Shooting in Halle, Germany - Two people got killed, culprit on the run


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As already stated by C.A. in another topic there happened a shooting in Halle, Germany. Two people got killed among them one man in a takeaway and one woman near a Synagogue. First media reports reported about several shooters which then got disconfirmed. One witness spoke clearly of one shooter, which doesn't mean that there were several. At least it is spoken of that in a 15 km remote town another shooting happened, but with no further information.

Police arrested one man, but still news speak about that they are searching for one man or men.

A gunman who killed two people in Halle, Germany broadcast the attack on the live streaming website Twitch, according to media reports. The killer pronounced anti-Semitic statements and Nazi-like slogans.

The man, who still has not been identified, appeared on a video stream, recorded on a GoPro camera, speaking in English. He said feminism was responsible for Western countries’ declining birth rates which are then used as an excuse for mass immigration. The attacker also accused Jews of being “the root of all problems.”

The man called himself “anon” and said he was a Holocaust denier. The disturbing 35-minute-long video also shows the attacker roaming the streets, seeking to break into a synagogue, bursting into a kebab shop while firing at people, as well as shooting in an unspecified direction.

According to the head of the Jewish community in Halle, Max Privorozki, the attacker who was wearing a steel helmet and carrying a rifle, tried to shoot open the doors of the synagogue but eventually failed. He also placed an improvised explosive device (IED) in front of the door, but it did not explode and was later defused by police.

The man acted alone, according to the latest media updates. The German daily Tagesspiegel, citing security sources, reports that the police consider the shooter to be a “lone wolf attacker.”

Earlier, it was reported that further perpetrators left the scene in a car, but police have not yet officially confirmed either of these claims.The suspect was arrested soon after the attack. Police did not disclose his identity, but, according to the media, he is a 30-year-old German citizen who was previously unknown to either the police or the German domestic security service BfV, which is responsible for fighting terrorism and extremism.
German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told the media that it was "highly likely" that the attacker was linked to far-right extremism. There are “sufficient reasons to believe [he had] a possible right-wing extremist background,” the minister told the media while condemning the attack. Some German-speaking media immediately snatched an opportunity to dub the attacker a “Nazi killer.”


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Sounds like a similar script being used as earlier this year in the christchurch shooting including a guy filming his monstrosity and streaming it live. This time the guy "is on the run". Also, the Synagogue "attacking jews" angle and such speaks a pretty clear language to me and who most likely has the means, motive and logistics to pull up something like this; Mossad.
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Heard in the radio today that all the citizens of the city "Halle" were advised/ordered to not leave their homes and stay at home "because of the threat". The city has 239,257 citizens.


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Something tells me that everytime someone „is on the run“ there’s a good likelihood that that person is already dead or will be dead at the end. I wonder how long the assumed killer is „on the run“ this time? In one of the last episodes of this type the perpetrator was „on the run“ for days, scaring several countries into danger mode on „his way“, until he was finally killed in another country by police as far as I remember.
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Here's an early story from RT about it that I saw a few hours ago - note that it mentions more than one attackers:

Witnesses to an attack outside a synagogue in Halle, Germany, which killed two people on Wednesday say the perpetrators had donned combat-style clothing and were armed with multiple weapons.

Speaking to German broadcaster MDR, the eyewitnesses spoke of the attackers having several weapons when they launched their assault.

A photo snapped from a window overlooking the scene, and supplied to local media, purports to show one of the attackers, donned in military-style clothing and wearing a helmet, making their way down the street with a gun raised.
Other witnesses told Mitteldeutsche Zeitung that the attack unfolded right outside a kebab shop and that some shots were fired from inside a car.

One person has been arrested, but police say other suspects escaped from the scene by car. Authorities are urging residents to remain securely in their homes or find an alternative safe space to hide, and Deutsche Bahn has closed the town’s train station.
Here's the pic by the eyewitness:

My first thought was "some military op".
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There was also a lorry attack yesterday in Limburg, which caused a big stir among right-wingers because the media refused to call it "terrorism", although it was committed by a man from Syria who came to Germany during the refugee crisis, and was convicted in Germany for multiple things.

And now today the "right-wing attack" on the synagogue... Whether these 2 are related or not, this is divide and conquer and messing people up psychologically...

Ursus Minor

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The main perpetrator, S. Baillet (27), who is considered as a neo-nazi by the media, was actually live-streaming his crimes. More pictures can be seen at BILD.

