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The Force is Strong With This One
I came across this on youtube, there is this song of some rapper from 2013, and apparently he predicted about coronavirus in 2020, he mentions something about zombies too.

dead returns with a pissed off zombie mood
The sprinkler system equipped with AuAg
Where they round up survivors? In a cold facility
Watch the process of terror from the hill near the stream
I remain in a gasmask
I still filter my water clean
This isn't past tense or the plague of Athens
Couldn't be eradicated like smallpox in action
Avian influenza in the jetstream is how it happens
2020 combined with CoronaVirus, bodies stacking

The author of the song wrote in the comments that he is not a prophet or anything, that basically he was educated about esoteric subjects, and thought this is gonna be some important period.

There was already 6 or so coronaviruses in 2012/2013 when the Pandemic song was created and a coronavirus was being talked about a lot at the time. As for mentioning 2020, well 2020-2030 was just significant years to me, as well as many other people that are educated on these esoteric topics. 10 years ago it was said that 2012 was nothing to worry about, it's 2020-30 to pay attention to. To me, the lyrics are just more of a coincidence than a prediction as I don't feel I was "trying" to predict anything, I just rapped about what I was watching. But call it a prediction, dumb luck, coincidence, remote viewing, predictive programming (lmao) or whatever you want. People just never heard of a coronavirus which is part of a family of viruses, hence why they dubbed the new one covid-19 or sars-cov-II. Sars & Mers were both coronaviruses as well. Just a tad bit of information... annnnd I'm not the only dude that mentioned the damn coronavirus back in 2013!!!! Sooooo once again, NO, I'm not a prophet. Not Nostradamus. No, I don't make predictions and No I'm not a writer for The Simpsons. BUT, I have been studying docs and listening to "insiders" & "whistle blowers" in lectures and interviews for 10+ years and some things just add up and lyrics come out of it. NOT a prediction, simple as that. Yea I know, mentioning a coronavirus and 2020 in a song titled Pandemic from 2013 is strange to most people, but not so much to me as this is what I do, I watch "crazy shit" and make esoteric underground hip hop. I have had A LOT of time to look into wild shit and dive down the rabbit hole as I never had a 9-5, lol. To sum it up, in 2012 a coronavirus was always in the news and being talked about, in 2012 people in lectures, interviews, etc were sayin 2012 was nothing to worry about and 2020-2030 people should pay attention to, then we made a track called pandemic and I wrote a bunch of that shit into the track and I happened to say that line yall freaking out over. But you can believe what you want to believe. Peace to everyone and thanks for listening!

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Dagobah Resident
Hollywood and video games have a lot of apocalyptic themes. And nuclear, biological, chemical, mutations, ect. serve toward giving a setting to watch and play in.

And so there is a lot of prognostication of how apocalyptic scenarios play out, giving the people entertainment.

I remember some game I was playing, thinking of how eerie it was that people were wearing masks, and now masks are common. But then, I recognize how common these themes are in games. They are mostly apocalyptic themed.

And music in games - that's a good way to get recognized, and become popular and so there will be musicians of all types creating content with the same apocalyptic theme - as it is of interest to many as the world gets stranger.
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