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Came across this foundation that is essentially inventing some kind of a device that would allow anyone to communicate with a deceased loved one or for that matter anyone on the 'other-side' so to speak.
The SoulPhone includes four major categories of technologies and devices:

™is a binary switch designed to allow ‘a spirit’ to communicate with humans by signaling Yes – No answers.

SoulKeyboarduses a combination of SoulSwitches arranged in the format of a keyboard. Just as with a standard keyboard, each key represents a letter, number or special character and has a corresponding binary switch. When a switch is activated by a non-earthly being, it is equivalent to a key being pressed by a human operator. Results of the key activation are displayed on a screen.

SoulVoice™is envisioned to allow humans to hear those who have transitioned from earth.

SoulVideo™will hopefully enable humans to see visual images of those who have crossed over.

These devices are in various stages of research and development (R & D) with the ultimate goal of implementing the SoulPhone working prototypes. A description and status for the R & D are briefly described below.
The people behind the project can be found here but links leading back to the University of Arizona where the project (Sophia Project) was first started by Dr. Gary Schwartz seems to be a dead-end. More info can be found at Soul Proof and Greater Reality Living websites.

Any thoughts? :huh:


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If it's not a complete scam the device is certainly able to get own personal user field or only God know what but some other surrounding field, perhaps some earth wandering souls ?
A few weeks ago I came across an old website about EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena and ITC - Instrumental TransCommunication: World ITC Association. From a very cursory reading, it seems to be basically about channeling through electronic devices.

Getting Started in Spirit Communication through Technology
© 2001 by Mark Macy

Before starting experiments in spirit communication through technology, consider the following:
  1. There are two types or levels of the work--EVP and ITC. EVP is the capturing of short, faint spirit voices on tape. Thousands of people have been performing EVP experiments successfully since the 1950s. ITC has been underway only since around 1980, and as we enter the new millennium there are only a handful of ITC experimenters around the world getting enhanced results, which include messages and images through computers, long messages coming through radio sounds, telephone calls, and convincing pictures that come through television.
  2. Every successful ITC experimenter I know began with EVP experiments, which are described below.
  3. There are vast spiritual universes beyond (and superimposed over) our own physical universe. Some of these universes are light and ethereal, inhabited by angels and masters. Others are dark and troubled, inhabited by the proverbial demons and lost souls. Between these areas of light and dark are the ancestral planes where most people who have died on Earth enjoy a multi-faceted, paradise-like existence. Beings from all these worlds--from the angelic to the demonic--work closely, silently with our world, and each of us draws into our life beings of like attitude. It should be the conscious intent of anyone contacting spirit partners for positive reasons, to cleanse their spirit, mind and body, and to purify their thoughts, words and actions. When you're inspired by the beauty of a glorious sunset and your heart feels a rush of energy, the angels, literally, are with you. When you're gripped by fear or resentment over situations in your life, you can be reasonably sure there are negative spirits working closely with you, fueling those feelings.
  4. When conducting EVP experiments, take a sober, serious approach and focus on the positive. Experiment only when you're in a happy, enthusiastic, unfettered frame of mind.

Start Experimenting with EVP

Use an audiocassette recorder with an external microphone and a source of mild white noise (such as a radio tuned between stations).* Place the microphone a few feet from the radio. Turn on the tape recorder and introduce the session. For example:

Good morning, it's Tuesday June 23, 3 o'clock. I welcome (name of spirit being) and others who would like to see all human beings move closer to God in their thoughts, words and actions.
Dear (name), I hope you are present this evening and can hear me.
My first question...
(pause 10-15 seconds between each question)

Ask three or four questions, then replay the sequence and listen closely. A set of earphones can help make the short, faint voices more audible. Some people get voices on their very first try; others work for months before getting their first voice. So it was with EVP pioneer Konstantin Raudive, who experimented diligently for three months before getting his first voice, then went on to record, analyze and collect more than 70,000 voices, many under strict laboratory conditions.

As you conduct voice experiments on a regular basis, the voices might get louder and clearer as your contact field (the field of thoughts, feelings and life energies between you and your spirit friends) grows stronger. As mentioned above, however, it requires a clear mind, focused intent, positive thoughts, and a balanced temperament to ensure the best possible results.

