Session 9 May 1998


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May 9, 1998

Laura, Ark, Frank

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Xiorran.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: First question: what is wrong with my ear?

A: Bacterial infection.

Q: Is it just in the canal or the inner ear?

A: Middle and outer.

Q: I have some antibiotic drops. Will that be sufficient?

A: No.

Q: You mean, I will have to take antibiotics?

A: Yes.

Q: Which would be the antibiotic of choice?

A: Check reference material for that which specifies otitis media.

Q: Okay, Frank was concerned about the zapper {Hulda Clark zapper}... we know that it is built pretty much according to the design in the book, but does it make a difference as to whether you deliver the charge from these little plates directly onto your skin, or through the...

A: Not quite strong enough.

Q: How could we make it stronger?

A: Conductor is not flush with secondary conducting media.

Q: What does that mean?

A: Needs conductivity enhancement.

Q: We can use silver wire?

A: Suggest also using proper or appropriate gel. But be careful!! We are talking about a "fine line" here.

Q: (A) I want to ask if replacing the wire with a silver wire will help. This is what one does with sensitive receivers.

A: Refer to last response.

Q: Do we need the hand grips or is it okay as it is?

A: Immaterial.

Q: Would it be beneficial or useful in anyway to clip it to acupuncture needles to clear blockages in meridians?

A: No. Be very careful with acupuncture!!! One wrong move can cause great harm. Also, the procedures have lost something in the various translations and westernizations. Sometimes improperly sterilized needles have caused great misery.

Q: Alright. There was something sent around in an e-mail about a point on the inside of the wrist that is supposed to be able to open one's ability to communicate with one's self 2000 years from now. It was pretty interesting because it is the "inner gate" acupuncture point. Is there something to this "communication chakra?"

A: No.

Q: Well, that was short and sweet. Is there any harm or benefit to stimulating these points on the inside of the wrist?

A: No.

Q: Anything you want to add to that?

A: No.

Q: Okay. (A) There was this unexpected proposal to teach which we accepted...

A: We keep telling you...

Q: Yes. That we will be provided for. Yes, but it is hard because we have to be apart... Okay. I would like to know what the geographic coordinates, according to our current grid system, that would frame Atlantis. I don't need the exact shape, just a general box shape... the perimeter...

A: Like asking: "What are the geographic coordinates of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization?"

Q: Okay, let me get more specific: the Atlantean land that was supposed to have existed in the Atlantic Ocean... what was the farthest north of any part of Atlantis that was in the ocean, that no longer exists?

A: It is "time for you" to know that Atlantis was not a nation, land, Island, or continent, but rather, a civilization!

Q: All I wanted was to have an idea of a land mass in the Atlantic ocean that people talk about - where did it sit?

A: Where do you think?

Q: Well, I sort of think that the Azores and the Canary Islands are sort of...

A: Yes, but many other places too. Remember, the sea level was several hundred feet lower then...

Q: Why was the sea level several hundred feet lower? Because there was ice somewhere or because there was not as much water on the earth at that time?

A: Ice.

Q: Was the ice piled up at the poles? The ice sheet of the ice age?

A: Yes.

Q: So, Atlantis existed during the ice age?

A: Largely, yes. And the world's climate was scarcely any colder away from the ice sheets than it is today.

Q: Well, how could that be? What caused these glaciers?

A: Global warming.

Q: How does global warming cause glaciers?

A: Increases precipitation dramatically. Then moves the belt of great precipitation much farther north. This causes rapid buildup of ice sheets, followed by increasingly rapid and intense glacial rebound.

Q: Why have we not heard from Tom French?

A: Maybe you should be gentler in your approach, now that the "cranium is swollen" by so much widespread praise from so many quarters!

{Tom had been awarded the Pulitzer Prize.}

Q: Well, I don't know what you mean. We simply wrote and called with congratulations! I also sent the little bit of the last session he attended that seemed to hint about this Pulitzer win... I just sort of feel that he has...

A: That was not gentle.

Q: What do you mean by 'gentle?' How much more gentle can you get than being happy for someone and being nice?

A: That was nice bombardment.

Q: Well, I was just curious. I was also hoping that maybe he does not need to write about me anymore since he has his Pulitzer, and he can forget about us...

A: Swollen cranium... burst with a pop.

Q: Oh?

A: Maybe.

Q: Are you saying that it maybe will happen and maybe not depending on him?

A: Yes.

Q: Okay, I guess the gentle thing is to just ignore it. I do want to ask a quick one about these ruins found off the coast of Japan in the past year that is just now getting noticed here in the US.

A: Fault movements reveal previous layer of civilized exploits.

Q: What civilization?

A: Clues can be found by studying historic dynastic China.

Q: So, you would say that this is Chinese rather than Japanese. Okay. Recently there was some information about a VERY distant and intense explosion seen with the Hubble telescope... I am interested in what this was.

A: Reflection of other universe's genesis.

Q: What other universe?

A: They all start, and end that way!

Q: (A) Other universe?

A: What is "big bang" Arkadiusz?

Q: (A) Well, it was a big bang, certainly, but it was in OUR universe and not some other universe...

A: But what was the origin? And from where? All is one and one is all.

Q: (A) What was the origin of what? Our universe? Or the origin of this explosion? Or the origin of everything?

A: Yes, yes, yes.

Q: (A) Okay. What was the origin of our universe. This I don't know. This I want to know. This is okay to use just words, but if you use mathematical models...

A: That is where you come in.

Q: (A) Well, goody!

A: Each colossal begets its light to where there was no light. And where once there was all light!

Q: (L) I want some more clues!

A: Not tonight, Laura, I have a "Light ache." Good night.

End of Session
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