Soviet post-WW2 aspect of UFO phenomenon?


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In transcripts and in popular culture overall there is a huge overbalance of attention to the western side of the hemisphere in terms of ET connections, etc.

I mean everybody talks about area 51, rosewell, secret US pact with aliens, etc. but there was also USSR who, even being on the second role mostly, still just gotta be involved in thing CS talk about, right?

For example there is this military base called Kapustin Yar which often rumored to be connected to UFO activity. There was this story that when Eastern bloc fell, some journalists tried to get some info from military about that facility (during wave of governmental anarchy and free speech sentiments), and military even said something like, yes we did UFO research here. I suggest to google this story yourself cause I really struggle to remember details now

And I mean this is just one single case in a country with closed cities network, how many mysteries

So, I dont have very specific question, rather general line of those:
Did ET communicated with USSR leadership at any point (also what did Stalin know about it) or did they just ignored them?
Was Kapustin Yar really some UFO research facility?
Also how serious was ET involvment in Cubn missle crisis?

If youre interested too, you're welcome to suggest some other questions, maybe Laura will ask them sometime later. Also, I hope this issue wasn't asked before - I tried to search, didn't find anything sensible in previous threads
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