Like channeling, Ouija boards and other methods of penetrating dimensions, the technology of EVP and ITC can help us contact departed loved ones, our spirit guides and guardians, enlightened masters and other good beings, or if used carelessly they can access confused or negative beings who can disrupt our life. So, as in all spiritual matters, proceed with care, focus on love, and stay anchored to God.

* Equipment alternatives

Germanium diode. Konstantin Raudive himself devised a way to improve EVP voices with a germanium diode instead of a microphone connected to the audio input of a standard tape recorder. Many researchers still use the technique today with good results. They solder a 1N914 germanium diode (available from Radio Shack) to a jack, or male plug, that will fit the microphone input of their tape recorder. They plug this diode-equipped jack into the recorder, turn the volume up all the way, and start recording. With this setup, the recorder will sometimes capture spirit voices, but no human voices nor other normal sounds in the room. A fascinating technique that separates the men from the…well, from the spirits.

Radios. Instead of a single radio, you can use several radios, or some other noise source altogether, such as running water. I've had best results using two or three radios with one of them tuned to a distant station with foreign language broadcasts, or even better, several overlapping foreign broadcasts coming through the same radio. Sonia Rinaldi in Brazil made an audiocassette of many jumbled voices overwritten upon each other, and used that tape as a sound source. In any case, spirit beings seem to find it easier to create their voice from existing voice fragments than to fashion one out of blank white noise. Foreign-language broadcasts make it easier to distinguish between the radio noises and possible spirit voices you receive in your language.

Tape recorders. Some people claim to get better results with a reel-to-reel tape recorder than with the more common cassette recorder, which I use. On cassette recorders it's good to have a "cue" or "review" function so that while the recorder is in "play" mode you can press down a bit on the "reverse" or "fast forward" button to move quickly a few inches backward or forward on the tape, then resume playing simply by releasing the "reverse" or "fast forward" button. You can include a mixer in the setup along with a second microphone for your voice.

Computers. Some voice experimenters today are using computers with attached microphones instead of tape recorders. Advantages of the computer include clarity of the voices, immediate playback, reproduction without loss of quality, and easy transportability of sound files to the internet. The drawback of computers is the fact that voice files take up a lot of memory, so each session must be kept short (a few seconds, or at most a few minutes in duration).

Minidisc recorders. Lately I've started using a minidisc recorder instead of a tape recorder. Like computers, minidisc recorders register sound in digital format (breaking down the analog signals into tiny bits of information). The advantages of the minidisc recorder over tape recorders include most of the computer's advantages. Plus, a stereo input allows the use of two microphones, one near the radios and the other dedicated to the voice of the experimenters. Additionally, each minidisc holds 74 minutes of data, so sessions can be quite long.

They also have some info on different devices such as the Spiricom and Psychophone, not as markeateable as SoulPhone though.

Excerpt from the article "The research of George W. Meek" by Mark Macy:
In 1979, he (George Meek) and his colleague Bill O'Neil developed the Spiricom device, a set of 13 tone generators spanning the range of the adult male voice. O'Neil was psychically gifted, and he collaborated with his spirit friends while developing the large radio-like apparatus, which gave off a droning buzz that filled the room. When O'Neil spoke in its presence, you could hear his voice getting wrapped up in the buzzing noises of the Spiricom machine. He worked on the machine for months, and then a most amazing thing happened. Another voice began to get wrapped up in the radio sounds too—a voice belonging to someone who was present in the room, but invisible. The voice of a spirit.
The MEZA 1 is a cylindrical container housing seven radios (without antenna) arranged stepwise, and each connected to a loudspeaker fixed to the outer wall. The exact dimensions of the cylinder had been transmitted by Swejen Salter on November 15, 1988. Cylinder height: 0,77 m and diameter: 0,49 m (excerpt from CETL INFOnews 01/92).

Several people (Eva and Rudi Diblik, Jochem Fornoff, Martin Wenzel, Jean Mohnen, Friedrich Malkhoff, Roger Harschworked) work together in order to meet the requirements the entities from beyond had asked for.

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Hard to tell. Some of the people behind it in the E.A. Board that I know a bit of seem to be serious scientists interested in fringe science. For one good sign, Gary E. Schwartz was criticized for "jumping on the ID bandwagon" with his book of 2006. There are some videos, interviews with some, there are books published, many with good reviews on Amazon...