Below he is seen trying to break into the local synagogue, which was filled with 80 believers as it was Yom Kippur.
He failed to break down the sturdy wooden door and threw his hand grenade into the synagogue's cemetary instead.

Then he broke into a döner kebab joint and shot a man.

Back in the street he shot and killed a woman passing by while perforating the tire of his rental car.
At this time the police arrived and shot him in the neck.

Footage of him suggests that he was moving very slow and was probably drugged.

My personal impression is that the man is quite likely a dull-headed patsy who was groomed for the job.

Interestingly there will be state elections in Thuringia (not far off from Halle) within 18 days where the right-wing AfD party is considered a strong challenger for the governing left-wing coalition...

The mass media will try to pin the atrocities on the AfD.


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Germany shooting streamed on Amazon's Twitch site (Video - 1:01 min.)
Amateur video shows shooting in Halle, Germany, October 9, 2019. ATV STUDIO HALLE/REUTERS TV via REUTERS
Footage from shooting attacks in the German city of Halle on Wednesday was livestreamed on Amazon's video gaming platform Twitch, according to a Twitch spokeswoman.

Gunman livestreams shooting at synagogue in Germany, kills two

Police officers are seen at the site of a shooting, in which two people were killed, in Halle, Germany October 9, 2019. Hannibal Hanschke

A gunman killed two people in a synagogue and a nearby kebab shop on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year, in an attack in the German city of Halle that he livestreamed on a video-gaming platform.

Slideshow (20 Images)
Two killed in shooting at synagogue in Germany, suspects flee in hijacked car

The video circulating online showed a young man with a shaven head reciting a short statement in broken English to a camera while sitting in a parked car.

Gunman ‘filmed anti-Semitic attack’ near German synagogue (Video - photos))
Racist gunman live-streams horror shooting
The gunman filmed himself before the shooting where he denied the Holocaust, and ranted about feminism and immigration. Picture: AFP

The gunman filmed himself before the shooting where he denied the Holocaust, and ranted about feminism and immigration. Picture: AFPSource:AFP

Synagogue attack sparks fear among Jews in Germany
People gather at the New Synagogue in Berlin, Germany, October 9, 2019, after two people were killed in a shooting in the eastern German city of Halle. REUTERS/Christian Mang

As Jews left Yom Kippur prayers across Germany on Wednesday, they were jolted by word that an anti-Semitic gunman had attacked a synagogue in the eastern city of Halle hours before, killing two people.

Shooting in Germany was anti-Semitic attack: interior minister
FILE PHOTO: German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer attends the weekly German cabinet meeting at the Chancellery in Berlin, Germany, August 28, 2019.    REUTERS/Annegret Hilse

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said on Wednesday that a shooting in eastern Germany was anti-Semitic, adding that federal prosecutors who have taken on the investigation thought there were signs that it could be a right-wing extremist attack.

Germany's Maas urges fight against anti-Semitism after synagogue shooting
FILE PHOTO: German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas speaks during the budget debate in the Bundestag, the lower house of parliament in Berlin, Germany September 11, 2019.     REUTERS/Axel Schmidt

The shooting attack at a synagogue in the eastern city of Halle on Yom Kippur has hit Germans in the heart, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Wednesday, urging a tougher fight against anti-Semitism.

German police detain suspect after deadly shooting outside synagogue
One person has been detained after two people were killed in a shooting in the eastern German city of Halle, police said on Twitter on Wednesday.

Two killed in attack on German synagogue

One or more gunmen fired several shots on Wednesday in the German city of Halle. (AP)

October 09, 2019 - BERLIN: German federal prosecutors have taken over the investigation of a shooting in the eastern city of Halle that left two people dead.

Germany's federal prosecutors handle cases involving suspected terrorism or national security. German news agency dpa reported that the federal prosecutor's office said it had assumed responsibility for the shooting case.

Police in in the eastern German city of Halle say one person was arrested but it isn't clear whether more suspected assailants remain at large.

Mass-selling daily Bild said on its website the shooting took place in front of a synagogue. Bild reported that a hand grenade was also thrown onto a Jewish cemetery.

"According to initial findings, two people were killed in Halle," local police said on Twitter. "There were several shots. The alleged perpetrators have fled with a vehicle. We are searching urgently and ask citizens to remain in their homes."

The attack occurred on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year in Judaism when Jews fast for more than 24 hours, seeking atonement.
National rail operator Deutsche Bahn said the main train station in Halle had been closed.

