Shouldn't we be fighting this?


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I'm not sure how to frame this, but I wanted to start a discussion about how you guys feel with 'watching this from the side'? I know it isn't a black and white thing, where you either do nothing or 'go full battle mode'; there's the importance of being strategic, not doing foolish things that endanger yourself and your loved ones, and the "wise as serpents, gentle as doves"-thing.

Still, watching all kinds of people bravely 'coming out of the woods' speaking out against the tyranny, madness and ponerlogy in action, makes me feel like a coward for not doing more. Just as an example James Corbett and Amazing Polly are publicly exposing the agendas on a daily basis, and then there was e.g. the recent group of doctors in the US, and on a broader scale it looks like thousands of people have been protesting the Covid restrictions in Germany (if the information is correct). There are several examples like this, and probably more to come. If there would be a similar protest in your city, would you go? I'm not sure yet, but reading something like the following makes my blood boil:

If and when they start guilt-tripping and blaming my children for this madness, making them live in total fear, attending a dystopian school with crazy prison-like restrictions, I might very well hit the streets!

On the other hand, I'm not pretending, that I would dare or like to appear publicly in the media, knowing how easily my whole family could be targeted and blacklisted. So, I'm having mixed feelings about this, and wanted to network to see this situation more clearly. I believe many here have taken to heart the C's advice of 'scaling down' the activity on social media, and I've been doing that to some degree, too. I'm still retweeting quite 'dangerous' things on Twitter, but mainly posts that already have several retweets from before (as to not stand out too much). I'm posting some things on Parler, too. Facebook for me is almost totally out. I have too many colleagues from work there, that might become 'informants' at some point.

There's some consolation knowing that on our forum we are helping each other to cope with all this, raising each others awareness and knowledge, and 'keeping each other awake (as in Gurdjieff's alarm clock analogy). And on a more esoteric level, with our knowledge and awareness we might be 'sending a signal' out to the universe that balances things.

To summarize, the warrior in me would like to fight this, but my rational self is hitting the brakes. I know we can't save the world, but considering the 'butterfly effect', shouldn't we join the fight?


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LOL with a name like Aragorn, we know your answer! 😹

The C's talked about those battles on the 4 D level - refusing domination being at the core. 4D STO can't quite cleave the skulls of 4D STS (protect our free will be taking theirs) without becoming STS themselves. And it takes tremendous amount of energy to resist charging into the fray like a wild-eyed berserker wielding a mace in one had and a rapier in the other. We are having that opportunity here - to resist domination. I am not sure how that will look. I think we each will face it in a slightly different way depending on our circumstances.

The big battle will be the vaccine. I did have to face down the draft board during Viet Nam, so I have some idea what it is like. Prepare your stand. If we need a vaccine chip to buy food, or travel, well, make plans now. Time is limited. Obviously you love your children. I don't really have a good answer. But I heard somewhere that knowledge is supposed to protect.


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If nothing else, the current circumstances provide plenty of fuel to address fear or anger triggers and perhaps that is the best place to start because as things heat up, having wits that are not under the influence of triggers might become very important.

I think it's also important to keep the broader picture in mind. The following is not intended to encourage a choice either way - more to flesh out the nuances involved in the situation. There's probably more to it than this.

Dr Tenpenny gave some advice when talking to Catherine Austin Fitts. The way Dr Tenpenny explained it is:
1.25% of people will never change their mind, they'll just follow the authorities.
2.The next 25% of people might learn to see if we had the time to nurture them, but we don't.
3. The next 25% are more open minded, willing to question and weigh up information.
4. The final 25% already see it.

That model mightn't be exact or take in to account lots of different variables, but it's a useful model to work with as a tool to observe what is happening and formulate choices and plans based on that. Also to figure out where people in your circle stand.

The final 50% (groups 3 & 4) of people in Dr Tenpenny's example will probably either protest on the street or do what Lobaczewski described - the society of normal people forming networks to function under oppression and which have a larger impact on government than what can be perceived on the face of matters - the peoples version of silent weapons for quiet wars.

Also, at the moment the authorities will and have been creating division where the first 50% (groups 1 & 2) of people in Dr Tenpenny's example are being goaded into attacking the latter 50% (groups 3 & 4) in various ways. The authorities have endless ways of creating that division and agitation that use peer pressure to in an attempt to silence dissent. A recent example from the Coronavirus thread addressing the protests in Berlin stated that the authorities turned the power off in the city. That meant that even those who weren't protesting were affected and suffered negative consequences and that could lead them to agitate against the protestors in various ways - both individually through personal and community relationships, and collectively. So the choice to protest could break up relationships in various ways and at various levels and impede the ability to function in society.

