Silly stuff about Vishnu and Peacocks


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(Whats with the Peacocks? Have I missed something?)

Geez mate,

I thought you would have been all over that :shock:

...the meaning of the name 'Ark' is rather interesting.

Who's Your Baby? Over 112,000 Baby Names and Meanings

... the 'Ark' name meaning both Vishnu and Shiva.

Considering our 'Destroyer of Worlds' dialogue ;-)

Mayura (Sanskrit: मयूर Mayūra) is a Sanskrit word for peacock.

The legend states that the Mayura was created from the feathers of Garuda...believed to be a vahana (conveyance) of Vishnu, one of the Trimurti. In images of the mayura as a mythical bird, it is depicted as killing a snake, which according to a number of Hindu scriptures, is a symbol of cycle of time.

Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu, is the goddess of prosperity, luck and beauty; she is symbolized by the mayura.




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Geez mate,

I thought you would have been all over that :shock:
Tuatha de Danaan just recently in another thread reminded me of Donald Rumsfeld's famous quote:

"[...] because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns—the ones we don't know we don't know..."

But what Donald Rumsfeld omitted to say, or rather, Donald Rumsfeld did not know to know:

"there are also unknown knows--the ones we don't know we know"

That is what you are... inferring of me, yes?


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Tuatha de Danaan just recently in another thread reminded me of Don


G’day mate, funny I was only just thinking of Don... and Tuatha de Danaan?

…an ancestor figure in Welsh legend and literature. She is typically given as the mother of a group known as the "Children of Dôn",

Llys Dôn (literally "The Court of Dôn") is the traditional Welsh name for the constellation Cassiopeia.

And there I was thinking that it was goyacobol's job to read my mind :shock:

…"there are also unknown knows--the ones we don't know we know"

That is what you are... inferring of me, yes?

Well I’m not quite sure what you’re implying and do hope the inference is not towards a presumption of knowing a known that is one of your own unknown knows?

But if by implication the allusion is to your preternatural ability to give voice to deep thoughts of my own at just such times to trigger explosions of recognition, resulting in tsunamis of dream recollection whereby I then need a stiff drink and a lay down to internalise?

You would be correct.

Being second only to goyacobol at making my head hurt…

Your previous ‘peacock’ query a case in point.

As it so happened, to celebrate Australia Day this year a mate and I grabbed a daughter each and headed off to Rottnest Island for a week and being separated from the mainland, the isle is blessedly free of predators (other than native snakes). Which is quite a unique environment for Australia and also enabled a friendly local to make friends with the girls;


Flagrant disregard for the ‘do not feed the wildlife’ rules perhaps contributing to his affection…and not having seen peacocks roaming wild since childhood, I was probably more chuffed than the girls, who had NEVER seen peacocks outside of enclosures.

So soon after getting home it was obviously Laura’s birthday, whereby the ‘Peacock’ coincidence was noted and also putting in mind the coincidence of Ark’s identified name meaning of Vishnu. With ‘Krishna’ (an avatar of Vishnu) being intimately connected with peacock symbolism.


Then after seeing your question was also reminded of our ‘Oppenheimer / Shiva / Destroyer’ conversation in the light of one your earlier posts;

"The Female-Centric Shaktidharma denomination assigns the eminent roles of the three forms (Trimurti) of Supreme Divinity not to masculine gods but instead to feminine goddesses: Mahasarasvati (Creator), Mahalaxmi (Preserver), and Mahakali (Destroyer). This feminine version of the Trimurti is called Tridevi ("three goddesses")"

Mahakali is "Great Kali", the goddess of time and death as is Kali - of the word "Kaal" or "Kala", and interchangeable with meaning "time"…

… the "father of the atomic bomb" Robert Oppenheimer's (mis)quote of Vishnu in the Baghavad Gita said to have spaketh "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds"…

This, to me, fits better with Kali

Or alternatively in Laura's words;

In Hindu mythology, love and death are the two faces of the One. Shiva, the god of the reproductive forces in nature is also the god of violent death, murder and destruction. His wife is Parvati, the goddess of beauty, love and happiness, while also being Kali, the goddess of evil, misfortune, sickness and death. Together, Shiva and Parvati/Kali are gods of wisdom, knowledge, good and evil.

Hence my reply regarding the Mayura;

Mayura (Sanskrit: मयूर Mayūra) is a Sanskrit word for peacock.

The legend states that the Mayura was created from the feathers of Garuda...believed to be a vahana (conveyance) of Vishnu, one of the Trimurti. In images of the mayura as a mythical bird, it is depicted as killing a snake, which according to a number of Hindu scriptures, is a symbol of the cycle of time.

Which happened to be random piece of information lodged in the grey matter thanks to long ago ‘hearing’ the name Garuda in a dream - coincidentally following what was taken to be a reference to ‘Ark’?

And that, among other things, contributed to;

…we have a bird in Australia called the Brahminy Kite which our near neighbours [Indonesia] relate to Garuda!

With Garuda also the Hindu name for the Aquila constellation, which just happens to look like a kite…in a rather elegant extension to the Aquila link [in its guise as Garuda, the mount of Vishnu- enemy of the Nagas / Serpents], it turns out the star Altair also features as the Mortal love interest of the celestial goddess Tanabate - herself represented by Vega 'the Harp'.

Which felt as though I was being directed to Laura for some reason?

Q: (R) Okay, but the principle applies. (V) Since you are using this orchestra metaphor what kind of instrument are each of us?

A: Laura: Harp... Ark: Violin.

Or on the other hand - Arielle?

Ironically Altair IV was also featured in the 1956 film 'The Forbidden Planet' [whose plot is identified as analogous to 'The Tempest]

''The mysterious extinction of ... a highly advanced native race that perished overnight..." resolved that it "was in fact caused by their own base subconscious, given free rein and unlimited power." by a machine…

And as seems to be the way with these things, immediately after replying to your post ‘coincidence’ didn’t seem to be quite the case anymore? Microsoft Windows, in its wisdom, deciding to host the following theme on my laptop - for the remainder of February!


Being quite noticeable at the time as normally it seems to change every other day?

Though being very much a Krishna / Radha kind of guy - I was quietly pleased ;-)

And at the same time while digging around in the Sessions looking for IVth Density stuff, this then sort of ‘jumped out’;

Q: (L) Well, are there such things as archangels?

A: Maybe

Something I found rather fascinating - for one; ‘Ariel’ purportedly the name of an Archangel?

This abrupt turn of direction then sent me rifling through journals having remembered there was a dream somewhere where the ‘voice’ had also made mention of ‘7 angels’ - or something of that ilk?


The cryptic ‘message’ having stuck in my mind due to being preceded by, of all things, a rendition of the nonsensical ‘Witch Doctor’ song? An odd combination I never could reconcile…

So rationalising that ‘7 aliens / gods’ was pretty close to 7 archangels – and taking any excuse for a diversion - I decided to have another look at the ‘artist’ of the song; the spectacularly named Mr Rostom Sipan "Ross" Bagdasarian;

‘Rostam’ - a name referring to the Persian mythical hero Rostam

‘Sipan’ - a town in the Aragatsotn Province of Armenia - primarily populated by the Yezidis people.

‘Bagdasarion’ – patronymic of the Armenian ‘Bagdasar’ – variant of Balthazar, name of the Magi who apparently gifted myrrh to Jesus.

Which was about as far I had got previously…so at a loss and out of curiosity, this time decided to have a look at who the ‘Yezidis’ were?

It is believed that Yazidism is a branch of Yazdânism, Mehrdad Izady defines Yazdanism as an ancient Hurrian religion and states that Mitanni could have introduced some of the Vedic tradition that appears to be manifest in Yazdanism. Further she derived the term from a Zoroastrian concept of Holy beings (Middle Persian: Yazdān‎), often translated as "angels" or "archangels".

