well, don't know.


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And that's the problem with monotheism. Taking the material interpretation over the meaning!
OK I have a quibble here. I don't think the problem you identified in the statement of the FACTS OF HISTORY stems entirely from monotheism. On the 5 Personality scale one would have to be somewhat high in Openess in order to be open to alternate interpretations and meanings. You responded to someone who does not appear to be very high in Openess, so perhaps he is a conservative, which would go some ways to explain why it seems fundamentalist (bible-thumpers?) Christians tend to be conservative. As well, taking the literal materialist interpretation means you don't have to think about it.


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Jeep, I've been following space weather for a long time. This link may be helpful. You can download a PDF as well. (IMO the Suspicious0bservers channel on YouTube is a good place for rational education and exploration of the Electric Universe/Sun topic.)

Here's the link: NOAA Space Weather Scales | NOAA / NWS Space Weather Prediction Center

Thanks, JLynne, for the link. I'm glad that in addition to aggressive sunshine, ongoing Fukushima radiation along w/ heightened weather & earth events, I now need to be aware of space weather as well!!! To think I used to get upset when untimely freezes bud-blasted the daffodils or kept the forsythia from blooming! Whatever peaceful life I ever thought existed is certainly gone now.

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Yup. The night of the 9th, after the session, we had the strangest storm I have ever witnessed/experienced in my whole life; and that's saying something since I grew up in FLA, land of storms!!! It was exactly as you describe with the bizarre cloud to cloud lightning going on almost constantly, like a strobe, with almost no thunder at all, and no cloud to ground strikes. And then it began to hail like crazy. And after that, rain and all through it, that bizarre darn lightning! I have never seen lightning like that before.
We've had those here in WA a few times last year.I remember people went outside to take pictures.It was a constant purple lightning arcing across some clouds. Must've gone on for at least an hour.The whole time there was no sound at all,just quiet.


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About two weeks ago there was a thunder clash that sounded like giant cymbals breaking in the heavens.
I checked with a neighbor and ask if she had heard it as well. She said it sounded just like we both witnessed.
I thought it almost seemed like a clash of density's of 3d and 4d, bleed through.

And I mean loud, as a splitting or splashing of metal on metal. A vibrational frequency sound experience first!


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Thank you so much Laura & Co. for the latest rich session. :-) I've become much more aware lately just how hard it is to stay on top of all the information coming from all directions in this period. I'm doing my best to stick to my reading list and not get distracted by every novel thing that comes up... I hope it makes some beneficial difference.

Everyone is being assaulted on all sides by a confusing and seducing mass of slogans and ideology. Everybody is talking about "freedom" and "equal opportunity" and "diversity" and "democracy". The truth seems to be that both sides are being used to enslave humanity in the worst way imaginable. What we are seeing is people reacting to this based on their spiritual needs, but they don't realize that it is all twisted and propagandized: liberals and conservatives both are being induced to choose the same form of slavery from totally different angles.

The problem with the whole mess is the materiality of it - even the "Christian Conservative" materialism. Most people focus on the material aspects of things: freedom to do this or that (pick a side and read Haidt's book). People want significance in their lives either to satisfy their own ambitions or to at least be no worse off than anyone else. The liberals want to achieve significance by forcing some sort of "equality" that they can then control (i.e. power). The Conservatives want to be left alone to claw their way to the top without hindrance (i.e. money and power). But in BOTH cases, it is materialism that they think will set them free, ensure democracy, however they define it.

This reminds me of something I learned in a history podcast, about how “freedom” as understood by western liberalism (often called “bourgeois freedom” in the late 19th and early 20th century) was quite different from “freedom” as understood by ancient peoples of Europe, where it meant autonomy and self-determination for one's group. True freedom to them was being able to be a Citizen who gave his or her all to the development of the Polis.

Richard Greenhorn wrote in an article once:
Liberalism is not about freedom, it is about license. For liberalism is never concerned with the liberty to do something we ought to do, but to gain the ability to do something we know we should not do, and as an ideology, it ultimately exists only as a justification for vice.
He's writing from a traditionalist Catholic perspective, but it seems to underline both the problems with the left and right: the mainstream political forms of both are just about different types of license. It's all about arguing in favor of the things we ought to be allowed to do, not about what things we ought to do period.