It could also attract the attention of the authorities. Here we have the 'Fixated Persons Unit' that focusses on keeping tabs on people who are deemed to be dissident or extremist in some way. Even though it was set up after a gunman started shooting people in Sydney, the Fixated Persons Unit could detain anyone considered to be acting or speaking out against the narrative of the authorities at the moment. Even if not detained those deemed fixated persons could flagged for attention with various agencies and subsidiaries of the authorities that could impact access to services and treatment by service providers - it could even impact employment opportunities.

Also, as was seen in the Yellow Vest protests in France and more recently in the US, a peaceful protest is open to being co-opted by agents and turned into a violent riot where the authorities can be seen by some, probably those in the first 50% (groups 1 & 2), to be justified and they will be supportive in the use of military force against the protestors. There are also probably people who are essentially in groups 3 & 4 who disagree with protestors because even though they see it all or are questioning it all, they might want to just keep their heads low until everything blows over and they mights see the protestors and making things worse.

Keeping the movie V for Vendetta in mind, and thinking of the leading characters not as individuals but archetypes that represent various groups in society at large in an oppressive environment, it gives an idea of what to expect.

A personal thought is that the people in group 2 are probably more likely to shift to group 3 as things degenerate - but if that all comes in the form of shocks (for both groups 2 & 3) that they aren't prepared for, they may disintegrate before they can do anything. Some of them may not come out of that disintegrated state in any kind of healthy state to make well informed choices.

Like you said, it's more than just a black and white choice and how a decision is arrived at as to how to act or what to do in any particular circumstance might change or vary from one circumstance to the next. Some people can be in one group on particular issues, and in another group on other issues. For example, my mother believes in vaccines and the lockdowns, but she doesn't believe in the masks. She's in group 1 for vaccines and lockdowns and group 4 for the masks. 🤷‍♀️

So given all the variables, the options basically come down to strategically withdrawing, complying with the circumstance or asserting a position and I think the choice needs to be flexible and circumstance dependent.


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Hi Aragorn, I understand how you feel honestly, we are on the same page. Me too when I see the madness, the disinformation, the lies, the ponerization and the deep sleep many peeps have fallen, at least here in Italy, despite many, many sources of objective truth that are exposing this fake pandemic for what it is and the feckless politicians being only puppets who are following the orders of their puppet masters, despite sharing, putting the true info out there by many brave souls a good bunch of people have chosen to keep their eyes wide shut and trust blindly to what their beloved leaders are telling them.

It is their choice and since all there is are lessons no one needs or has to be saved thus their free will should be respected even if by their choices they are inviting the entropy and the chaos in their lives.

Trust me it's hard for me to write this, me too i have the tendency to share, to not be able to keep my mouth shut.

For example yesterday at work I tried indirectly to test the waters with one of my colleagues about the plandemic. I just asked him what he thought about all this, if a second lockdown may follow in the fall, what the consequences will be for everyone and so on. In a few words in his opinion the government did a great work in managing this 'crisis', saving elderly people who suffer from at least one or two pathologies thus putting at risk the future, the sanity, the health of millions of people is justified.

I tried to bring some small facts but he wasn't able to understand or should i say he understood only what he wanted to understand. At this point I stoped there because I understood that he already made his mind and keeping to bring more facts it was pointless and also not right from my part becuase by doing this i'll abridge his free will.

The thing is that the sleeping people chose their fate, that is, being blind and unable to see what's really happening around them and no matter what you'll them they won't listen to you and may even turn against you for daring to rock the boat. It's their choice.

It saddens me to say this but at this point I decided to keep my mouth shut, stay low on social networks and talk and share only with those that are asking and searching for the truth. I've made this decision not because I'm a coward but because I see no point in continuing sharing or joining the protests on the streets, why? Because the true information is out there and if you aren't able to see it it's because you have chosen the blissful ignorance, it's a choice.

On a final note, I've decided to apply very SERIOUSLY the C's advise from the last session, that is, strategic enclosure to the MAX, I choose to grow in knowledge, learn my lessons in order to become a better person, a warrior, my true self thus getting ready for the real and final battle against the real puppet masters of this reality.