But what are their connections, what is their agenda and whether they got caught by a TGA-like scheme or work, knowingly or not, for one of alphabet agencies, is a big question. For now, I'm a bit skeptical about the "phone" idea, not so much because I think it's impossible, but rather because I'm not sure how much good it would bring and with what price. I don't really like seeing Deepak Chopra showing up around and I don't like their seemingly recklessness in dealing with spirits. That it can become a challenge to the dominating materialistic paradigm, maybe, but again, with what price?

So sorry, I don't think I can give a quick answer.

Books co-authored by Gary Schwartz:

I'm watching this interview with Gary Schwartz and at around 9min he mentions some of the technology related to the detection of spirits, such as silicon photomultipliers and low-light CCD cameras, also mentioning the old equipment used in Instrumental TransCommunication as precursors. This seems to be part of the techonological base for the SoulPhone and I found these two abstracts on ResearchGate that cover some of his experiments. Btw, he has 290 listed papers.

Possible Application of Silicon Photomultiplier Technology to Detect the Presence of Spirit and Intention: Three Proof-of-Concept Experiments

ArticleinEXPLORE The Journal of Science and Healing 6(3):166-71 · May 2010 with 30 Reads 
DOI: 10.1016/j.explore.2010.02.003 · Source: PubMed

Gary E Schwartz

Research investigating the survival of consciousness hypothesis has been hampered by the lack of an independent measure of the purported presence of spirit (POS). Although numerous anecdotes involving electronic devices (including tape recorders, answering machines, and computers) claim that POS can be detected with sensitive electromagnetic sensors, little systematic laboratory research has investigated this possibility. The purpose of this exploratory laboratory research was to test the feasibility of using a state-of-the-art silicon photomultiplier system to detect low photon levels potentially associated with POS. A PCDMini photon counting device manufactured by sensL provided a sensitive measure of sums of photons over time. Three proof-of-concept experiments were conducted. Each included multiple five-minute trials of "invited spirit" conditions as well as baseline controls. One experiment included a set of 10 noninvited control trials as well as controls for experimenter intention per se. Data were collected as part of a university laboratory devoted to researching advances in consciousness and health. The participants were purported spirits presumably motivated to participate in the research. The primary intervention was the experimenter's intention for purported spirits to enter the light-tight chamber on specified trials. In a light-tight chamber, the PCDMini device software counted and displayed individual sums of typically 13 to 25 photon detections per approximately 90-milliseconds time periods (in complete darkness, most time periods contained zero photons detected); the number of photon sums could be counted precisely in five-minute periods. The average number of photon sums was found to be significantly higher in purported POS trials compared with noninvited trials. Matched control trials as well as explicit experimenter intention trials showed no effects. Silicon photomultiplier devices may be sufficiently sensitive to investigate the POS and experimenter intention (psychokinesis) hypotheses.

Photonic Measurement of Apparent Presence of Spirit Using a Computer Automated System

ArticleinEXPLORE The Journal of Science and Healing 7(2):100-9 · March 2011 with 272 Reads 
DOI: 10.1016/j.explore.2010.12.002 · Source: PubMed