Yeah…you’d think I’d know better by now wouldn’t ya?

Yazidis are monotheists, believing in one God, who created the world and entrusted it into the care of a Heptad of seven Holy Beings, often known as Angels or heft sirr (the Seven Mysteries). The names of these beings or angels are Azaz'il, Gabra'il (Jabra'il), Mikha'il, Rafa'il (Israfil), Dadra'il, Azrafil and Shamkil (Shemna'il) Preeminent among these is Tawûsê Melek (frequently known as "Melek Taus" in English publications), the Peacock Angel (identified with one of these Angels). Tawûsê Melek is often identified by Christians and Muslims with Satan

Yazidis, however, believe Tawûsê Melek is not a source of evil or wickedness. They consider him to be the leader of the archangels…

The funny ‘Peacock Angel’ coincidence then prompting another poke around in the sessions - as something else had rung a bell;

Q: (L) Who is the 'King of the Angels?'

A: No more spoonfeeding. Gerbers is out of stock!

Which then seemed rather uncanny because the night I joined the forum (back in 2016) I dreamt the following;


And if you can decipher the chicken scratching you may recognise the highlighted word is ‘Leatherman’. Why that was of consequence was that the term ‘Gerber’ also happens to be descriptive of a leather man;

The name Gerber is derived from the Old German word "ledargarawo," meaning "leather preparer" which later became "gerwer" and "gerber." Accordingly, the original bearer of this name held the trade of a leather tanner.

Though what REALLY fried my noodle was that at the end of February I also happened to be a bit over 2 months, 10’s of thousands of words and dozens of images into a promised reply to goyacobol – a response owed due to where a piece of ‘his’ inspiration had led. And that, excruciatingly, remains a work in progress (should actually be working on it now…). Though thanks to what would appear as some rather impressive attention by the General Law, it continues to inch along at snail’s pace…

Anyhoo, coincidentally the topic at hand (in that conversation at the same time) also just so happened to be the subject of my ‘Leatherman’ (a multi-tool). More so the long overdue recognition that, as a dream symbol, I had arrived at a theory that the manufacturers name was only half the puzzle - the key was the model. This ‘theme’ having also just been proceeded by a torturous jig-saw of Dream Work discussion culminating in the subject of the Hebrew ‘Ari’ – lion and ‘El’ – it’s a long story. Having also just finished writing about an intriguing correlation to where investigation of the ‘name’ of an iconic female dream character had led.

Then your Peacock dude arrived on the scene with the subtleness of a Neutron Bomb, having waded straight into present consideration of ‘Kings of Angels’ and also Goddesses.

Which seemed quite the coincidence, as punching "the lady’s" surname into Wikipedia had ended up here;

In the Apocryphon of John, found in the Nag Hammadi library, Samael is the third name of the demiurge, whose other names are Yaldabaoth and Saklas. In this context, Samael means "the blind god", the theme of blindness running throughout gnostic works. His appearance is that of a lion-faced serpent. In ‘On the Origin of the World’ in the Nag Hammadi library texts, he is also referred to as Ariael, the Archangel of Principalities.

And with ‘Tawûsê Melek’ entering the picture - that sort of seemed to be pointing to just one contender?

There was another angel in the seventh heaven, different in appearance from all the others, and of frightful mien. His height was so great, it would have taken five hundred years to cover a distance equal to it, and from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet he was studded with glaring eyes. "This one," said Metatron, addressing Moses, "is Samael…"

Because, to me, that sounded just like a ‘peacock’?

Taken then as reinforcement of the place that the inordinately interesting figure of ‘Samael’ had already assumed in the dialogue…also a tantalizing possible ‘confirmation’ of an emergent ‘Way of the Fool’ leitmotif that I continue to wrestle with…

Said it before but it's a funny thing this networking.

Which reminds me, I'd still love a hint regarding the name of your Cleo driving 'lass' ?




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Thanks gnosisxsophia, many an insightful observation of synchronicity. Further evidence to how our consciousness, despite it wrapped in the constraints of 3D physicality, connects into the higher information-field rippling through all of reality the more our own awareness increases and tunes in, and especially so with the coming Wave.
I have weird synchronisities more and more these days; both awake and in dreams, catching wisps of resonate ripplings through time and space and density. Once you pick up a trail that leads onto the next and the next its easy to get really into it because its both fascinating and amazing the way everything is connected and the way we are connected to it the more we shed our programmes of linear-thought shackled to the construed constructs of physicality. I see regularity of synchronicities the resultant confirmation of walking 'the path' toward increasing awareness with the dispersal principle.
These days, though, I entertain synchronicities, and observations thereof, less and less unless it starkly leads to knowledge that better directs me to better understand myself, or particular set of circumstances that warrants particular attention, or to help others somehow. I've since learnt following many a such trail, however compelling, can actually stunt the next stage of progress, or at least steer away from it, because it can become its own distraction which can negate further development on the Self, OSIT.
Like I say, I do observe synchronicities as and when they pop up but not too attentively because more often than not I find I can't apply the information to knowledge in a meaningful way - at least not whilst stuck here in 3D.
With that said...
Which reminds me, I'd still love a hint regarding the name of your Cleo driving 'lass' ?
I've closed that door now.

As for goyacobol...
Being second only to goyacobol at making my head hurt…
He has quite the opposite effect on me: He sooths my head! He puts lots of the C's puzzle pieces together and helps clarifies things for me I don't have the time or wherewithal to always do myself.

Rottnest Island looks wonderful btw... And not a wind turbine in sight!


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...our own awareness increases and tunes in, and especially so with the coming Wave.

Hahaha yeah,

Perhaps rather synchronous then that 'the coming of the Wave' happened to be the topic of discussion for goyacobol?

...that happened to be followed the next night by a dream where I was cleaning my old multi-tool, getting ready to use it.


These days, though, I entertain synchronicities, and observations thereof, less and less unless it starkly leads to knowledge that better directs me to better understand myself, or particular set of circumstances that warrants particular attention, or to help others somehow. I've since learnt following many a such trail, however compelling, can actually stunt the next stage of progress, or at least steer away from it, because it can become its own distraction which can negate further development on the Self, OSIT.
Like I say, I do observe synchronicities as and when they pop up but not too attentively because more often than not I find I can't apply the information to knowledge in a meaningful way - at least not whilst stuck here in 3D.

Personally, I think once the humbling realisation dawns (triggered by synchronicity of high order) that life here in 3D is just one giant piss-take (excuse my French) and that the answer is all around us, then we are released to choose how much longer we'd like to take ourselves so seriously?

Laura having elucidated probably my favourite example;

So, at this particular moment in history, scientist and walking-encyclopedia-workaholic-blabbermouth meet. They find extraordinary similarity of being, from their respective internal drives right down to skin tone and eye color. It is almost as if they are two halves of the same being.

Not only that, but she is quite taken with the idea of metamorphosis of Earth and he knows the intricacies of nonlinear dynamics and complex systems. She is looking for the spiritual ark and he is Ark. He is looking for the essence of existence, the aether, and she is L’aura, or the air. He’s in Florence; she’s in Florida. He’s working on gravity waves; she’s looking for explanations of gravity waves. He decides to create a webpage with an image of Magritte’s Le Chateau des Pyrenees; and she is looking for secret masters in the Pyrenees, led on by a painting of Arcadian Shepherds, urged by said Cassiopaeans who tell her that her life will change suddenly and dramatically once she gets hooked up to the Internet. And his full name is Arkadiusz.

Can those guys get any funnier?

And really, when it transitions from the sublime to the ridiculous - it is rather hilarious :-)

Rottnest Island looks wonderful btw... And not a wind turbine in sight!