Germany probes motive of Syrian crash truck hijacker

Picture shows the scene where a truck crashed in to cars stopped at a red light in Limburg, western Germany on October 7, 2019. (File/AFP)

FRANKFURT AM MAIN: German authorities on Tuesday were investigating the motive of a Syrian man who hijacked an articulated lorry and smashed it into cars stopped at a traffic light in the city of Limburg, injuring several people.

The public prosecutor’s office said it had opened an attempted homicide probe against the 32-year-old suspect, whose name was not released.

Unconfirmed media reports said the Syrian national arrived with the massive migrant influx to Germany in 2015 and that his residency permit had expired on October 1.


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Living in closer proximity to that city, Halle, I followed the unfolding of the aftermath of those events rather closely on Live Ticker via German RT and Sputnik. At first the news went about more than just one perpetrator conducting shootings. Then he was/they were on the flight, followed by the police. Some time later, shootings in Landsberg, a town 15 km away from Halle, were reported as well. It's not clear if there is a connection, but it's quite incidental.

By the evening, media reports by and large have been melted to "a lone gunman" narrative - but they either didn't seem to be too sure about that themselves (my impression) or contradicted themselves, like an article on German Sott citing the FAZ for example pointed out. Meanwhile, the FAZ has corrected this contradiction and seems to have re-written the original article largely. The original paragraphs cited on the previously linked article on German Sott cannot be found on FAZ anymore.

Then, this year's Jewish Festival Jom Kippur coincided in date with the so-called Light Festival ("Lichtfest") in the nearby city of Leipzig. This festival is being held every year to commemorate the catalyzation of the events of the peaceful revolution of 1989, with Leipzig playing a key role in that process back then. Today it was celebrated as the 30th year anniversary of those events, and thus many visitors / participants were expected there. In the afternoon, according to local media, the city with surrounding area has been put under higher alert as well, with many police forces underway and with authorities even considering to cancel the Light Festival.

I also noted, like Ursus Minor, that this attack, being now labelled as "far-right extremist", just comes in time before the elections of the federal state parliament in Thuringia which are due for the last Sunday of October. According to Wikipedia, recent election polls (as can be seen in the table Vote Shares) show highest results for Christian Democratic Party (CDU), the Left and the AfD. Interestingly, graphs on that page show the right-wing AfD more or less steadily rising in recent years (though not as steep as from 2015 to 2017), while the Left has been falling rather steeply until 2017, then with their fall coming to a halt and rising more or less in parallel to the AfD since that time. CDU, which has been the traditionally ruling party in Thuringia from 1990 to 2014, has a pretty steep falling curve since 2015, and then again since 2017. It's not even a ruling party any more since the last federal parliament elections 2014 (see list of "Thüringer Landesregierungen", right column, last line, on that wiki page).

The Green Party also shows quite a rising graph, though not ranging as high as the aforementioned three parties, regarding their figures.

So, considering the success of the AfD in the federal parliamentarial elections for Saxony (27,5%) and Brandenburg (23,5%) in September and the promising look for Thuringian AfD to reach similar success on 27th of October, there seems to be a need to stir certain narratives of "extreme right-wing terrorism" and "anti-semitism". Looks suspicious to me, indeed.


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Not to mix apples with oranges but this recent attack in Germany, by "an anti-Semitic gunman" - attacking a Jewish Synagogue on one of the Holiest days on the Jewish Calendar, along with "a hand grenade thrown into a Jewish Cemetery" (for extra dramatic effect) sounds like a possible set up and was staged - so that Germany's (Political Elite) would back Netanyahu, in his bid to stay as Prime Minister? Trump has "sort of" kicked Netanyahu to the curb and Germany is his next closest ally? And Benny Gantz isn't Netanyahu's biggest problem, another Likud contender, 52-year-old Gideon Saar has the backing and credentials to replace Netanyahu.

Israeli officials wrap up Netanyahu’s pre-indictment hearing

Ram Caspi (L), the prime minister's lawyer, arrives at the Ministry of Justice in Jerusalem on October 2, 2019 ahead of the pre-indictment hearing for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (AFP)

October 07, 2019 - Israel’s state prosecutors and Benjamin Netanyahu’s lawyers were wrapping up the pre-indictment hearing over a slew of corruption allegations against the prime minister on Monday.

Netanyahu’s lawyers arrived at the Justice Ministry in Jerusalem for the fourth and final day of the proceedings where they were meeting with Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and his team to appeal that the cases against Netanyahu be dropped.

Mandelblit has recommended that Netanyahu be indicted for fraud, breach of trust and bribery in three separate cases
that have dogged the long-serving premier. The hearing is the final step before the attorney general decides whether to issue a formal indictment.

