So apparently a large meteor has struck the earth near Greenland. Is it finally happening?


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IMHO, have been, and will become even more evidently predominant. Just like the session's said.

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Lightning Detector of a meteorological satellite captures the entrance of meteorite in the atmosphere Detector de rayos de un satélite meteorológico capta la entrada de meteorito en la atmósfera (ING) @science @satellite @GOES16 @GOES17 @asteroid @meteor #SETIInstitute #NASAAmes #LockheedMartin #AsteroidWatch #goesglm #NOAASatellites @NOAA CC @jmmadiedo
When I was a kid I used to spend a good amount of time looking at the skies. Meteorite showers were one of my favorite events to observe. The other would have to be looking at globular clusters and visible galaxies through my 6-inch reflector.


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The meteor no doubt exploded during day time, as this part of Greenland at this time of the year, late July, experiences light 24/7, thus it may not have been as spectacular as the meteor over Chelyabinsk that fell at dawn. Besides, at 2.1 kilotons it was 200-250 times smaller than the event over Chelyabinsk. The speed of the Greenland meteor was 20 percent higher and exploded at a higher altitude 43 km vs 26 km, than the meteor over Chelyabinsk. In this paper, Tunguska.pdf, they claim that higher altitude disintegrations indicate a composition of mainly stone or even carbon. If the Chelyabinsk had a stony composition, so must this one have had. And if the Chelyabinsk meteo was 13,000 tons this one could be of which size? 35-50 tons perhaps.

If this object moved at 24, 4 km per second, it would still take it about 30 minutes from passing the geostationary zone at 36,000 above the Equator, where many communication satellites are placed, before reaching the altitude where it exploded. The spy satellites however are just a few hundred kilometers above the Earth; they had maybe 10 seconds to register. Now, are we to believe that they didn't? Or is it that this meteor only became visible in 3rd Density shortly before explosion, and what if concept of window-fallers is extended to objects like rocks and stones? There seem to be possibilities open that would make standard detection equipment useless, but probably it wasn't. The information from the equipment might have been just classified and it took som red tape to get it out.


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I got an image that we - some of us - will ˘~spectate~˘ the incoming bigger ones from the outer layers of 4thD: Chelyabinsk sized meteors and the showering down meteorites that hit the planet surface. While 3rdD humanity will deal with the lesser / greater catastrophic fallouts of the showers, ==> our group - from inside of the already changed 4thD environment's outer layers - will deal with the incoming Nephilim invasion. To greet & properly receive the invading alien terrorist horde on a level playing field: Making sure that the roach Nephilim will be picking someones "of their own size".
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