It's gorgeous mate...but the turbines are there ;-)

Better than the stinking coal fired bad boys that are my bread and butter though...




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...many an insightful observation of synchronicity.

Just had a delivery of books arrive (from the U.K.) and look what fell out of a pre-loved copy of 'The Law of One' - Book IV;


I guess a peacock feather wouldn't have made it through Customs ? ;-) you're from the UK you might appreciate was the 'Ghia' badge on a Mk IV Cortina -

With Ghia apparently deriving from the Spanish guiar or Old French guier which means Guide!

4th times a charm...



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Hi Team,

Taking note of the title of this new thread, please accept my apology for having chosen to verbalise some inferred synchronicities.
Please also feel free to remove it in it’s entirety.

Finding it quite the conundrum what to do with multitudinous dreams, seemingly, drenched in ‘Cassiopaean’ reference. I will at least refrain from sharing any further.

Thank you



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Hi Team,

Taking note of the title of this new thread, please accept my apology for having chosen to verbalise some inferred synchronicities.
Please also feel free to remove it in it’s entirety.

Finding it quite the conundrum what to do with multitudinous dreams, seemingly, drenched in ‘Cassiopaean’ reference. I will at least refrain from sharing any further.

Thank you

Or at the very least consider the topic in which you share such musings, i.e. don't distract from that topic or make 'off topic' posts. If you have something to share that doesn't obviously fit somewhere, create a new topic.


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If you have something to share that doesn't obviously fit somewhere, create a new topic.

G’day Team,

Sorry to be a nuisance but would it be possible for someone to move this thread over to the ‘Memories, Dreams, Reflections’ forum please?

Although the topic is hardly de rigueur, after the last few nights efforts it appears that more silly stuff is to be shared…:nuts:




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since this thread has not moved ,, i am gonna take it in t a new / semi direction . .
( OH AND A SHORT COMMENT i have had only one dream with Laura and the C's in all these years ,,
and i dream every time i sleep .. mostly mudane so i disregard it )

this is about a recent up load i found ,, an older Art Bell show .. bear with me i will give details
so you can decide to listen or not ...( even Ark might have an interest ... older mathematician )

( from wiki )
Richard Leslie Thompson, also known as Sadaputa Dasa[4] (February 4, 1947 – September 18, 2008), was an American mathematician,[2][3] author and Gaudiya Vaishnava religious figure. Historian Meera Nanda described him as a driving intellectual force of 'Vedic creationism' as co-author (with Michael Cremo) of Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race (1993), a work that has attracted significant criticism from the scientific community.[5][6] Thompson also published several books and articles on the relationship between religion and science, Hindu cosmology and astronomy. He was a member of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (popularly known as the Hare Krishna movement or ISKCON)
Thompson died on September 18, 2008. He had suffered a heart attack, a condition there has been some history of in his family
from Amazon book desription. . Mysteries of the Sacred Universe
From the flat earth to the sun’s chariot — traditional spiritual texts seem wedded to outmoded cosmologies that show, at best, the scientific limitations of their authors. The Bhagavata Purana, one of the classical scriptures of Hinduism, seems, at first glance, to be no exception. However, a closer examination of this text reveals unexpected depths of knowledge in ancient cosmology. Mysteries of the Sacred Universe shows that the cosmology of the Bhagavata Purana is a sophisticated system, with multiple levels of meaning that encode at least four different astronomical, geographical, and spiritual world models. By viewing the text in the light of modern astronomy, Richard Thompson shows how ancient scientists expressed exact knowledge in apparently mythological terms. Comparison with the ancient traditions of Egypt and the Near East shows early cultural connections between India and these regions — including a surprisingly advanced science. However, quantitative science is only part of the picture. Mysteries of the Sacred Universe also offers a clear understanding of how the spiritual dimension was integrated into ancient Indian cosmology.
there is a free pdf over view of book if you do search ...

Coast to Coast with Art Bell - Mysteries of the Sacred Universe 3/13/2001


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since this thread has not moved ,, i am gonna take it in t a new / semi direction . .

Hi Wodasi,

Thank you for the links mate, I’ll check them out tomorrow (it’s bedtime here...). Quite uncanny that you should have raised the subject of cosmological mythology btw - the interpreted resolution of the upcoming dialogue also happens to be celestial ;-)




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Morning Team,

And thank you to whoever relocated this thread :-)

oh here is the link to 11 page pdf...

Thanks for that too wodasi, I'm much more a reader than a watcher and found it interesting.

...i have had only one dream with Laura and the C's in all these years ,,
and i dream every time i sleep .. mostly mudane so i disregard it.

Haha that's ok mate I probably have enough to go you record your dreams by chance, it seems that much can be concealed in the mundane sometimes?

So anyway, before getting down to more silly stuff - seeing as the topic of The Wave has already been broached and in attempt to contextualize I think I'm gonna have to cover some old ground (groan)…starting here is probably as good a place as any;

…it was interesting that the name was given between an excerpt of music that I wasn't familiar with - by a band called Armored Saint - and a scene where I was participating in a dancing crowd that were doing a Mexican Wave.

And although I didn't recognise anybody, the impression was that the crowd were all participants in the 'C's forum…during the scene a girl named 'Kailah' happened to arrive and promptly tell me that I HAD to dance (being the only one that wasn’t :-[).

Which I guess means I should try and participate in the Forum more??

Anyway I looked into the name 'Kailah' and apparently it can mean Laurel Crown (in Hebrew) just like someone else we know...

The most interesting thing though was that the Armored Saint song led to the album La Raza - which then led to discovering the intriguing movement (proposed by Mexican intellectuals in the early 20th Century) that is referred to in the shortened version as La Raza

Or more accurately La raza cósmica, or in English The Cosmic Race ....

And in an assumed long running ‘C’s story-line, the alternate meaning of the name ‘Kailah’ being keeper of the keys, appeared an interesting inclusion amidst a scenario containing symbolic references to a Wave and a Cosmic Race - particularly as key toting Laurels had cropped up previously;

…found myself facing a young woman…who proceeded to deprive me of a veritable armoury of edged weapons!

'Why am I letting this girl disarm me?' I thought to myself '...'And why do I keep thinking she's Laura Jadczyk! she'd be lucky if she's 20 years old?'... hang on, I get it, Grace, Amazing Grace! Grace = Ray, a double entendre! …I smile to myself, just in time to observe 'young' Laura remove my last weapon (which I assume to be a gladius by the look of the pommel). After withdrawal from its scabbard and with her holding it up for my inspection however I'm startled to find that it's actually a large, high permutation type, master key!

A ‘gladius’ also a short sword;

…it was a car's badge in a dream that eventually led me to the 'C's …the 'Ghia' badge on a Mk IV Cortina…

Which led to taking a look into the meaning of Cortina...First, discovering that the Ford Cortina was apparently named for the northern Italian town of Cortina d’Ampezzo, with the name translating to Curtain of the valley (of Ampezzo).

Then finding that Curtana / Courtain is a Latinized form of the Anglo-French curtein, from Latin curtus with 'Curtana' also the name of the ceremonial ‘Sword of Mercy’ used at the initiation rite of British royalty… It is supposed to have originally been Tristan's sword, and gained the name "Cortana" when it was "cut down"…

The phrase ‘Curtain of the valley’ also representative of both veils and vales, with the Old English word for “valley” coincidentally denu or dænu. Which could then be read as subtly suggestive of the hypothetical Mother Goddess of the Tuatha Dé Danann - Danu – also the Mother of Perseus – Danaë. And an inference to ‘goddesses’ when combined with the symbol of ‘Young Laura’ seems quite the elegant blend considering ‘she’ was preceded by a ‘Car’;

… I find myself on what appears to be a mid-west farm in the U.S (but reminding me a little of the area surrounding Salinas, California) and while walking towards barns and other structures my attention is drawn to a glistening silver race car (like an American Stock Car) with one large sponsor sticker, in royal blue, emblazoned down the side - 'Cassiopaea'.

