Smoking Guns - Dead Missiles !


A Disturbance in the Force
As with all crimes committed by the elite psychopaths, they bury the facts and inject endless theories which lead to dead ends.
What's really fascinating is how the public will have the greatest difficulty sticking with the facts and instead speculating on the details. It's the whole "forest for the trees" concept.

1) We have Transportation Secretary Norman Manetta testifying in front of the 911 Commission admitting that Cheney was informed of the incoming flight, yet he commands that nothing is to be done to counter this incoming threat. Despite the fact that the Pentagon is guarded by an array of surface to air missiles, NOTHING is done. IS THIS THE WORK OF AL QAIDA? DID BIN LADEN CALL UP CHENEY AND ORDER HIM NOT TO SHOOT DOWN INCOMING FLIGHT 77? Nevertheless, Cheney has committed treason and should be prosecuted to the full extent. He is an enemy combatant! Why the hell does no one in the Pentagon have anything to say or do about this? Are they all chicken shits? Our country already is heading for financial disaster, so the argument that this would hurt the economy is bogus.

2) We have the official story claiming that a large passenger jet has crashed conveniently into the one side of the building that happens to be under construction. Thereby claiming a lower casualty rate than if the so called "terrorists" had selected any other part of the Pentagon, which actually would have been easier to hit based on the official approach pattern of the alleged aircraft. This shows intent, ask any pilot, how many skilled 757 pilots could have accomplished this maneuver? Here's the kicker, the particular pilot on this flight SUCKED _ .

3) Photos of the impact zone taken after impact and prior to the section of the building collapsing reveal a nice size hole that is measurably smaller than the alleged 757 that hit it. What did it shrink? Furthermore, the windows adjacent to the impact hole are intact. That's funny where the hell did the wings go and why didn't the windows brake? Those are some kind of windows, in fact if they were so strong, Popular Mechanics explained that they were made up of special heat resistant glass, why didn't they build the entire Pentagon from this material. Perhaps then the plane would have just bounced off! ARE THESE PEOPLE INSANE?

The morons over at Popular Mechanics will tell you that the wings folded on impact... inside a hole that's smaller than the diameter of the plane? What BS... does anyone believe these guys? Besides, we had two other impacts that day in which neither of the wings folded and the windows next to the hole created by the fuselage were destroyed! Oh well looky here the Popular Mechanics guy, Ben Chertoff, is related to none other than SATAN himself (In Russian Chertoff means Son of the Devil) and that other devil Michael Chertoff. How crazy is this, you couldn't write this in a movie and get away with it!

I could go on... no damage to the lawn, they ripped it up later to destroy that fact... perfectly sized punch out hole on the interior wall of the Pentagon... photos of aircraft parts that don't belong on a 757... but the point is FACTS 1 - 3 alone should be enough to start prosecuting. Who the hell is Cheney to conveniently make himself head of the exercises so that on 911 he can interfere with protocol to allow the US to come under attack. IS THERE NO ONE ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH THAT CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS? This guy years later goes ahead and shoots someone, accident or not, and isn't investigated. WHO THE HELL IS THIS GUY? I thought he's supposed to be this frail dude with a heart condition? So why is he still around? What's up with our alphabet soup agencies? They can kill JFK, MLK, Bobby Kennedy, Vince Foster... leaders of other nations but they can't take out the criminals that run this country? If I recall, they took an oath to defend this country against ENEMIES foreign and DOMESTIC!!!! OUR SO CALLED LEADERS, PUPPETS OR NOT, ALLOWED 911 TO HAPPEN. THAT MAKES THEM ENEMIES OF THIS COUNTRY!!!! Facts 1 - 3 = INSIDE JOB. You don't even have to go into who saw what, and what happened to the passengers on the plane. These are all moot points, it doesn't matter, if you have enough facts what's the point in speculating on the details?


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Kestrel hi and welcome.

I think there is enough evidence to win in a court (independent court that is) but that is not even the problem, if you don't already know about human psychology and belief-system and how the media manipulates it and how the whole "game" is tipped in favor of the ones who did it then you might want to read a bit more on this site. Even if you have an alternative view of the war and so on It might be worth re-examine it in light of the cyclical catastrophes (earth changes, meteors and so on) that Laura and the team have researched at great time and energy cost.
I think everyone here is past the point of "inside job" and that means you have to begin to look inside yourself for all the false beliefs and then try to deprogram yourself and learn more. The rabbit hole is very deep.

A good start, i.m.o, would be to check out the subject of psychopathy to get a better understanding of how they operate to some extent, there is even a few podcasts about the subject.


I did some looking around a while back on this and they did find a jet engine, much smaller than a Boeing jetliner's engine, and it was inside the building. This one looked about the right size to be from a cruise missile.

Sorry, I didn't record the URL.
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