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Yesterday i discussed with a friend who mentionned this "Graves' spiral", also named "spiral dynamic".
As far as i understood, it's an attempt to classify one's individual values, beliefs, and/or aims in life, and at the highest stage, it clearly connect to spiritual aspirations. It seems that this work was used by companies, human ressources, to better manage the employee but also the general company's ... (difficult to find the good word) "way of life", or way to conduct business.

Here's the wiki description of it : Spiral Dynamics - Wikipedia
Here's what may be the "official site" of Mr Graves : Clare W. Graves Homepage
At least one can easily find various explanations of it, video, books.

I searched for a test and found one, russian site, but also in english. Test is not much long, it takes +/-25 minutes (time to well read the proposed options and chose 3 among the ones you prefer, 5 times). If anyone here want to make a try, here's the link :

At the end, you can write down your email address to receive a link to your results, there are 3 pre-checked options on the page. I unchecked the 2nd and 3rd one, confirmed my email then the site sent me a mail with the link to the results (the graph) - you have the possibility to save it to PDF by clicking on the button "Click and read to understand this graph". I won't attach the PDF, but here is the summary of the results, and there's with it a +/- long test for each of the 7 categories, divided in 2 main master categories of "In life" or "In business" (pdf is 9 pages for me)


Was this useful to me ? or is it useful to do ?
At least i found this funny and not a lost of time. A good way to question oneself when answering to the test. It's also funny to read the text descriptions of the results and compare with what you know or what you live whether in your family or in your work/job - to me it was interresting in regard to the work environment and rather relevant, I mentally tried to compare with some people i know and imagine what they would have chose, or that they would well fit in such category/color. If one want to compare to statistics he has to register ( I did not).

Final words : if you have time to ..., then i hope you'll have fun on this :lol:


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Merci pour le test, je viens de le faire en français grâce au traducteur GOOGLE :


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Mine would be this one but I don't really know how to take it. I've often been reluctant concerning anything that categorize people, which I could find oversimplifying people's complexity. This tool, however, deals with states of values by reminding that different personalities can find themselves in a same Color.
Since I had a half-a-day course on the concept last week, I find it to be a pretty fascinating grid allowing me to read my environment more openly, accepting it even more as it is. Bringing even more to mind that it is a process and that everybody find him/herself where he/she needs to be. That there is nor good nor bad.
I made an evident parallel with spiritual growth and I wonder if the last stage of this spiral wouldn't correspond to a stage of self development approaching the 'death of the ego' ? Having taken out the layers of personality surrounding Individuality, the "real I"...
Moreover, I feel like passing from one stage to another could be "eased" by The Work, staying in balance in order not to go into extremes of each one...

I'm searching to make connections here. The field of personality is one I have yet to enter, I'm about to dive into ISOTM soon. I'm writing from my current knowledge, feel free to share any other connection you could see.
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