Smudging and salting to clear energies


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I've been meaning to post this for a week or two. There are mentions of smudging and salting on the forum, but not a dedicated thread. Recently, I noticed that just opening up the windows to let some fresh air in can make for a good feeling, even on multiple floors!

I want to do some cleaning and clearing in my room, just to start from zero, and the timing is fitting in this new year. Something like a basic dusting would do in part, but I want to try smudging. I worry about products that are from California, due to the radioactive debris that migrated to the coast from Japan. Would there be significant risk with California grown sage smoke being applied in a room?

The other options are white sage grown in Ecuador and Australia. Then there are Palo Santo sticks which are from Ecuador. I found some basic properties of smudging plants:

White Sage - traditionally considered the best
Desert Sage - wards off bad feelings / influences
Palo Santo - clears negative energy, increases love and prosperity
Cedar - used in decluttering or when clearing used objects
Pine - from Druid lore : persistence, moderation and self-confidence

As for salting, if it's too cumbersome to move large objects, do you just sprinkle it around the object? And your cleared perimeter just doesn't include that excluded space? I was also wondering if you could just sprinkle the salt on long strips of packing tape and lay that down. Then you don't need to vacuum it up.


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As for salting, if it's too cumbersome to move large objects, do you just sprinkle it around the object? And your cleared perimeter just doesn't include that excluded space? I was also wondering if you could just sprinkle the salt on long strips of packing tape and lay that down. Then you don't need to vacuum it up.
@3DStudent So the way I go about it is cleaning the house to begin with. Then smudge using any of the above in your list. I have Sage (store bought) and lavender smudge sticks (homegrown & homemade). You can also ring a small bell in 1 hand and smudge with the other (sound and smoke to clear the space). With regards to the salt, I use coarse rock salt and put some in tiny plastic containers in the 4 corners of the house. That gets changed every 6 months or so, or whenever it feels like it needs to be ‘updated’. Effectively you are creating a grid in your mind with salt ‘guarding’ the four corners. Some people even use crystals to grid their homes for protection. Hope that helps!

P.S. You can also get Sage spray as a quick fix- handy for travel or at work. And the Australian Bush Flower essence range now includes a range of mists, one of which is Space Clearing Mist- also handy for work/travel.
I still prefer a jolly good smudge when your home needs a ‘deep clean’ so to speak!


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I also had good experience lately with rock salt with water in glass jars in 4 corners of the rooms. Next to the entrance door I put two additional jars. There was a noticable quietening of athmosphere in the new flat. For 3 weeks I refilled the jars weekly, then less frequent. It was interesting to observe that some jars got much more foggy than others. In this time I took weekly saltbaths too and decluttered a lot of stuff. It was a good salty cleansing time :-). And I intend to repeat regularly.


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Besides using salt and smudging, I also found that using a singing bowl works very well to cleanse a room, they give off wonderful sound vibrations.
At this moment we just moved into a rental house and since I have to live for several months without my belongings (crystals, bowls, etc.), I intent to cleanse this house with just my singing voice while all doors and windows are open to move stagnant and sticky energies, worked well before.

Have fun with the cleansing 3DStudent


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Thanks @3DStudent for the interesting thread.

The only time I have tried using salt seemed to help. We have a small dog that would avoid walking past the basement door so I placed a line of sea salt in the corner of the first step. He seemed to be able to go past the door after that. I didn't say anything to my wife in order to not appear too new-agey.

Now my wife is into essential oils (some that don't smell so good to me) so I guess we are even now.

I never really thought about the possible scientific reasons these things might work.

Thanks to that article @Deckard . It has got me thinking about why and how some of these practices may work.

I do keep a Himalayan salt lamp next to my computer desk just because I like the warm glow.



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In my Santeria tradition, we use only seasalt. The four glasses in the corners with seasalt and holy water we use, as well combined with 4 white candles...
Alaun can be put in Water too at the entrance..
Or something bit diffrent, 4 candles, 4 glasses of cold pure water in the corners and praying a bit then asking the ancestors to clean the room.


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Try putting salt in the corners of all your rooms and around the perimeters of the rooms, on windowsills and in a thin line across doorways. Use sea salt if available or canning salt which is cheap at the supermarket.

Then, put a pound of baking soda in your bath and soak for 20 minutes each night before going to bed.

These precautions can neutralize energy filaments that dark energies take hold of.

From this thread, and Laura emphazised to sprinkle the salt, not to keep it in containers.
From the Law of One book 4, session #95. The excerpt is rather long but relevant here.