But what is true freedom? Not being controlled by any of this, to live each day fully aware of what is inside you and outside you (as much as possible) and thereby having the ability to choose wisely that which is good for your spiritual nature, your soul. And those choices come every day, every hour, every minute. True freedom is to CHOOSE to follow the path of soul enrichment and growth.

Thank you so much for this. "Thus, a good man, though a slave, is free; but a wicked man, though a king, is a slave. For he serves, not one man alone, but, what is worse, as many masters as he has vices." - St. Augustine, City of God

Ark has recently been quite taken with the Anastasia books and asked me to read one of them that deals with history. So, I started yesterday. And, as it happens, very early on there is a description of a process that might be very helpful for you and everyone else who is dealing with "cleaning house" in physical and spiritual terms. It's a meditation and I think it is a good one so I'll just quote the passage here though I'm going to edit it down to the essential process and leave out most of the back and forth dialogue:
{snip}First, as usual, you concentrate ... you start imagining ... your as many little cells.... It’s very important to see the structure of your body, to visualize each cell. Having seen all this conglomeration of cells you take each ... cell... and visually write on it, as if writing carefully each letter, a very strong spiritual formula which consists of two simple words, “Love and Gratitude”. The language, you are writing these words on, does not matter, because that’s the essence which is important. ... Since Love and Gratitude are the only two things that a human being is able to give God.

I try and remind myself to have gratitude almost every day. The more I think about gratitude and meditated on it the more I realize it's such a powerful key because of the message it sends out to the universe. I remember an earlier C session in which it was said that if we need something from the universe, we should try giving it to the universe first. To have gratitude means to be indebted to and thankful for the presence of something in your life that matters and makes a difference to you. When you apply the maxim “As Above, So Below” to this, does that mean practicing gratitude for all the universe has brought into your life mean that the universe itself becomes grateful and thankful for you, for the difference you make to it? My intuition is that this is the case, and it seems diametrically opposed to the temperament that shuts out the universe and in doing so becomes forgotten by the universe as a dream in the past.

I remember my utmost trying to have gratitude for everything I was experiencing while I was going through a major personal catastrophe. As hard as trying to do that was, it felt like it was creating some kind of psychological space, where my awareness grew to see more than just the personal psychological pain and identification I was dealing with. In a way it took a higher perspective, because by trying to have gratitude it felt like I was training my mind to try and look for ways to use the experiences I was going through to my advantage. Like in spite of all the temporal suffering I was undergoing, there was a purpose and meaning behind it, even if its immediate connections to future events couldn't be known at the time. In the end all my gratitude was vindicated, and I wonder if could be the same in all cases?


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(Artemis) Do you have anything you'd like to say to us? Any motivational speech?

A: Just remember that periods of apparent stasis are not necessarily bad. Sometimes Being needs to catch up with Doing. Patience and dedication are key. It is impossible for us to give predictions of exactly when dramatic changes will take place due to the many variables in an open universe. But be assured that things are definitely on the move in cosmic and psychic spheres. Keep your eyes open and be aware at all levels and don't be taken unawares.

In this case, I think that it was related to the topic of the session. I can only speak for myself, but can tell you that I had been wondering about our "stagnation" too, but was forgetting the importance of "Being catching up with doing", and of being grateful for calmer periods too. So, actually putting pressure for things to change, right now, or for solutions that are not really productive, is not useful and adds a burden where none is needed.

I’ve been thinking about this as well over the past week and found it really helpful because it sorts out something that was kinda bothering me recently – that I didn’t feel like I was progressing beyond where I am in terms of my own personal development and lately feeling like I was not doing enough. I could see around me things moving in the cosmic/psychic sense and kept having these thoughts of ‘having been left behind’ or ‘not keeping up’ while the universe plunges forward.

