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Any expression of national pride is probably frowned upon these days in certain circles (with the woke folk for instance).
The singing of one's national anthem is a major way of showing this - and it's no doubt debatable as to which are the world's best.
Perhaps a better way of looking at it is who can sing their anthem exceptionally well - with vigour, passion and a true, vivid sense of communal involvement?

With that criteria in mind here are 70,00 Welsh people singing Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau (Land Of My Father) before a rugby match against England in 2013.

Did that stir anything in you?

Not for nothing is Wales known as the Land of Song.


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That was rousing. A friend of mine from Kent, England, remarked when he visited Wales that he couldn't understand why the Welsh had such deep voices. I'm just wondering if that is vagus nerve related? If you talk/sing from the belly you carry more resonance in your voice.
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