The legal woes come as Netanyahu is fighting for his political survival, with the country’s unprecedented second election of the year failing to provide him with a clear victory. In last month’s election, neither Netanyahu nor his chief challenger, Benny Gantz, secured the required parliamentary majority to form a new government. Both men have expressed support for a unity government as a way out of the deadlock, but they remain far apart on who should lead it and what smaller parties would join them.

Gantz and his centrist Blue and White party have so far rejected a partnership with Netanyahu, citing his legal woes. A failure to reach a deal could trigger a third election in less than a year. Netanyahu is desperate to stay on as prime minister, a post he can use as a pulpit as he tries to fend off any charges. Israeli law requires Cabinet ministers to step down if charged with a crime. But the law is vague for sitting prime ministers, meaning he could theoretically remain in the post if he is indicted, though he would likely face calls to step aside.

Israel's Gideon Saar challenges lengthy Netanyahu Likud rule

Saar has long been considered a rising star in Likud. (AP)

October 08, 2019 - JERUSALEM: With a simple tweet, Gideon Saar did what no Israeli politician from the ruling conservative party has done in more than a decade — openly challenge its chief, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The brazen move against the long-serving Israeli leader has solidly positioned the 52-year-old Saar as the Likud party’s leading candidate to replace Netanyahu, who is fighting for his survival amid a pending corruption indictment and post-election political paralysis.


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German synagogue gunman confesses to crime and to an anti-Semitic motive: prosecutors
People place candles at the synagogue in Halle, Germany October 10, 2019, after two people were killed in a shooting. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke
The man accused of killing two in a gun attack near a synagogue in Halle, eastern Germany, has confessed to the crime and to a far-right, anti-Semitic motivation, prosecutors said on Friday.

Accused German synagogue shooter has admitted crime: prosecutors
People place candles at the synagogue in Halle, Germany October 10, 2019, after two people were killed in a shooting. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke
The man accused of killing two people in a shooting near a synagogue in the eastern German city of Halle has admitted his crime and having an anti-Semitic motive, Germany's federal prosecutor's office said on Friday, confirming media reports.

German synagogue gunman aimed to commit massacre, prosecutor says
German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier speaks to the media next to his wife Elke Budenbender and Saxony-Anhalt State Premier Reiner Haseloff outside the synagogue in Halle, Germany October 10, 2019, after two people were killed in a shooting.  REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch
A gunman suspected of attacking a German synagogue and killing two people nearby wanted to commit a massacre and hoped to incite others to copy him by live-streaming his deadly rampage, Germany's federal prosecutor said on Thursday.

Germany's far-right AfD loses support after synagogue shooting: report
People gather around lit candles, placed outside the synagogue in Halle, Germany October 11, 2019, after two people were killed in a shooting. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke
Germany's far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has dropped in public opinion polls after an anti-Semitic gun attack near a synagogue in Halle on Wednesday, broadcaster RTL/n-tv reported on Saturday.

Graves desecrated at Commonwealth war cemetery in Israel
Graffiti of swastikas and other signs can be seen on headstones at the Haifa War Cemetery, where about 350 Commonwealth soldiers killed in World War One and World War Two are buried, Haifa Israel October 11, 2019. REUTERS/Herzie Shapira
Dozens of gravestones at a Commonwealth military cemetery in Israel were desecrated in what the Israeli foreign ministry said on Saturday was a suspected hate crime.


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I also noted, like Ursus Minor, that this attack, being now labelled as "far-right extremist", just comes in time before the elections of the federal state parliament in Thuringia which are due for the last Sunday of October. [...]

So, considering the success of the AfD in the federal parliamentarial elections for Saxony (27,5%) and Brandenburg (23,5%) in September and the promising look for Thuringian AfD to reach similar success on 27th of October, there seems to be a need to stir certain narratives of "extreme right-wing terrorism" and "anti-semitism". Looks suspicious to me, indeed.
The narrative against the nationalist AfD party has been pushed indeed quite heavily since that incident in Halle. Many politicians and other official persons have labelled the AfD as "geistige Brandstifter" (intellectual instigators) who had, according to them, influenced the shooter and / or neo-nazi network(s) to which he was said to have been connected. In relation to that, the narrative of the danger of "far-right extremism and terrorism" and "anti-semitism" is being pushed quite heavily now as well, while turning a blind eye to the violent potential and extremism of the radical Left (Antifa and the likes).

