Spectacular pictorial montage of burning and melted cars on 911

Martin Timothy

A Disturbance in the Force
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This is an interview by Diane Sawyer of a fireman who witnessed the melted cars adjacent to the WTC site!

Diane Sawyer
: I've got J.D. Hopfer in here with me, you said you saw melted tour buses, melted cars?

J.D. Hopfer: The cars that were right down there ...it was just unbelievable, they were twisted and melted into nothing, the build... the debris is just unbelievable, then you can see fire trucks and police vehicles that were down there early, that um, all their windows, their windshields, are completely blown out.

Just after WTC1 is destroyed, fires start to burn the vehicles in the large lot, but not the paper.. why?



The vehicle fires increase in strength as sunlight begins to emerge through the clearing dust cloud.


The air upwind of the WTC has visably become clearer, the vehicle fires continue increasing and flames can be seen.



Friends.. see this picture taken after the collapse of the South Tower, and note that Bldgs 5 & 6 are undamaged,


Now look at this next shot after the collapse of the North Tower, and surmise that whatever it was that caused the cars to burn, similarly caused the tremendous damage to WTC's 5 & 6!

There is a video extant that shows FDNY personnel carrying out their duties that recorded a sound like an air launched missile, ie like an air to ground rocket though much more powerful... we contend here that it is a guided missile en route, and that is what caused the damage to Bldgs 5 & 6.


Similarly we say that its multiple warheads ignited prior to impact, setting the cars below on fire, then the thermonuclear flares similar to the solid fuel pods on the Space Shuttle, were propelled into the buildings causing the holes and gouge marks!




Below the cars on FDR Drive... some say that a electromagnetic pulse from the detonation of one or more thermonuclear devices, caused the terrible damage to the cars on FDR Drive, and to the vehicles in Vesey Street below!













Vesey Street!




A Disturbance in the Force
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A Disturbance in the Force
I have a special interest in these fires, too.

I find them very strange.

If there are more similar posts, can someone link to them?


A Disturbance in the Force
Some of these vehicles exhibit characteristics very similar to the characteristics of the fires that raged across 7 states and 24 cities and towns in 1871.

People were found dead with no mark of fire upon their body, yet the coins in their pockets were fused together.

In Peshtigo, the iron eyelet of the fire wagon was completely melted, but the wooden tongue to which it was bolted was not even scorched.

From: Mysterious Fires and Lights by Vincent Gaddis

Hope this helps!

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