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Last night, the last thing I saw on television was Alternative 3* on YouTube, because I am currently reading book 7, The Wave, Chapter 57: It’s Just Economics ( The Wave Chapter 57: It’s Just Economics ) and I found it interesting to review it or search more on the internet about it. I watched the program with my husband because he likes science fiction too, he did not comment much on it, and I did like the program a lot to have more idea of what Laura mentions in the chapter.
After that, shortly before going to sleep I was watching another video of a man fixing the engine of his car, which my husband put on the screen, I honestly don't know anything about mechanics and I just kept thinking how some men find a fascination for fix "machines" because personally I don't understand it and it seems very boring.

Then, early morning I'd this dream: a spaceship over a place, I was in the lower part, I can't remember anything else, only that I had woken up in the dream and in that place there were more people but they were asleep, I can't remember anything else, only when looking up from this place I could see all the machinery, between tubes and metal gears.

strange :rolleyes:

*Alternative 3 - Wikipedia
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I'd venture a guess and say that your dream was processing the information you've been getting acquainted with in very interesting ways... The expansive reality explored in The Wave and the video your husband was watching about engines.

Sounds like a most efficient way for your mind to process all the information you processed throughout your day. :)
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