The overt impression of sponsorship interpreted as perhaps indicative of ‘Knights’ and initiation?

…the Benedictio novi militis, developed for the blessing of knights and their arms...the one whereby he swore to employ his arms in defense of the defenseless. Then his sponsor, the knight conferring his new rank on him, struck him lightly on the neck with a sword

And a noticeably odd convention at the time was that the ‘vehicle’ was generic in appearance, absent of any defining features. With having been a car guy in my younger days, there doesn’t need to be much of a glance to identify ‘make or model’ and dreams , usually, appear to try and make great use of this facility. Which made the blatant omission of anything identifiable therefore notable (why not just use a sign?) and also left only two things to ponder - ‘Car’ and ‘America’;

Car, {Queen-Bee}

Her name maybe cognate with, or a language variant of Semitic: Q're …who is linked with Menat, Old-Woman.

Which could’ve been taken as an interesting allusion to a pre-Islamic ‘Triple Goddess’, via the supplement of Menat to Q’re the maiden an equivalent epithet to that of the Greek Kore. A meaningless correlation however to someone who, at that time, had only joined the forum a few weeks earlier and hadn’t yet got around to reading the Transcripts…

…All should think of the "Queen Bee"…

Though with a few years under the belt and now having fumbled through them a couple of times, my sense of ‘meaning’ seems to function quite differently? And simple things like ‘America’ have become a little more intriguing;

Around 1502, Vespucci demonstrated that Brazil and the West Indies were not Asia's eastern outskirts (as initially conjectured from Columbus' voyages) but a separate, unexplored land mass colloquially known as the New World. It came to be called "the Americas", a name derived from Americus (the Latin version of Vespucci's first name)

As does the idea of a ‘New World’ (within a ‘Wave’ narrative) - also that ‘America’ is feminine;

America, feminine latinized form of the Italian forename of Amerigo Vespucci (1454–1512). Amerigo is an Italian name derived from the Germanic name Emmerich.

And if one happens to look into the root of ‘Emmerich’, from the Proto-Germanic ‘ermunaz’; meaning all, complete - all sorts of things can catch the eye;


1. strong, whole

2. Irmin


Old English: eormen, eorman

Middle English: ȝeormaleaf, yeormenleaf

Within a ‘Cassiopaean’ framework anyway… ‘Irmin’ for example, is a cracker;

Assumed from and connected to terms like Irminsäule, Irminsul, Irminfried or Irminfrid (Herminafried, Herminafrid, Herminfried, Herminfrid), Hermionen (Herminonen, Irminonen), Old Saxon *Irminsūl, *Irmingod, Latin Hermiones (Herminones).

1. depending on interpretation or assumption Irmin is either:

2. a Saxon deity

3. an epithet, another name of a Saxon god as Ziu (Zio), Wodan/Wotan or Donar

4. a demigod, half-god or hero

‘Hermione’ on its own packed with theoretical relationships, but the pairing of ‘Ziu’ with ‘hero’ is gold imo;

Q: …The other thing I noticed about the word 'Isis' is that it can be slightly altered to make 'I Zeus.' And, Perseus can be 'per Zeus' and Persia can be made to say 'per ziu.' One of the oldest etymological roots for the word 'God' is 'ziu' from which we get 'deu.' These all represent the English translation of 'for God,' with Perceval being 'per ziu val'…

And the ‘Nordic’ flavour of Ziu, Wodan / Wotan (Odin) and Donar (Thor), attached to the visually and anagrammatically striking eormen/eorman thereby makes the phonetics of ȝeormaleaf, yeormenleaf rather extraordinary (to me anyway) - particularly in an ‘of wrath’ kind of way;

Q: In a previous session where you introduced the concept of perpendicular realities, you stated that (T) was connected to a particular reality called 'Neormm.' You also designated the 'thought center' of STS as Ormethion. I noticed the similarity of the names. Is there a relationship?

A: The orm is close to orimulsion. Look it up.

Q: Well, what I am asking is about the possible relationship between Neormm and Ormethion...

A: Our answers have meaning best not to presuppose!

Because ‘Orimulsion’ is quite a distinctive term - also rather yin and yang;


And considering the context of the ‘C’s comment, perhaps was also a nudge towards ‘Orion’?

Which looking back, seems rather coincidental when derived from a dream involving a ‘Car’ emblazoned with ‘CASSIOPAEA’?

Q: Okay. Who are the 'philosophers of Dancar?'

A: Philosophers who ride around in Dan's car.

Though I guess a ‘DAN’ sticker would have taken all the fun out of it…

Q: Supposedly, Christian Rosencruetz was initiated by the 'philosophers of Dancar.' I want to know where this blasted place is!

Because there was a ‘Don’ there and many an ‘Old Woman’;

… greeted by a gaggle of witchy / gypsy type women (not a fan of the term 'hag' but was definitely the archetype) that, cackling and giggling, lead me over to a rough-hewn table strewn with boxes of old, thin, hard cover books... After a moment… I realise that each of the books is a chapter of the Cassiopaea experiment but identified only by number and also totally out of sequential order!

'What am I going to do with all this?' I wonder to myself…at which point one of the crones, burbling with glee, reaches into a box (directly in front of me) and hands me number 12. On thanking her and looking at the spine of the book, I'm then surprised to find that this is the only cover without 'Cassiopaea' emblazoned on it! …After brushing the dust off the gold filligree, and focussing on the spine… it simply states 'Don Rueckert'.

'Why is that name familiar I think to myself? Rueckert, Ruerckert....come on brain....' looking up at the car 'Car la, Carla Rueckert…the RA Material…Don Elkins…

And as mentioned previously ‘Don’ is often intrinsically bound to the constellation Cassiopeia – mythologically perhaps then reflective of an emulsion?

Dôn, in Celtic mythology, leader of one of two warring families of gods; according to one interpretation, the Children of Dôn were the powers of light

Which kind of supports the interesting Orimulsion (bitumen in water) imagery - it being a mixture of liquids that are immiscible. And maybe hinting at orientation such that the term ‘Neormm’ could be representative of STO, contrasting with the STS of ‘Ormethion’?

There are overseer zones in 5th and 6th densities. Approximately one half is STO and one half is STS. Together, along with many other colonies, located elsewhere, this is called, in translation, Orion Federation.

And as mentioned elsewhere, the 'C's use of the word 'Approximately' makes the odd one out - of VERY great interest to me.

Also making the combination of ‘Dans car’ (D'Ankhiar) with ‘Cassiopaea’ quite tantalizing and, by implication, also the roles played by ‘Perseus’ and ‘Andromeda’. Prompting one to surmise that ‘Perseus’ would be thematically of Orion;

Q: (L) We were originally seeded somewhere else? Where? Orion? What is the name of that planet?

A: D'Ankhiar. Ankh is ancient symbolism of this planet. Is female symbol. Stands for mother planet.

Q: (L) Is this other planet our original home?

A: Yes.

And to round out the ‘C's / Danu vibe;

Q: ….One of the Rosicrucian manifestos said: 'God has sent messengers and signs in the heavens, namely the new stars in Serpentarius and Cygnus, to show that a great council of the elect is to take place.' What do they mean by a 'great council of the elect?'

A: Pyrenees.

Q: Okay, the purported enclave of the alchemists... Why was it signified by new stars in Serpentarius and Cygnus? What do they represent?

A: Novae.