Maybe it's DCM that will give everyone it's due, that is, those that chose to be ignorant and blind to what is happening around them may open their eyes, at least some of them only when they will be hit by a real shock, by a billboard 'thrown' at them by the DCM. My thinking about all of this situation may be subjective and just wishful thinking thus I would really appreciate any feedback on this matter.


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Hello, Aragorn. You can be sure that you are not alone in feeling the frustration of wanting to act, to protest, to scream against all this hysteria which is leading us to a future chaos where the human being will be a lobotomized puppet.
I have sometimes called myself a coward for not acting by concrete actions such as protests, demonstrations, etc.... But after reflection all this would have led me inexorably towards the conflict.
To take the advice of the C's, it is better to keep a low profile while keeping our senses alert.
It is unquestionable to think that we are reaching a very complicated point in our existence where we have to show discernment in order to stay on the right side of things, the side we have chosen, the light rather than the darkness.
I agree with Adrian's summary of the situation and Jones' analysis of the mechanism of population division.
Let us remain solid in the face of adversity and direct our best thoughts to the universe so that this situation can change without having to go through anger, aggressiveness and all the negative energies that feed the infamous people of this world.
Take care of yourself and your loved ones



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Session 21 March 2010
At this final stage that we are now, should we stand up to things that we don't agree with, jeopardizing ourselves and our love ones well-being, or should just give up fighting for this world and concentrate on this "internal light" only? In other words: does it make sense to risk ...(put here whatever horrible you can think about) just for the sake of rebellion in a world that is over anyway? Or should we rather tune into and maintain frequency of a pendulum that lights our light, making choices that are less painful in this last drama of our realm?

A: The second option is the better one. But one can continue to share truth in a careful way.

Q: (L) So sitting back and enjoying the show, to some extent, is the proper response. Nobody needs to get out there and make a target of themselves. Another question:

And didn't the C's say that we cannot beat them here and now and that we're not going to stop the events unfolding in 3D?
That some of us might survive just to be able to help those who survive the catasclysms.

I can so relate to where you're coming from, Aragorn, but who is going to take care of your family when the SHTF?
And it's not as if we're inactive. Most of us share information on social media and we network here. This forum is not only read by members but also by guests so we might have a greater effect on many people than we might believe.

I decided for myself that any more fighting in the public space now might just deplete the energy I will need in the future.
This is all already depleting to the max. We all seem to struggle for balance. How can we fight and bring change when we're not balanced?
So I will keep up strategic enclosure as much as my personality and conscience allows.


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I also had another slightly provocative thought about this whole issue lately:
Why is it that with all the knowledge about the evil that rules this world for such a long time that we're asking ourselves just NOW whether we must fight? Why now and not before?
Is it because we're personally affected now whereas before it has been some kind of far away?
E.g., for many years I know that children are trafficked, tortured and murdered and except of learning about it I never took action. The question what exactly to do about it is hard to answer though.
I'm observing my outrage and indignation at any new infringement of freedoms that affect me personally with some caution. I feel a bit like a hypocrit and helpless as well.
Observing how any oppostion is dealt with doesn't give any hope as well.
So working on balance, inner growth and becoming more of a 'real man' seems to be on the menue. At least these are my thoughts and I hope that I can be of better service when things change if I'm still around then.


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I understand that as a warrior it is a very difficult thing to see what's going on and not feel the duties to engage in the battles in front of you. Or even to feel neglectful for not engaging. The reasons stated above are articulated better than I could have put it at this moment but to me it comes down to where to apply your energy for the best possible outcome for you and your family. I keep coming back to the C's reference of people asking for help and by that I take it to mean that they have to ask sincerely. At this moment most of the people are not asking for anything, but believing they "know" everything. Until that time happens, as hard as it is, I will do everything I can to not engage in this cosmic drama. Just observe. FWIW


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For me, everywhere I see, what I foresee is a massacre at various levels. As slow as it is protracted, it will still be a massacre. The current reality is like having a palliative care patient. You care for him/her taking into consideration the person's background and level of awareness, with compassion knowing that everything the person took for granted is coming to an end. And like a dying process, you know that it will come, but you don't know exactly how or when. You are aware that the suffering, tears, anger, compassion and the range of feelings a person has to go through is part of the process of "passing away to a different reality". It's like giving birth.