And as if to stir the already "heated climate" further, candidates for the Thuringian election (from CDU and the Green party) received death threats recently:

Top German state politicians receive far-right death threats

Death threats have been sent to Green lawmaker Dirk Adams and to an ally of Angela Merkel, Mike Mohring, in the eastern state of Thuringia ahead of elections. At least one threat ended with "Heil Hitler."

The parliamentary leader of Thuringia's Green party, Dirk Adams, on Monday became the second top politician in the eastern German state to say he had recently received a death threat from suspected neo-Nazi extremists, shortly before an election is due to take place.

Adams said the threat, sent by email on Friday, was purportedly from a group calling itself the "Cyber-Reichswehr" and had warned him that he would face a knife or car bomb attack if he did not leave his party.

Mike Mohring, the parliamentary leader of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) in Thuringia, had previously announced that he had been sent a threatening email on Saturday, on top of other such messages he has received in the past.

'Leftist and ecological pussies'

Mohring said the threat directed at him had concluded with the words "Sieg Heil and Heil Hitler" and was signed by the "Musicians of the State Coup Orchestra," self-described as a "group of globally connected right-wing extremists."

Mohring said the email had also threatened him with a knife attack like the one that seriously wounded to-be Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker in October 2015, which was carried out by a man motivated by far-right views.

"This is a warning and there will not be a second one," the email to Mohring read. "This applies to all the leftist and ecological puss**s out there; we will enslave you first and then exterminate you."

Police said he had been put under protection.

Both politicians are standing as their parties' top candidates in Saturday's election.

Growing threat

The threats to the two men come as police and intelligence agencies are put under growing pressure to combat far-right extremism in Germany as the public menace it represents becomes increasingly apparent.

Earlier this month, a suspected anti-Semitic neo-Nazi extremist attempted to storm a synagogue in the eastern city of Halle, shooting dead two people during an ensuing rampage. In June, the pro-immigration Christian Democrat Walter Lübcke was also shot and killed by a neo-Nazi extremist.

Opinion polls indicate that the CDU will be vying with the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) for second place in the Thuringia election, with the Left party likely to continue ruling in the state.

The anti-immigration AfD has been criticized by numerous politicians across the political spectrum for fostering an atmosphere of hate that encourages political violence. The party made strong gains in the eastern states of Brandenburg and Saxony in September elections.

tj/ng (AFP, Reuters, dpa)
In Thuringia, there also have been arson attacks on vehicles owned by AfD politicians or otherwise related to them reported, like that one here from October 19th (translated with Deepl):

Arson attack on AfD vehicle

Unknown persons have carried out an arson attack on an AfD vehicle on a private property in Artern in the early morning hours. This was confirmed by the Nordhausen police inspectorate, which has begun investigations against unknown persons. The technology and stage for the party's family celebration on Theaterplatz Nordhausen was destroyed.

Early in the morning of today's 19th October, a heavy arson attack was carried out in Artern. The perpetrators broke into a locked property and set fire to a truck parked there. The vehicle was only a few meters away from a house. Only thanks to the rapid intervention of the volunteer fire brigade Artern was it possible to prevent the flames from spreading and thus endangering human lives.

The truck contained material and stage technology for the AfD family festival in Nordhausen planned today. The truck suffered a total loss, the amount of which is likely to be in the six-figure range, especially due to the loaded event materials and the sound equipment.

The AfD-Regionalverband Landkreis Nordhausen announced that the event will nevertheless take place on Theaterplatz. The circumstances of the attack leave no doubt that this was a politically motivated act, according to Nordhausen AfD boss Jörg Prophet.

"We will not be intimidated by such attacks! Our election campaign events continue to take place as planned. We call on all members and supporters to participate in our family celebrations and send a peaceful signal: Against intolerance, for democracy and freedom of opinion", says the AfD association.

The nnz is in close contact with the police and will inform you here promptly about further developments in the case.

Translated with
Back to Halle, right now I think the perpetrator was more the kind of a "lone wolf", who was perceiving himself as a loser (or, like Jordan Peterson would say, as one who lives in "the mind of Cain" - like the Columbine school shooters) and thus wanted to accomplish "a great feat" and "setting an example". Maybe the connections to the internet groups he is said to have interacted with may have encouraged him to act on his criminal views (as of coming from criminal thought patterns, like Samenow would say).

However it really was, he was a very useful tool for established forces, with his attack timely convenient, to push that certain narrative of "far-right extremism" right now, while deviating the public focus away at large from (potential) leftist violence.
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