There also turned out to be meaning for ‘Novae’ that I was unaware of;

Novae was initially one of the few great Roman legionary fortresses… along the Danube

Just no getting away from it is there…

The conventional definition of Novae also providing an interesting tension;

Novae involve an interaction between two stars that cause the flareup that is perceived as a new entity that is much brighter than the stars involved.

Particularly regarding the Silver ‘Car’ resplendent in Royal Blue signwriting. ‘Colours’ which then surprisingly evolved into dream themes of their own that continued all through 2017 and 2018. ‘Silver’ cropping up time and time again, sometimes on more cars (Fords), often as my ‘Leatherman’ (the Wave) and all sorts of other funny places, until this usage prompted a change of perception;

…the most recent…dream started with my being picked up by 'Laura' after having arrived in another country [which I assumed to be France] and following some discussion we walked over to a Kombi* van for the drive home.

* …which I have learnt is officially named the 'Transporter' [or Type 2].

Upon observing Laura as she drove us through a rolling green countryside, it was noticed that she was striking in appearance, wearing an attractive green flowing dress [very Earth Mother-ish] and wearing substantial Silver jewellery on her right arm- which interestingly struck me as Persian in design.

As I thought about the Persian style my attention was brought to her left fore-arm which was also heavily draped in jewellery, the majority of it in contrast however beaten Gold plate [small square sections] with a notable image of an emerging even sided cross [like a St George cross] that was surrounded at the top by flowing Silver.

And 'Attractive green flowing dress' was a bit of an understatement, 'staggering beautiful whorl of every imaginable green hue' probably closer to the mark - much like this funnily enough;


Except without the dark blue.

And I won’t bore you with all the other permutations but to cut a long story short - the subject of ‘soul’ had entered the picture;

Silver for example is interesting if we consider the various Anglo-Saxon spellings of seolfor / siolfor (soul for / fire?) recognising that they also sound a lot like sulfur?

Coincidentally ‘Sulfur’, in alchemical terms, complementary to the concept of the human ‘soul’ when in combination with the feminine qualities of ‘Quick-silver. And oddly enough, after arriving at this tentative assumption the motif of ‘silver’ petered out, which then made me wonder if that meant I was finally on the right track or so dense that the subject had been dropped?

In contrast, the repeated deployment of ‘Royal Blue’ seemed a bit more business-like. Uniformly used to adorn ‘performance cars’, in most cases again ‘Fords’ and on a couple of occasions even including an iconic Australian Falcon – symbolically named ‘Tru-Blu’- before climaxing with a WRX Impreza;

…it was the character of ‘Pylades’ that ended up catching my eye as a week earlier the appearance [twice] of a male friend, whose name is Maia, in a dream led me to discover that ‘Maia’ is another aspect of the Goddess … the eldest sister of the Pleiades and also the Roman ‘Magna Mater’ or ‘Great Mother’.

Which was getting rather synchronous seeing as 2 days before the Maia dream I had had another where I was being driven dangerously fast in a Blue sports car, by an unknown woman, in top gear, before overshooting a corner, crashing into deep water and then drowning [after helping her to escape through the sunroof]. Which was followed by a transition in perspective from dying in the car to then assisting in the recovery of ‘my’ body- at which point the scenario rotated to being shown the front of the car – where a ‘Subaru’ emblem was very pronounced…looking into the meaning of the badge learning that Subaru means ‘Unite’ [in Japanese] and despite only having 6 stars – is also a representation of the Pleiades!


The meaning of ‘Subaru’ then being read as perhaps complimentary to the whole, all, complete of ‘America’ and thus ‘Cassiopaea’. And with ‘Impreza’ meaning undertaking, exploit, feat, endeavour etc. added to the overwhelming sense of ‘femininity’ that seemed to dominate these scenarios AND the fact that ‘Pleiadeans’ had been catching my attention for a while;

…since reading your post, the subject has been niggling and niggling away in the back of my mind, such that I went back through old diaries to see exactly when it started and nearly fell over after finding an entry … from February 4th, 2016 - long before I'd found the Cassiopaean Experiment -

'Saw Pulsar N/W of Pleiades again...'

and on the same day -

''Woke up 'tingling' and heard 'voice' - ''we are coming and mean well''

Which still all seems a bit suss really…but seeing as this stuff just kept on coming I didn't have much choice other then to try and get my head around the ‘C’s & ‘P’s as some kind of ‘united’ entity. But then, as discussed here, surprisingly within days of posting this;

Rightly or wrongly, Silver, Blue and Car [KA] dream symbols have been interpreted as Cassiopaean / Pleiadian prompts?

Still unsure of where to attribute my Green Car dreams though…………

Two dream symbols were interpreted as a short shrift response that swiftly knocked that theory on the head…the first being a memorable dream featuring a particularly large Tabby cat, with very unnatural ‘electric blue’ stripes, rubbing up against my leg purring like a steam train. An image that was assumed to be a response to this;

...evolving from an abstract dream involving the Australian music artist Sia...which upon further investigation had led, among other things, to uncovering that ‘Sia’ was also the Egyptian god of ‘Perception’.

Who happened to interestingly describe Ra as- ‘The Great Cat’!

Sia’, in contrast, being about the most obvious black and white symbol one could imagine;


Surmising also that, perhaps, the spectacular blue cat was meant to be taken as clarification?

Blue = ‘C’s + ‘P’s = NO

Blue = Ra = Cat = YES

Pity dreams couldn't be like that more often actually…would certainly save a lot of headache.

But that being said, there was still something about the ‘cat’ that niggled… why the ‘stripes’ had been so vividly portrayed as perfect ‘wide’ bands? An unmissable detail and also very unlike a normal feline stripe (even without considering their being luminous and blue...) but they did happen to be like an abnormal feline I was familiar with;


And as this is already very long I might break it here.




Jedi Master

So back to the maddening 'colour' dreams. While still ruminating on what the Cheshire Cat had to do with anything, to add to the confusion, I got thrown a ‘blue car’ curve ball. Neither ‘Ford’ nor ‘Subaru’ and very unlike all the previous ‘boy racer’ hoon mobiles. This time a very sedate, pale (almost powder) blue, Holden UC Sunbird decided to make an appearance - something that would have been your daughters first car in the 80's - and just sitting parked in front of me. And although I knew the owner, 'she' was nowhere to be seen, so there wasn't any driving, racing, crashing, dying or anything (for a change). Which was nice because it enabled a nice leisurely ‘look’ and after noticing that the interior had been uniquely upholstered in multiple shades of green (much like the scintillating dress that clad ‘Laura’ in the VW) it was gone…


Which was pretty lucky really because that was already quite a lot of information…

First cab off the rank being the ‘manufacturer’ - Holden (a division of GM)– a name whose roots are given as a combination of hollow and valley. ‘Hollow’ meaning hole, feeling as though it was somehow related to the Cheshire Cat imagery i.e. Alice’s ‘rabbit-hole’ and ‘den’ - as valley - seemingly illustrative of Danu / Danaë again?

The ‘UC’ model designation was recognised as phonetically similar to the phrase you see (or as Tonto might say - “You ‘C’”) and of course the term ‘Sunbird’ had a certain ‘Phoenix’ flavour;

…there's the peculiar relationship to the 'Date Palm Tree', which is Phoinix in Greek, with the meaning of 'palm tree' (and ‘purple heron’) also being Bennu, which is the Egyptian word for Phoenix!
And the palm tree is obviously also the sacred symbol of rebirth, commonly associated with Isis (as is the Persea, a Laurel............:rolleyes:)-
Plus the peculiar coincidence that 'Tamar' is Hebrew for palm tree and Tamar (by Judah) was apparently the mother of Pāreṣ for who Persis (Persia) was named?