Gary E Schwartz

Research investigating the potential of detecting the purported presence of spirit (POS) has been hampered by the necessity of employing a human being to collect the data. To infer the presence of alleged spirit, it is essential to remove the simultaneous presence of an experimenter (POE), thereby eliminating his or her physical energy as well as accompanying conscious intentions and expectations. The purpose of these two proof of concept experiments was to explore the feasibility of completely automating data collection in the absence of an experimenter to determine if evidence consistent with POS was still obtained. A computer automated system was developed making it possible to collect all data in the absence of an experimenter (thereby achieving complete experimenter blinding). In the evenings, the computer would perform as follows: (1) start the experimental run at random times, (2) conduct 30-minute baseline as well as POS trials involving two different alleged spirits, and (3) record background light in a completely dark chamber with a highly sensitive low-light Princeton Instruments charge-coupled device (CCD) camera system. The CCD camera and light-tight recording chamber were housed in a light-tight room; the computer, large screen monitor, and speakers were housed in a separate control room. The participants were two purported spirits involved in previous research published in this journal, in which a silicon photomultiplier system was used. The primary intervention was the computer selecting and presenting visual and auditory information inviting Spirit 1 or Spirit 2 to enter the chamber in the absence of experimenter presence and awareness. The CCD camera provided 512 × 512 pixel images of 30-minute exposures (reflecting a combination of possible background light plus instrument dark noise). The images were imported into image processing software, and two-dimensional fast fourier transform (FFT) analyses were performed. Visual examinations of the FFT images were performed; average brightness levels of the FFTs were calculated and subjected to repeated measures analyses of variance. Compared with prebaseline and postbaseline images, the POS trials were associated with reliable increases in the average brightness of the FFT images, suggesting increased structure of the background light as revealed in the FFTs. These findings indicate that POE per se is not sufficient to explain the observed POS effects. Future experiments can address the remaining potential psi interpretations (decision augmentation theory [DAT] and retro psychokinesis [PK]) as well as the source of the observed information (ie, the chamber, cosmic rays, and/or the CCD chip itself).

Possibility of Being

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From what I managed to find so far, there are 2 legal organizations. The non-profit company SoulPhone Foundation (SPF) which is is the parent organization for Greater RealityLiving (GRL):


Legal entity THE SOUL PHONE FOUNDATION is a business company registered in the Register of State Ohio with the Entity Number 3959774 under the legal form of CORPORATION FOR NON-PROFIT. The company was written into the database at 14th November 2016 and its current status is Active.

The Foundation's history is presented on a page not-linked from the SPF home page:

and its founders seem to be
Mark Pitstick and
Bob Staretz. And according to this GRL page, Gary Schwartz is the Foundation's Chairman/ R & D Director.

But according to this GRL page (partner-sites :huh:), The SoulPhone Foundation Founders are:
Gary E. Schwartz, PhD
Mark Pitstick, MA, DC
Rhonda Eklund Schwartz MFA, MA

So they have a mess on their websites. Including presenting their organizations as 510(c) instead of 501(c)
Some other bits of their history are presented on Schwartz's medium and wife's website (annoying design).

No legal documents seem to be available online aside from the basic data linked above, and none related to GRL.

As far as I can tell, even less data is available on the daughter company, Greater RealityLiving. Pitstick seem to be the sole founder, and the staff presented is the one of the SPF.

They also have a ghost writer Joshua Bagby who runs their blogs plus his own related to SoulPhone:

and one not related:

It was interesting to look at the history and development of Pitstick's website. He used to be quite new-agey. It goes back to 2003:


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For anyone who is interested in this phenomena, I can point you toward a youtube channel where these experiments are being conducted in Australia, using an EVP device. A series of videos under 'ghostbitches'. You can make your own minds up about the content.
My theory on how this works: The EVP appears to be a radio scanning device, which operates over a certain frequency range which could be the FM radio range. As it scans, if it detects a channel it will pause there briefly and output any 'voice' or other sound detected, and then move on to the next detected frequency. It's a bit like when you are automatically tuning your TV. It briefly picks up whatever's there as it sets the frequency, and then moves on to the next one. I noticed that when in a large built up area with lots of radio stations like Melbourne, there is lots of output. In a country area like Canberra where there are few radio stations, there is not so much output.


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I think you are talking about a Ghostbox, which seems to have been around for a while. I remember seeing it on Ghost Hunters and immediately understanding the concept.

A ghost box is a communication tool used by some investigators to speak to the other side. Typically, a ghost box is a modified portable AM/FM radio that continously scans the band. When on, it is believed to create white noise and audio remnants from broadcast stations that entities are able to manipulate to create words and even entire sentences.
The Ghost Box

There is a lot of potential there for pattern recognition run amok. In which case it is yet again totally up to the judgement of the listener on what it actually means, even though the point of technology is to reduce the dependence of the results on the operator. I think this wishful thinking is a large part of the draw of this kind of device, people want to sit back and talk with dead people and whatever the results are can be blamed on the device. Advancement is then all about perfecting the technology and not about what goes on between the chair and the controls.
Soulphone concept kind of reminds me of that Black Mirror episode in which wife communicates with her dead husband via application.
Soulphone concept kind of reminds me of that Black Mirror episode in which wife communicates with her dead husband via application.
That seems to be Gary Schwartz's goal:

If you can imagine the day when we'll have technology, and we're certainly working toward it, well you'll be able to have 3d holographic images of people who have transitioned. I now refer to them as post physical beings and you'll be able to see Susie or you'll be able to see Marsha or you'll be able to see Harry and it'll be just at least as real as having 3d Skype and that we have to envision that possibility.
The video above has some interesting parts as he goes through his research beginning at about 8min.