Aiming to alleviate suffering without making your life more difficult so that you can be there for those who really ask is what feels natural to me now. Some days is just a matter of seeing how you can make a person's life better, in order to not feed the chaos. Right now, I'm not even stressed despite having quite the front seat show. Grieved, yes, I often feel grieved. And some days I would rather be on the back seat instead of the front one, but I also can't help to feel amazed to realize that we live in such crucial times and that we have the front seat show. Other times I even feel surprised about a greater sense of inner peace that is growing within despite the madness out there.

So we take it one day at a time, reassured that we are not alone in our struggles.

My 2 cents.


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I dont think protesting will change much tbh. The puppet masters and there puppets as the Cs said will not give up easily. Things will have to get really bad before most people even begin to question, part 2 of covid 1984 is yet to come, who knows what the PTB have in store. As KristinLynne said above, most are not even asking, at the moment the majority are waiting on a vaccine. hoping all will be well once one is available. Programming is complete, it will take a massive shock for most to realise it was all nonsence.

Some days is just a matter of seeing how you can make a person's life better, in order to not feed the chaos

Yep, this is something worth while to focus on. Especially in regards to those close to us, family etc. As the Cs say the battle Is through us not out there somewhere.


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true information is out there and if you aren't able to see it it's because you have chosen the blissful ignorance, it's a choice.

This is what is hard for me to understand, but I see it all the time. I am a person who wants to find out the "why" of things, then decide if what I am being told is correct. To see people so blindly accept what is spouted out every day is a bitter pill to swallow. But I also understand that this daily dose of propaganda is state sponsored terrorism. I just read an article from (The Coronavirus Response Is Pure State Terrorism Based on Propaganda - LewRockwell which talks about this subject.


This kind of terror relies completely on propaganda, and that propaganda must be constant and unrelenting so that the lower classes do not have any inclination or time for anything except concentrating on the illusion at hand. This strategy of the purveyors of terror is a clever scheme not because it is based on brilliance, but because it is based on the accepted destruction of the intellect of the herd. Once that has been accomplished, and it has been accomplished, the plan is easier to put into place. Confusion and fear are all that are necessary in order to complete the scheme.

This constant barrage of doomsday reporting is meant to inundate the minds of the common people to the point of saturation. That is the essence of successful propaganda, and this tactic is being used masterfully to achieve herd compliance to government orders that are meant to bring about total obedience to the state in order to advance mass behavioral modification.

So using Tenpenny's numbers, 25% of us already see the problem. Some others might start to see it, so the work done by Corbett and the others is important for those who ARE searching.

Unfortunately, I have not really met any of those searchers. I went to the grocery store the other day, after not having gone for a while. I walked in without a mask, no one stopped me, and I picked up a couple of things I needed. ALL the other people I saw were muzzled. I tried to look at people, to see if they would say anything to me about no mask, but no one said anything, good or bad. It was a sad experience for me.

But back to your original question about fighting things. I am not on any social media, so that is not an option for me. I work at home, so have no regular contact with other humans. I tried at first, to say things on our work chat, but was met with either indifference or hostility, so I stopped saying anything there. It goes back to the fact that there is plenty of information out there and if people don't know, it's because they don't want to.

For those of us who do see things, continue to prepare so that you will be able to say "no" when it comes to that issue which is your line in the sand. So if they tell me, you can't shop without your vaccine chip, for example, I will have made alternative arrangements.

I fight, not by going to a protest, but by being normal (not wear a mask) then be being open to people who might ask me something. I fight by KNOWING my position and by being prepared (as best as possible) to stand by that position, and be willing/able to help others when needed.


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I think especially where we are now in this bizarro, fake, surreal push against the truth. It can be quite a challenge to keep your head while everyone is losing it.
I've reached that point of frustration many times in the last couple of weeks, I find it hard to look at any news no matter where it is and not feel enraged and wanting to stand up and take them on. Your frustrations are shared amongst alot of good people throughout the world.
I think I have realized that the energy that's put into fighting back only feeds the same source so considering what the C's say about not putting your head above the parapet and focusing on your own learning and work, in my eyes, returns the energy to yourself, without any influence from outside.
I think by sticking to your truth and expressing this truth when asked can be daunting, but maybe it's being wise in the way we express it without getting too excited (hard to do though).
This whole thing from start of lockdown was like a 9/11 moment for me knowing deep down that we have entered a new energy cycle, and must step up our efforts not to be swept away on this wave of illogical madness that has gripped the world.
I hear you Aragorn , it's fustrating and can be maddening. Keep the head.