And then there was the duco, the strong contrast to all the previous ‘dark’ blue tones immediately bringing one image to mind;


Which, in light of the recurrent ‘Falcon’ theme, then prompted a look into ‘Tru-Blu’ – whereby I again learnt something;

"A careful reading of Newton's work indicates that the colour he called indigo, we would normally call blue; his blue is then what we would name blue-green, cyan or light blue."

And in a context of ‘soul-fire’, the Wave, 4D and so on - I’ll leave the ‘STAR-FIRE 4’ designation to the imagination…

Then with greens and blues swirling around in my head and concatenating the 'Unite' + Laura / Pleiadean subject - hot on the heels of one ‘dark blue banded’ dream cat, came another;


A hirsute young chap that, displaying ‘his’ colours, was immediately identifiable (to an Aussie anyway), as Jimmy Bartel. Retired Australian Rules champion and former star of the Geelong Football Club – the Cats – and whose jersey just happens to be known as the ‘blue and white hoops’.

Hoop /huːp/


1. a circular band of metal, wood, or similar material, especially one used for binding the staves of barrels or forming part of a framework.

‘Jim’ assumed to relate to myself somehow?

‘Ross’ meaning red-haired.

‘Bartel’ was interesting.

Bartel is a masculine name of Greek and Aramaic origin.

It is the Dutch and German form of the Hebrew name Bartholomew which means “son of Talmai”. Talmai is an old Hebrew name, meaning “furrow”.

As was ‘Talmai’;

Talmai, Ahiman and Sheshai were sons of Anak… the Anakim, were a tall and numerous people reckoned among the Nephilim…

In ancient Aram, the constellation Orion was known as Nephila, Orion's descendants were known as Nephilim.

The Anakim, apparently, dispossessed of their lands and killed by the Tribe of Judah…which made quite the juxtaposition when compared with another historical ‘Talmai’;

King of Geshur. His daughter Maacah was a wife to the king David of Israel, mother of Tamar and Absalom (2 Samuel 3:3).

Grandfather to Tamar and Father in-law to ‘the giant killer’;

Q: (L) Was Goliath, who was killed by David, one of the Nephilim?

A: Yes. In legend. Actual event depicted in story was earlier.

Q: (L) Was it actually David and Goliath?

A: Yes.

Allegorically, the positioning of 'Geshur' also remarkable;

Two of the Late Bronze Age Amarna Letters identify 'the land of Garu', as a disputed territory in the Golan between the city states of Hazor and Ashtaroth. Some scholars believe that this 'Garu' is identical with the biblical Geshur...

And making the duplicated ‘Ross’, shared with Mr Bagdasarion, seemingly notable;

Q: (L) Who are the 'Orange' aliens mentioned as being the 'Council of Nine?'

A: Orange is reference to hair color.

So, from all these funny details a theory then emerged that if the ‘blue / green Sunbird’ was to be interpreted as representing both the ‘P’s AND the ‘C’s as feminine, then it also appeared that ‘Orion’ was one the boys on the dark blue / Ra / Cat team?

In dreamland anyway…a speculation that also happened to provide an angle on what the imagery of the dark blue Impreza may have been on about?

…perhaps the 'W' = Cassiopeia, 'R' = Ra and the 'X' were reinforcing the 'Unite' message?

And having recognised that the colours were also sympathetic to Ra's 'Energy Centers', so perhaps illustrative of the heart, throat and 3rd eye 'chakras'. The perceived 'feminine' quality attached to the position of Newtons 'Blue' then made the 'Cheshire Cat' and 'UC' symbology somewhat suggestive;

Q: What was the head worshipped by the Templars that was supposed to have been called "Baphomet?"

A: Seer of the passage.

In a couple of ways;

Q: (L) What about the so-called seventh, or "third eye" chakra?

A: Seer. The union of the heart and intellectual higher centers.

{Laura's note: This would "close the circuit" in the "shepherd's crook"


Modern interpretations of Baphomet obviously also black and white;

Since 1856, the name Baphomet has been associated with a "Sabbatic Goat" image drawn by Eliphas Levi[5] which contains binary elements representing the "sum total of the universe" (e.g. male and female, good and evil, on and off, etc.).[6] On one hand, Lévi's intention was to symbolize his concept of "the equilibrium of the opposites" that was essential to his magnetistic notion of the Astral Light; on the other hand, the Baphomet represents a tradition that should result in a perfect social order.

Coincidentally much like the Peacock Angel discussed earlier;


Though the 'Goat' was also about to get interesting in a Cassi kind of way;

Q: …in my perception of this arrangement on this stone, is it that the two sides need to be united, is that correct? Or is the Arrow from the P-S pointing at the spider a divider of two opposing groups?

A: Open for your discovery

Q: Oh, you guys are BAD to me tonight!

A: No, we be berry berry goood to Lawra!

Where it would appear the odd spelling of ‘Lawra’ kind of SCREAMS a similiar ‘unite’ message?

…if we consider Demeter’s triple aspect, then the peculiar ‘Lawra’ spelling used by the ‘C’s may be interpreted as –

…Law of One + Ra + Bringer’s [plural*] of the Dawn

*Demeter – Mother - possessing the title ‘Law Bringer

And Artemis / Persephone - Maiden - that of ‘Bringer of the Dawn’

And as mentioned elsewhere, ‘berry’ being phonetically equivalent to my surname had made the meaning of ‘Impreza’, as enterprise, seem like I had been given a Job?

enterprise (plural enterprises)

An undertaking, venture, or project, especially a daring and courageous one.

Which all made ‘Jimmy’ - as symbol - quite intriguing. The combination of ‘Orion’ and ‘Isis’ (Tamar) added to ‘The Cats’ primary sponsor being ‘Ford’, also adding a celestial aspect to the meaning of ‘ford’ i.e. to cross a river?

Bringing us back to the Mexican ‘Wave’ dream scenario, it’s assumed ‘Cassiopaean’ references and the 'instruction' that resulted in me spending a fair amount of time trying to figure out a way that I could ‘participate in the forum’ more? But being time poor like everyone else with a family and household, 2 teenage daughters, 12hr rotational shift work, conventional study commitments , blah blah blah… about the only avenue that I could see was, at the very least, to try and get across a broader spectrum of what members were sharing on the Forum!

Whereby a couple of days later I found myself looking at a fresh post, by Carl, on one of the 2015 Session threads;

This is all the more interesting now eh? Especially considering the whole "black vs white" thing going on.

Where the reference to ‘Black and White’ froze my gaze. Registering then that the name ‘Carl’ was the masculine form of ‘Carla’, the day of the post – 11th November 2018 – was 11.11.11 (numerologically) and the date of the session was a day before the Ides;

Q: …Okay, in January of 1244, nearly three months before the fall of the fortress of Montsegur, two of the Parfaits escaped. According to tradition, the bulk of the Cathar treasure went with them - that is, gold, silver etc. Supposedly it was taken to a cave in the mountains and then to a castle stronghold. After this, the treasure vanished and has never been heard of again.

In March, three months later, Montsegur capitulated after with less than 400 defenders remaining. The defenders requested a two week truce…

Then, on March 15, the truce expired. The following day, 200 Parfaits were hauled out and burnt. There was no time to erect individual stakes, so they were all burned together in a wooden stockade at the foot of the mountain. Not one recanted. On the night of March 16 it says that four men, accompanied by a guide, made an escape by descending the sheer western face of the mountain, suspended by ropes. According to tradition, these men carried the 'true' treasure of the Cathars…Why did this item or items need to be retained until a specific date that coincided with the Spring Equinox? It is known that some sort of festival was held on March 14, the day before the truce expired. Apparently, this ceremony HAD to be held on March 14. From the reports, this ceremony or festival was quite impressive because some of the hired mercenaries, defying inevitable death, converted to the Cathar faith at this time. Could whatever was smuggled out have been necessary to the ceremony on the 14th? Was it necessary for them to retain something in their possession until a certain period of time had passed?

