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Hello to everyone,

I was wondering how do you like the picture of the statue of liberty i created which is currently "picture of the day" in SOTT frontpage.
We are considering together with a friend to start selling t-shirts with designs with similar concepts. What do you think of that?

I also wanted to make myself available for SOTT in case there can be some profit or benefit from what i can create for the website.
If i can be of any help with my graphic skills, i would love to contribute to the work that is done here!

Thank you all,
Spyros (nicknamed Spyraal)


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hey spyros! i was wondering who made that image... it's very nice! visually appealing and disturbing at the same time. i like how you worked in the billy club as the torch...

if you start selling shirts, let us know where they can be found. i'd like to see your other work!



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Thanks a lot for your words. I design graphics for more than 10 years now, but when i first the saw the art produced by Banksy ( my mind blew up by the realization of how strong an impact can art have. I have plenty more designs and a lot of ideas for future creations thanks to SOTT! My next one will be about Tasers. I would love to share more images with you all, but i do not know how to upload them on the forum. Anyway, i was very glad to read your comment. Take care!


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The picture is chilling. There is something very malevolent in the pose - the original intention of the statue as a beacon of liberty has devolved into a symbol of tyranny.

The taser, the helmet, the shield with POLICE in large lettering, the stance - captures the dissonance, the threat, the horror of the situation we are in.


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