What I’ve come to realize is that it’s not that you’re left behind by external factors (although that can happen too), but internally you have to allow Being to ‘fit’ into the extra duties/activities that are taken on from the increased ‘doing’. It’s an interesting process because once that happens, you will be able to do more (and it doesn’t have to only be more quantitatively, it can also be more qualitatively or even just efficiently, I think) and better handle new and more complex challenges when they inevitably come. At some point a 'plateau' will be hit and the cycle will begin again.

I think it’s also in a way analogous to many other things that are present everyday life. Take working out for example: it’s those rest periods that a lot of the muscle building, repair and growth happen. It's also how bodybuilders break through the 'plateau' where lots of work is happening but not much gain. They stop for a while, rest, and then get back at it. Except in this case, instead of the body, it's the spirit! Another example that comes to mind is when studying for a test. You can’t just cram everything you can into an all nighter, take the test, and get a good result. So studying steadily over time might not feel like you’re getting anywhere but if you can manage to get good night’s sleep before test day it might turn out better than you think. Having that good rest period is what really helps later, even if it at times it can feel stagnant at the moment.

I think better to take those calm periods as a needed rest for the soul - they really are a blessing and while it doesn’t mean that you let your guard down or stop doing what you’re doing, it allows for progress in other aspects of our lives without having to burden yourself with having constant chaos (however that may manifest) to deal with on top of everything else. At the same time we need to be mindful to not to turn that into an excuse to not do anything.... OSIT.


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OK I have a quibble here. I don't think the problem you identified in the statement of the FACTS OF HISTORY stems entirely from monotheism. On the 5 Personality scale one would have to be somewhat high in Openess in order to be open to alternate interpretations and meanings. You responded to someone who does not appear to be very high in Openess, so perhaps he is a conservative, which would go some ways to explain why it seems fundamentalist (bible-thumpers?) Christians tend to be conservative. As well, taking the literal materialist interpretation means you don't have to think about it.

Not sure what your quibble is. Although I didn't say that the problem of taking material interpretation over meaning is caused by monotheism, I said it was an aspect of monotheism.


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On the "stagnation" topic, this does come up from time to time and I've learned to appreciate those times when it seems like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop because when things get heated up, it sure is hard to keep up. Remember this from that oh, so calm year, 2000???

23 Sept:

Q: Okay, I want to find out about this Jack and the Beanstalk and the "giant meaning"
you have talked about in the recent past. Not only that, but you have continuously hinted
that something is just around the corner, and we are getting to the point where we are
thinking that there is just simply not going to be enough time to do anything. Ark's got
800 pages of Maxwell to go through; he can't stop working to do that; 800 pages of
equations is a lot of work - like months of hard work - and, time is passing - four years
have gone by, and zip! I'm not getting impatient here, but time is going and you guys are
6th density and it means nothing to you... but we're getting older. What we are supposed
to do, if we are supposed to do something to make the connection for things to move?

A: You are so anxious. Perhaps you should examine the ground covered, or were you
just as close 10 years back?

Q: Well, ten years ago I didn't wear glasses. I didn't need 'em either! I could thread a
needle! I mean, this thing called time has a profound effect on physiology whether you
guys notice it or not!
I know, it's the soul that counts, but my thought is that we are in
these bodies, and it has been subtly suggested that we are in these present vehicles to DO

A: But is it not a great adventure?

Q: Well, lately it has been a lot of working and slaving. Working to pay the bills. Then
we had to survive this period when the company wasn't paying our invoices, so we had to
borrow on our credit cards, now we have to pay that back AND live at the same time. So,
boom! Work, work, work!

A: So maybe you should return to the way things were when we first contacted you?

Q: No! I'm not complaining!

A: Yes, you are, though in a gentle way.

Q: Well, I mean you did so much, you brought us together, did all these things... and...

A: And you think there is no more?

Q: Well, no... but...

A: But what?!?

Q: Well, we're together and we are happy. And because we are together and happy we
feel like we should be getting things accomplished
... that there are...

A: And you are not?

Q: Not in a big useful way.

A: So say you. Thank goodness you ain't an expert in this judgement arena!

Q: So, you are saying that, even though it appears to us on the surface that nothing is
happening, that at some level, something IS happening?

A: Oh, yeah!! So... Quit yer bitchin.
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