SOTT monthly Earth Changes Summary video translations

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As written in another topic, this topic is supposed to coordinate the translations of the SOTT monthly Earth Changes Summary videos.

In the link below you can find a link to the translation table where the future translations can be done. The table will be updated every month as soon as a new video is finished. Anything else can be coordinated here in time.

Sott Summary Compilation Tables

Have fun!

Mod's note: All the info about the translations project from the old thread for October 2018 have been moved to this new thread. Info before October 2018 will stay in the old thread.

Hello everyone. Here's the translation spreadsheet for October.

Orange Scorpion is taking care of the subtitles template for this month, so it will be ready soon.

And I just noticed that we didn't share the link to the spreadsheet for September! So here it is too. And you can find the subtitles template here.
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We'd like to switch to translating summaries in OmegaT. Spellchecking and glossary make the difference. Where can we get source SRT file?

Every month, Orange Scorpion created a srt file that can be used for the OmegaT translation.

The Dutch captions for October are ready. Apparently, I changed the font and don't know how to change it back.:umm:
Thank you so much for all your work.

Don't worry about the font Mariama, it can be fixed quite easily.
Fwiw French and Czech is cooked!

Generally what would be great if the lines below the original subtitle could be translated as well (which are the same lines as in the article on Sott). Some have done it (Czech and French). Because then a translation could be added to YouTube as well. With that if someone comes from Czech he would see the description in Czech as well.
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