login forgets login when using more than 1 browser/viewer

Divide by Zero

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My login normally remembers that I'm logged in, if I stick to one PC and one browser.

If I log in using my tablet or another PC, even if it is on the same WAN connection, it will ask me to login again on that device. When I return to the original PC, I get the login prompt again.

So it seems like https login doesn't store a logged in state on more than 1 pc/tablet/browser.
Is this by design or can it be changed?



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Hi Divide By Zero,

you can activate multiple login option. Go to your profile setting on sott -> Change your Editor Settings -> Allow me to log in on multiple devices at the same time

Try if it works.

Divide by Zero

The Living Force
I apologize, I posted this in the wrong forum as I am no longer an editor.

I don't have this option in my profile settings as a normal account.
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