Ra: I am Ra. We scan the recent memory configurations of the questioner. Firstly, there have been some less than harmonious interactions within this dwelling. The dynamics of this interaction were potent enough to attract a lesser thought-form. Therefore, we suggest the salting and ritual cleansing by blessed water of all windows and doorways which offer adit into the domicile or any out-buildings thereof.
Further, we suggest the hanging of the cut garlic clove in the portion of the room which has accommodated those whose enjoyment has turned into a darker emotion centering upon the area we find you call the wet bar, also the room intended for the sleeping which is found near the kitchen area. The appropriate words used to bid farewell to those of the lower astral shall be used in connection with the hanging of the garlic cloves for the period of approximately 36 of your hours. We believe that this is equivalent to two of your night periods and one of your lit periods. This should cleanse the house as you find it to the extent that it is neutral in its vibrations of harmony, love, and thanksgiving which this group shall then, as the incarnational experience proceeds, offer to the domicile.
Questioner: I am assuming that we would prepare the blessed water the same as we prepare the water for the instrument to drink after a session and would then wipe the windows and doors with this water. This would probably have to be done in a bucket. I would like to know if this is correct, and what was meant by salting the windows and doors?
Ra: I am Ra. Firstly, you may bless the water yourselves or may request so called holy water from any blessed place; that is, blessed by intention. Secondly, the water shall be carefully shaken from the fingers along the sills of all windows and doors as they have been opened. Thirdly, prior to the sprinkling of this cleansing, blessing sacrament of water, the salt shall be trailed along these sills in a line and again allowed to exist in this configuration for 36 to 48 hours. Then the virgin broom may ritually sweep the salt out of each window and doorway, sweeping with each stroke the less fortunate of the vibrations within the dwelling which might find coexistence with group difficult.
Questioner: I assume that you mean that we should put the salt only on the outer doorway sills and not on the inner doorway sills in the house. Is that correct?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. We cannot express the nature of salt and water and garlic with clarity enough to inform you as to the efficacy with which salt absorbs vibrations which have been requested to move into salt when salt has been given water. We cannot express the full magical nature of your water, nor can we express the likeness and attractiveness of the garlic cut to lower astral forms. The attractiveness is negative and no service-to-self astral form will accept coexistence with the cut garlic. Therefore, we offer the suggestions. We also request, carefully, that the broom be clean and that the garlic be burned. The virginity of the broom is most efficacious.
Questioner: Let me see if I have the scenario correctly in mind. I’ll repeat my version of it. We would hang fresh-cut garlic in the area of the wet bar and in the area of the bedroom that is adjacent to the kitchen area. We would salt all window sills and all outer wall door sills and then sprinkle blessed water from our fingers on the salted areas. We would then say the appropriate words to bid farewell to lower astrals. Those words I am not sure of. Would Ra comment on the scenario that I have stated?
Ra: I am Ra. Your grasp of our suggestions is good. We note that the salt be poured in the straight line with no gaps. There are various ritual words of blessing and farewell to entities such as you are removing. We might suggest the following.
When the salt is laid you may repeat “We praise the one Creator which gave to salt the ability to enable those friends, to which we wish to bid farewell, to find a new home.”
As the water is sprinkled you may say “We give thanks to the one Creator for the gift of water. Over it the Creator moves Its hand and stirs Its will to be done.”
The hanging of the cut garlic may be accompanied by the words “We praise the one Creator for the gift of garlic and bless its ability to offer to those friends to whom we wish to bid farewell the arrow which points their way of egress.”
When the sweeping is done you may say “We praise the one Creator and give thanksgiving for the spiritual cleanliness of this dwelling place.”
As the garlic is burned you may say “We give thanks to the one Creator for the gift of spiritual cleanliness in our dwelling place and seal the departure of all those who have left by this exit by the consuming of this substance” .
Questioner: Is there any place more appropriate than any other to hang the garlic in the room; for instance, over the windows or anything like that? I know that it is supposed to be hung in the area of the bar but I meant in the bedroom. Is there any more appropriate place than another?
Ra: I am Ra. The windows and the doorways are most appropriate and, in addition, we suggest the salting and sprinkling of any door which may lead elsewhere than out of the dwelling in order to afford to the entities the understanding that they are not desired elsewhere within the dwelling.
Questioner: I understand that the garlic is to be used at the bar area and the bedroom that is close to the kitchen and has an exit onto the carport. If I am correct, those are the only two places that it is to be used. This is correct, isn’t it?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.


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This may be helpful and an additional approach for those who have been attuned to 2nd degree Reiki. I often use the first Reiki symbol along with a smudge stick for clearing corners, especially. I actually draw the symbol as I am holding the sage or other cleansing herb. The first symbol works to both clear the space and then seal the area.


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I know for salt it works best if you focus positive energy into it. Would it be a good idea to keep a bunch of salt handy or nearby where I pray and sing to my crystals, so they pick up on some of that energy, which I can then use whenever the need arises to salt an area? Or would the salt nearby potentially discharge the crystals I own over time?


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Sorry in advance for asking to be spoonfed, but this is the first I've heard of salting and smudging.

Is there a short primer text/explanation on what it is, why its done, etc that is recommended?
Since you asked for a short primer text/explanation of smudging and salting, I looked on the web and found this site that explains the how and their opinion on the why of smudging and salting. They, also, show other things to do with cleansing of which I have no idea about if they actually do anything as I'm not familiar with them.

I have only linked to the site so that you can see the how and why of smudging and salting. I hope that this helps.
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