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It's definitely hard not to try and do something about all the madness out there. But if we've reached a point of no return, as seems to be the case, then our efforts can potentially bring about results that are opposite of what we intended, which then adds to the madness already happening. I think context is still important, there are always things that we can do, we can still engage in some amount of fighting, provided we have a good read on the situation, and don't start charging at windmills blindly. But more and more it seems that the only thing we can do is to make sure that we ourselves don't start believing the lies and the hysteria and so on. Maybe that is enough. Conservation of energy is also important during these exhausting times, and we'll probably need all the energy we can get for what's coming in the near future.


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I understand you Aragorn,

Even though everything that has been said up until now shows that children are the least affected by it all, and aren’t vectors of infection, they’re going to make them the prime target for vaccines, because they’re the easiest prey. Who doesn’t want to protect their children? And misinformed... who wouldn’t want to provide them with a cure to the threat they’re telling you they’re under? It’s so devious.

Every other day I feel flatly disappointed at people’s reaction, but every now and then I see someone making an effort, and the group seems to be growing, and I think it’s inevitable.

Just recently I saw the group of “doctors for truth” making an effort to network and educate people, reaching out to their governments in Spain, Germany, Argentina and the USA.

However, the most interesting thing about them is that they’re questioning the effort and the measures without delving too deep into fringe territory, they’re using official figures from official sources such as the WHO, interpreting it for their audience and drawing different conclusions, and I think that while these hundreds of doctors might end up being made an example of, the fact that they’re doing so has more weight than if a journalist did it. Their conscience won’t let them sit idly by as unnecessary deaths are occurring for no reason.

Because it takes care of that notion that all doctors agree, and they can’t be called nut jobs and dismissed because they’re not saying anything against the WHO. And in that sense perhaps the best thing I can do for the time being is support those efforts I can recognize as more efficient. Work within the notions created already to help others who might recognize the truth to see it. Because there’s also the fact that some simply won’t or refuse see it.

I know that enjoying the show is a simpler matter when one doesn’t have young children, and I don’t myself, but I understand it’s a difficult situation for sure. But perhaps the best to be done is support some efforts out there, do our best at home with diet and hygiene, physiological and otherwise and give them the truth so that they understand what world they’re growing up in?


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In answer to the question "Shouldn't we be fighting this?"......I think most of us are, as best as we can. It can be very frustrating not 'taking to the streets' as such and venting these emotions though. But haven't we learned a lot about ourselves and outside forces over the years here, our emotional triggers and the need for 'choosing our battles wisely'. What knowledge we have needs to be applied.

Keeping calm, grounded, informed, thinking rationally and 'pushing back' however and whenever is appropriate - being strategic - is 'fighting back' I think. My children are wonderful young women now and I have to rise above what sometimes feels like an overwhelming sense of anger, despair, frustration and grief to help them and those others I love and care about....if they ask. But I have choices and every situation in which to make them is different of course as Jones has mentioned above:

So given all the variables, the options basically come down to strategically withdrawing, complying with the circumstance or asserting a position and I think the choice needs to be flexible and circumstance dependent.

From the Cs session 21st March 2020:

Q: (L) So, the virus may enhance connections to Cosmic Information, but it depends on who you are, how that works out. That reminds me of the answer, given a long time ago: "It's not where you are, but who you are and what you see." I guess this thing is going to enhance "seeing" for some people? Next question from our list:

At this final stage that we are now, should we stand up to things that we don't agree with, jeopardizing ourselves and our love ones well-being, or should just give up fighting for this world and concentrate on this "internal light" only? In other words: does it make sense to risk ...(put here whatever horrible you can think about) just for the sake of rebellion in a world that is over anyway? Or should we rather tune into and maintain frequency of a pendulum that lights our light, making choices that are less painful in this last drama of our realm?

A: The second option is the better one. But one can continue to share truth in a careful way.

There was also this quote from Laura from a couple of years ago which helps me very much as it reminds me of the bigger picture somewhat:

But what is true freedom? Not being controlled by any of this, to live each day fully aware of what is inside you and outside you (as much as possible) and thereby having the ability to choose wisely that which is good for your spiritual nature, your soul. And those choices come every day, every hour, every minute. True freedom is to CHOOSE to follow the path of soul enrichment and growth.
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