Snakes on a Plane


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I found this whole movie idea and reaction from people as totally strange. Ran Prieur posted about it and I got me to wondering why the name has such a draw. Snakes (4D STS) on a plane (9/11)?
"Snakes" stars Samuel L. Jackson as an FBI agent who has to fight a planeload of snakes unleashed by an assassin bent on killing a witness in protective custody. Sight unseen, the movie has grown from something of a joke into a phenomenon slithering untamed throughout the Internet. [...]

But once production began, a funny thing happened. Movie fans began noticing the black sheep of the New Line slate. They seized upon the title and started spontaneously creating fan sites, blogs, T-shirts, poems, fiction and songs. The title itself, sometimes abbreviated as "SoaP," has emerged as Internet-speak for fatalistic sentiments that range from c'est la vie to "shit happens."
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