Show #42 - JFK Assassination: 50 Years Later


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Sunday 17th of November: JFK Assassination - 50 Years Later

November 22nd 2013 will mark 50 years since the Day America Died. A tragic event for most Americans and for ordinary people the world over who choose peace over war, equality over injustice, and happiness over greed, the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy was pivotal in setting the United States on its current path towards doom.

This week on SOTT Talk Radio we’re going to reflect on the life of a man who dreamed of a better world, and was making that dream a reality until assassins’ bullets killed the American Dream that sunny November day in Dallas, Texas.

Half a century later, it’s common knowledge in the U.S. that JFK’s murder was ordered by a powerful cabal. And yet, successive U.S. administrations have refused to release documents that would fill in the remaining gaps. Who exactly carried it out? And on behalf of whom? How did they organise it? And why did they do it?

Despite the passing of time, the ‘suiciding’ of key witnesses, the barrage of misinformation and disinformation, and the ‘loss’ of crucial documentation, excellent research has enabled others to form a cohesive and reasonably objective narrative that counters the official propaganda and places the assassination in proper historical context.

Join us this Sunday 17th of November, from 2-4pm EST (11am-1pm PST, 8-10pm CET) as we as we look at the life and legacy of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.


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I'm very much looking forward to this show, there's still so many important pieces to tie together. I'm gonna brush-up on my JFK history.


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I am also very much looking forward to this show. We will not forget JFK and remember him with gratitude, respect and love.


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Olesya said:
Hi all! I can't hear anything either. I reloaded the page twice and still nothing.

Same on my end. I reloaded twice in separate browsers, still nothing.


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What I glean from learning about JFK and Caesar is that it is redundant and futile to seek for a utopian societal system, even the current form of democracy could work - but if only you had TRUE human beings, not psychopaths. That is the ultimate, finite answer.
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