sound carries ( negative ) mass.


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Good question, what tones would move objects. I would suggest lower tones like a low bass. Humans can hear down to about 10Hz. These tones may be well below that frequency.

In my UFO encounter the ship emitted a lower tone, audible to some level, made your bones vibrate, you could feel the sound. The sound was an effect caused by some unknown element in the ship, Haiku …


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I did read "a story" where buddhist monks make a several ton stone block float using long, trumpet like instruments.
Just this. Even the egiptian wall paints picture some that remembers a tunning fork.
This article made me think about a post here from an argentinian amateur physic that believes that gravity depends on kinetik energy, thus, motion an Dewey Larson, that states that everything incuding gravity is unvectored or scalar motion.
So if sound is able to add or scavenge scalar motion or kinetik energy it will modify its gravity. For me, if true this article is really important. There is the possibility that it could be on the right track, and that could be a reason to target and bury it.


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As gravity is a theme of interest here, this article can be interesting:

sound carries mass

It states that sound waves can cause negative gravity, therefore sound carries mass.
Could be antigravity so easy to reach?

SOTT carried these news some time ago:

Also, a bit more than a year ago "antigravity" was achieved in:

Sound is a powerful force. Look at these levitating examples on YouTube.
This one is putting out fire with sound. Yes, it is a very controlled instance but still worthy.
Nothing is impossible, you just have to think harder to realize effective results. Haiku …

Regarding acoustic levitation, here we have even a sponge floating:

or Acoustophoretic Waltz:

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