FWIW, watching Gary Schwartz for a bit I got the impression that he is a well intentioned researcher interested in spiritual matters who is seeking a contemporary scientific way of validating the presence of spirits. His alleged communication technology seems to come out of that research as he devised experiments that would allow the spirits to influence the equipment/sensors without any living person present. However, he seems too optimistic both about the technology and the overall friendliness of spirits.

Mark Pitstick on the other hand seems way too new agey, as mentioned by Possibility of Being. You can see a few seconds of one of his events in the first video below. As he says in an interview (second video below), Gary Schwartz asked him to be the mouthpiece for his work and Pitstick doesn't seem to be at all involved with the research or technology. His description of himself as uber special for n reasons at the beginning of the interview accentuated my negative impression, but this might be just my ego talking.

Not sure whether it is a good or a bad sign, but according to the SoulPhone Foundation website they managed to involve some prominent people from the afterlife and parapsychology scene.


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Not sure whether it is a good or a bad sign, but according to the SoulPhone Foundation website they managed to involve some prominent people from the afterlife and parapsychology scene.
It would help to know what kind of "involvement" it is and if those people are aware of it. Some of them co-authored several books, some were interviewed for Pitstick's book of 2015. There were cases of expressed support. They might have created a network as kind of outcasts, but it's not clear how close they work with each other. Some of them managed to achieve a mainstream recognition. It's a tricky discipline where it's not always easy to spot a fraud or empty claims, and the risk to be led astray by, or lose credibility due to association with, someone who appears to be alike is high. Pitstick is not the only one there too 'New-Agey' (in a broad sense) IMO.

G. Schwartz seems to be like the stereotypical scientist, not really into PR and all those "useless affairs", so it's not surprising that he'd rely in it on Pitstick's skills. But I don't fully trust that Pitstick guy. Geez, couldn't he at least get their names right? It's Stephan A. Schwartz - searching for Stephen leads to completely different people; and Korotkov, not Korokov. One could expect from a real Advisory Board member to ask for fixing such typos... Whether made intentionally or negligently, together with the mess on their websites I mentioned earlier, it doesn't make the Foundation look serious or responsible.
Just came across this quote from Session 21 March 2015.

(Data) I have one question. It might be silly, but I'm gonna ask it anyway. Has it ever happened since the invention of mobile phones that a text message has been sent from the spirit world to a person?

A: Many times! Entities love tech!
If entities can and do send text messages to mobile phones it seems plausible that they could/would interact with other electronic gadgets, particularly when specifically designed for that purpose and with the living persons involved explicitly inviting them to do so.


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I hope this is a good place to bring something up, on the subject of quantum computers. (it relates to Soul Phones:-)

Geordie Rose (former CEO/CTO of D-WAVE) and others, have said in recent years thing such as:

1) These quantum or supercomputers are 500,000 times faster than the computers we use. The difference between a mule and a jet fighter.

2) These computers communicate with other dimensions. (what?)

3) No one will be ready for this but it is coming within a few years.

4) A tsunami of demons are coming, and so on.

“If” these computers do all the say the do, or even half for that matter, then wouldn’t supper computers plug into or dummy-computer net and figure out and direct or redirect us instantaneously?

Could a Soul-Phone put someone in touch with the Genie in the bottle (4D STS) ….It’s certainly reasonable to think so.

I used to think AI was bad in that it didn't think or have humanity and so forth, yet what if AI became infused with 4D STS that would be creepy path to go down...

I'd appreciate hearing for anyone who has an idea of just what the heck they are talking about when they say these computers are talking to other dimensions….? Is their understanding of dimensions similar to mine/ours? And just what does Geordie Rose and other think that we are not ready for?
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