A: If you understood the cycles, and more importantly, the forces directing them, then you would already have the answer to this.

Which reminded me of a conversation with BlackCartouche from a couple of days earlier;

... only included this dream in respect to the 'star fallen' - because I happened to notice thorbiorn bumped a thread on Remembrance Day

Which was a result of Thor's Bear having set off my La Raza radar;

I remembered there was something about groups as "transducers", but it took some time to find the session...I should like to repost the section that I was looking for, of which the key message was "Groups of people represent energy portals in cosmic rather than global terms."

Which had reminded me of 'Chloe' and sets of the number 11 and 'green' and 'Paul' and 'Programming being complete' and lots of other things...

Ok, so last month amidst a dream of observing spacecraft fading in and out of visibility in the night sky. While attempting to maintain focus, as it appeared to keep them in sight [preventing them from ‘masking’], I became aware that one of my friend’s daughters had appeared next to me who began speaking knowingly about the whole scenario [her name is ‘Chloe’- she’s 10 years old].

Followed by her pronouncing sagely that ‘I was 11’?

At which point I was shown a digital watch displaying the time as 11:11 followed simply by ‘seeing’ the number 11.

And although the dream continued with female Angels and other cool stuff, it was the presence of ‘Chloe’ that was noted as the item of interest. Which upon waking led to the discovery that the name derives from the Greek ‘Khloe’, representing, among other things, an aspect of the triple/mother-goddess Demeter.

Khloe/Kore = the Green One.

Chloe - Wikipedia

Also that ‘Chloe’ and the number 11 has an interesting correspondence to St Paul [and I have many Pauline dreams…]

'Chloe's' proclamation and biblical connotation, coincidentally, to become quite informative on my birthday this year - 47;

from 1 Corinthians 1:11 -

"I have been informed concerning you, my brethren, by Chloe's people, that there are quarrels among you... 12 Now I mean this, that each one of you is saying, "I am of Paul," and "I of Apollos," and "I of Cephas," and "I of Christ." 13 Has Christ been divided"

And I'm glad it was thorbiorn because it prompted me to take another look at Tarsus , whose etymology is somewhat disputed and possibly related to the Hittites version of a hammer wielding, god of thunder - Tarku / Tarhunt?

Because as a timestamp March 14th - 2015 is personally significant. Falling as it does 7 days before the Equinox - my partner’s birthday - which is 3 days before my own and in 2015, I turned 43 (7). A memorable anniversary in that following an immensely challenging 2014, I’d decided to walk away from a high-paying, secure career and step into the unknown (the missus was less than thrilled…). And in honour of such a foolhardy decision I’d also chosen March 31st as a symbolic departure date, marking 7 days after my birthday as an appropriate day to begin – being April Fool’s day.

As I was to discover some time later, sadly the same day that Carla Rueckert passed…a synchronisation that still ‘feels’ rather extraordinary. As does the coincidence that she shared a star sign with Julius Caesar, with their birthdays also separated by a 3-day period (Carla’s being July 16th) and separated by 1987 years - coincidentally providing 3 more numerological 7s. Plus the unusual situation of both of her husbands and brother all being named Jim?

To seemingly amplify the ‘day before the Ides’ numerous triggers and in another perceived exhibition of exquisite scheduling, this years March 23 session also happened to provide an interesting addition on the subject of 'celebrations'. Delivered once more, I saw, on a symbolically potent occasion - the Eve of ‘Sanguem’;

Q: (Pierre) Oh... Next question: The Cathars, just before surrendering in Montsegur, they negotiated this truce for a few days to realize a secret celebration. We don't know what it was about. It was around the 14th of March. Was it related to a celebration of Caesar's death?

A: Yes. The Last Supper is a commemoration of Caesar.

An answer that, following years of conditioning, first brought to mind Lions and ardour, until I remembered Laura’s ‘VolksWagen’;

If you use the hand with the knife, the hand making the cutting motion, the right hand of Jesus, his forehead, and the palm of his left hand as “points,” you have exactly traced the constellation of Cassiopeia MIRRORED.


And as it's going to take some mental gymnastics to put the Last Supper into words - I'm going to go and do something else for while...




Jedi Master
Morning Team,

Seeing as the dust seems to be settling...back to 'Leo'.

To quote Laura;

Was Leonardo da Vinci indicating Cassiopeia in his painting of the Last Supper? Were Marguerite of Navarre, Rabelais, Nostradamus, Francis I, Anne Boleyn, and others, part of a group in contact with "Us in the Future?"

An interesting proposition too, considering the 'C's recent assertion regarding Caesar it would seem?
Particularly coincidental also considering the name ‘Da Vinci’ - meaning of Vinci (Leonardo's reported birthplace) - is apparently derived from the Latin ‘vincere’;


An oddity that also jumps out to someone that has been working with 'dream' messages such as;


Since October 2015.

But back to Laura;

Freud placed his reliance on a largely fictional work... "The Romance of Leonardo da Vinci," which included the passage by Leonardo about the bird encounter. Unfortunately, the word had been rendered "vulture" which sent Freud off into raptures of humorless psychoanalysis based on ancient Egyptian mythology and sexual-religious beliefs concerning the vulture-headed goddess named Mut. Freud solemnly declaimed:

"We may question whether the sound similarity to our word "mother" is only coincidental?"

‘Martyr’ springing to mind also…raptors too, taking precedence over ‘raptures’;

The actual word that Leonardo used in describing his dream… was "kite,"

"This writing distinctly about the kite seems to be my destiny, because among the first recollections of my infancy, it seemed to me that, as I was in my cradle, a kite came to me and opened my mouth with its tail, and struck me several times with its tail inside my lips."

Which is interesting to a dreamer;

A: … Kites were used for cross communication between bloodline members.

Q: Kites?! What do kites have to do with it? What the heck... you guys are driving me NUTS! Do you mean kites as in paper and string or kites as in the bird?

A: Yes, paper wood and string.

Q: (C) Like smoke signals? (L) Well, how is flying a kite... (C) Well, if it has a certain symbol on it...

A: And shape.

Symbolically anyway, much like a cross can be indicative of the cardinal points (among other things) - whereby it appears that one can also approach the ‘Last Supper’;

Benjamin ("Son of the right side") was the last-born of Jacob's thirteen children (12 sons and 1 daughter)

The name ‘Benjamin’ possibly providing a clue how to orient oneself;

According to the Hebrew Bible, Benjamin's name arose when Jacob deliberately changed the name "Benoni", the original name of Benjamin, since Benoni was an allusion to Rachel's dying just after she had given birth, as it means "son of my pain". Textual scholars regard these two names as fragments of naming narratives coming from different sources - one being the Jahwist and the other being the Elohist.

Unusually for one of the 12 tribes of Israel, the Bible does not explain the etymology of Benjamin's name. Medieval commentator Rashi gives two different explanations, based on Midrashic sources. "Son of the south", with south derived from the word for the right-hand side,

Which to the uninitiated would seem that we need to face East, conveniently for Occidentals like me - termed the Orient. A curiosity that can also add another dimension to Art, such as Blake’s Venus and Anchises – coincidentally Aeneas’ Mum and Dad;

The tribal terminology of ‘Jahwist vs Elohist’ again also possibly emblematic of ‘Orimulsion’?

Q: (L) Did the Odic Force originate with the Nephilim?

A: No

Q: (L) …Did the Nephilim intermarry with the Tribe of Benjamin?

A: No.

Mistresses of understatement….

Again quoting Laura;

The word shaman may be related to Sarman. According to John G. Bennett, Sarmoung or Sarman:

The word can be interpreted in three ways. It is the word for bee, which has always been a symbol of those who collect the precious 'honey' of traditional wisdom and preserve it for further generations.

A collection of legends, well known in Armenian and Syrian circles with the title of The Bees, was revised by Mar Salamon, a Nestorian Archimandrite in the thirteenth century. The Bees refers to a mysterious power transmitted from the time of Zoroaster and made manifest in the time of Christ."

"Man" in Persian means "the quality transmitted by heredity and hence a distinguished family or race. It can be the repository of an heirloom or tradition. The word sar means head, both literally and in the sense of principal or chief.

As usual, dripping with meaning and a rather overt allusion to the actual origin of ‘Odic Force’. With Odin, the ‘ecstatic magus’, having been gifted the power of the feminine Seidr by Freya – THE Völva.

Interestingly coincident too that the term ‘Seidr’ originates from the same root as ‘Sidhe’ (pronounced She) with ‘Aos Sí’ also phonetically similiar to Aesir. And that in Old Irish ‘Sidhe’ is spelt Síde – the name of mythological Orion’s first wife. Though there doesn't seem to be much recorded about 'her' other than that she was apparently transferred to ‘Hell’ (via Hera’s wrath) for rivaling the goddess in beauty, which is a rather common mythological theme it would seem…

Curiously, almost too common, and one that could prompt one’s eyes to turn to the heavens;

Johann Bayer’s star atlas which was published in1603. The name Pavo is Latin for “peacock”. It is believed to represent the Java green peacock that was encountered by Dutch navigators on their journey to the East Indies. In Greek mythology, the peacock was Hera’s sacred bird. Her chariot was drawn through the air by peacocks. The eyes on the peacock’s feathers are associated with the mythological giant, Argus. Argus was an all-seeing primordial giant with 100 eyes. When Argus was killed by Hermes, Hera put its many eyes on the tail of her peacock.

Another funny coincidence that could lead to one wondering if ‘She’ might also have something to do with the Yazidi’s 'Peacock Angel' -Tawûsê Melek ?

Or the seemingly persistent Samael / Ariael for that matter?

Which is personally intriguing because while male peacocks can be pretty spectacular, possessing a thimble full of Irish heritage as I do (1/16th), my natural inclination is not towards birds but the somewhat darker ‘King of the Cats’ - symbolic as 'he' is of the Green Man.

Which leads me back to the last supper and Mona Lisa;

SOL ANIMA being an anagram of MONA LISA- a child is born, Horus-Harpocrate under the seal protector of SOLOMON.

'Solomon' indelibly linked to ‘Wisdom Incarnate’ – the feminine Sophia.

Mona can have two origins. In Italian and Greek, a short from of Madonna, also a feminine form of Moni - which is a short form of Simone, the Italian form of Simon.

Lisa can be a short form of Elisabeth, Melissa or Elizabeth.

Melissa is a given name for a female. The name comes from the Greek word for "bee" which in turn comes from μέλι (meli), "honey."

Feminine form of Simon and diminutive of Madonna quite the symbol in a framework of Helles?

A couple of useful books for expanding the information field are Robert M. Price's "The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man" and "The Amazing Colossal Apostle" about Paul and which has a lot of side info about Simon Magus.

Residence of Orion's wife, the name of Simon Magus' consort, prize of the Trojan war and a Queen inextricably linked to Bar Talmai - Patron Saint of Gerbers;

The Old Norse Bartholomeus saga postola, an account of the life of Saint Bartholomew dating from the 13th century, mentions a "Queen Hel." In the story, a devil is hiding within a pagan idol, and bound by Bartholomew's spiritual powers to acknowledge himself and confess, the devil refers to Jesus as the one which "made war on Hel our queen" (Old Norse heriaði a Hel drottning vara). "Queen Hel" is not mentioned elsewhere in the saga...

Lisa / Melissa, 'Bees and honey' also reminiscent of one of my favourite kennings - due to reminding me of Arcadia and a concept hidden away in chapter 12 of TSHOTW - page 536.

I would like to suggest that the constellation Orion may have originally been representative of Artemis…

As mentioned previously, the great ‘King’ of the North, a ‘Queen’ - Down Under;


…the bear, Arca, Arthur


One of the most famous worshiping sites for Artemis was in Attica at Brauron…at the Attic site,… in the rite called arkteia, girls representing the polis of Athens imitated she-bears, arktoi."

Hughes notes that "the etymology of the name Artemis would be ark-temnis, “bear-sanctuary,” or more fully paraphrased, “she who establishes (or protects) the bear sanctuary.” Such sanctuaries were commonly and most characteristically groves of trees.

The Arkteia marked the beginning of the transition of a parthenos to a gyne, which was completed at marriage.

'Gyne' an interesting appellation;

The gyne is the primary reproductive female caste of…bees of order Hymenoptera…Gynes are those destined to become queens.

In the context of 'marriage' anyway;

…the dimension of Mona Lisa corresponds to 18x26 oncia, the oncia being the Venetian unit =2.9 cm

To summarize 26 and 18 are related to the notion of the sacred Egyptian unit, as well as the golden ratio, the ruby of the alchemist… the esoteric fusion, marriage of the aspect of male (symbol of Fire) and aspect of female (symbol of liquid) from which is born the Philosopher's Stone, the androgyne

Back to Laura;

To: Ark

Date sent: Tues, 02 Sep 97 19:26:52

Honey, Do you notice the tail of the Percy lion is like a “spear?”

Very funny. And, I think this is a MUCH better image to use … for THOSE WHO KNOW. I am not sure who they might be. But, I think this is a somewhat subtle signal to the “others.”...

There is the Celtic legend of the “Green Man,” which was also the “Head of Bran,” and the origin of the Holy Grail.

And much as I'd like to veer off to 'other' Leo's, wavy tales, Syon and so on - I won't...but to revisit 'sar' as Shaman or 'Head' leads me to ‘Saa’, another name for the god of wisdom, as is ‘Sah’ - the great ‘shepherd of heaven’- consort to 'Sopdet';


Sah's head interestingly Orion.

By definition then identifying the other 'head' of the table (Simon/Paul/Saul etc.) as the green man - Aries.


With "Gemini's" hand gestures providing the observer with 'direction' and the 'unbeliever' - Virgo - indicating that little attention be paid to the 'Sun'.

All the action, as it is, taking place at the other end;

The zodiac was changed by taking the pincers away from the Scorpion and creating out of them the sign of Libra. This image was one of a woman holding a balance scales, usually blindfolded. This was done within recorded history, but was probably formalized through the occult traditions of Kaballa. Now, in trying to figure out who has on what color hat, if there is such a thing, I have come to a tentative conclusion that the spider, or spinner of webs, is the Rosicrucian encampment, and that the Scorpion represents the seeker of wisdom...

Notably with 'Peter' as Scorpio ('petros' meaning stone), grasping the hand of Libra - the Magdalene - shown in exaggerated extension;


The point of the blade also symbolically directed at Bar Talmai (the Skinner) whose gaze also happens to be fixated on 'her' not the sun;


Bartholomew inhabiting the position of Pisces;


Also representative of the end of the Northern Winter - when Orion leaves the sky.

And to his left, a peculiarly androgynous Aquarius - who one could also assume is The Baptist?


Which is, personally, an interesting alignment considering the currently topical subject of 'timelines' or Harvest;


Particularly considering an exceptionally torrid month of May and some intriguing celestial anomalies observed in the pre-dawn hours of the 14th - curiously related to Scorpio?

Q: (L) So Gemini is the physical man and Aquarius is the spiritual man... yin yang... is that the...

A: Yes...

Also prompting a 'feeling' regarding the Age of Aquarius...
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