Stories of Covid vaccination side effects or worse

Skimming a Danish newspaper, I saw that the 27 year old team mate of this year's Tour de France, stopped his career due to a implant of a pace maker. In the paper, they said that after a car accident which put him in a coma, then discovered an undiscovered heart error, thus needing a pace maker. One wonders how a top elite athlete can have an undiscovered heart 'error'. The newspaper writes it as if this is the most normal thing.
I looked him up on wiki and it says:
On 12 September 2023, he suffered an initially undescribed medical issue causing him to be involved in a traffic incident. Jonas Vingegaard won the stage of the Vuelta a España that was held that day and dedicated his win to Van Hooydonck. On 20 September, it was announced that an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) had to be placed due to an irregularity of the cardiac wall, placing him at risk for future arrhythmia, and that this would end his professional cycling career.[7]
From Twitter:
Famous Health Influencer Dies Suddenly

Adriana Thyssen
Brazilian health and fitness influencer Adriana Thyssen passed away unexpectedly at the age of 49 on September 17, 2023.
Her cause of death has not been disclosed by her family.

She was known online as ‘Drika’ and posted health and fitness content inspired by her own journey
Cancers Appearing in Ways Never Before Seen After COVID Vaccinations: Dr. Harvey Risch

Dr. Harvey Risch
Dr. Harvey Risch talks about the new 'turbo cancers,' vaccination, and how the COVID virus should be managed. There is evidence that cancers are occurring in excess after people receive COVID-19 vaccinations, according to Dr. Harvey Risch.

Dr. Risch is professor emeritus of epidemiology in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine. His research has focused extensively on the causes of cancer as well as prevention and early diagnosis.

In an interview for EpochTV’s "American Thought Leaders," Dr. Risch said patients must now wait months, not weeks, to get an appointment at an oncology clinic in New York.

here is difficulty in observing whether a vaccine can cause cancer, because cancer usually takes time to develop, Dr. Risch said. It can take anywhere from two years to 30 years, depending on the different types of cancer, from leukemia to colon cancer.

“What clinicians have been seeing,” said Dr. Risch, “is very strange things: For example, 25-year-olds with colon cancer, who don't have family histories of the disease—that's basically impossible along the known paradigm for how colon cancer works—and other long-latency cancers that they're seeing in very young people."

He said this is not how cancer normally develops.

"There has to be some initiating stimulus to why this happens," he said.

Fighting Cancer​

Dr. Risch said that in his opinion, cancer is something a healthy human body can fight and disable, as the non-normal cancerous cells are gobbled up when detected in a body with a functional immune system. If the immune system is compromised, however, it cannot cope with the task of neutralizing cancerous cells, and cancerous cells are left to multiply and grow, leading to symptoms of cancer.

“That’s the mechanism I think is most likely here,” Dr. Risch said. “We know that the COVID vaccines have done various degrees of damage to the immune system in a fraction of people who have taken them.”

That damage could translate to getting COVID more often, getting other infectious diseases, or getting cancer.

Another example Dr. Risch gave was breast cancer, which normally, if there is a remanifestation after surgical removal, the remanifestation occurs after two decades. However, vaccinated women are now seen to remanifest breast cancers in much shorter periods of time.

“Those are the initial signals that we’ve been seeing, and because these cancers have been occurring to people who were too young to get them, basically, compared to the normal way it works, they’ve been designated as turbo cancers,” Dr. Risch said.

“Some of these cancers are so aggressive that between the time that they're first seen and when they come back for treatment after a few weeks, they've grown dramatically compared to what oncologists would have expected for the way cancer normally progresses,” he added.

“Be attuned to your body,” Dr. Risch recommended, for noticing any new signals the body might give.

Adverse Events After Vaccination​

Dr. Risch also talked about the aspect of official medical agencies not recognizing someone as being vaccinated inside the first two weeks of vaccination. This happens, he said, because the medical agencies say that the effects of the vaccine need two weeks to start manifesting. Adverse effects occurring a few days after vaccinations were officially counted as health conditions manifesting in unvaccinated people, he said.

However, serious adverse events after receiving the vaccine have occurred within the first four days, Dr. Risch said. He said three-quarters of adverse effects are being recorded as happening to unvaccinated people.

The decision makers who were in charge during the pandemic "threw out the principles of public health six days into the pandemic and did the opposite of everything that we knew should be done for respiratory viruses," he said.

One example was the denial of effective early treatment and unnecessary vaccinations, which show a “colossal failure of public health through this period," he said.

Dr. Risch said that a lot of people are now less likely to be “propagandized” regarding COVID, and that news reports about a new variant that is going to take over the world in the next month are “propaganda to sell the next batch of vaccines coming out in a few weeks.”

“People are fed up with this and it’s going to be a lot more pushback,” he said.

Risks to Society​

Dr. Risch said that while the individual risk of an adverse reaction to the vaccine is relatively low, once that risk manifests itself at a greater scale, when millions of people have received the vaccine, the result is that hundreds of thousands of people are left with injuries and serious adverse events that are often worse than the virus itself.

Dr. Risch’s opinion is that nobody should get vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine, as the new variants are mild and not life threatening. He has heard of a few hospitalizations that lasted for some days, but as most people had COVID in the past, they have some immunity to these new variants as well.

"There is no reason for people to be vaccinated now, to any degree," he said.

He said COVID has become an illness similar to the flu in its degree of severity, and that propaganda to scare people is being pushed by the government on behalf of pharmaceutical companies to sell more vaccines.

“We live in social contact with each other and therefore spread low-level infections. This is part of human life that we take for granted and we try to treat it the best we can," he said. "That’s how we should be managing this."
More of SC Senate hearings, posting this for cringeworthy effect and as an illustration what we are up against.
At a first glance the masked avenger seems like Little Britain character but more you listen to him more he sounds like some preprogrammed android. This is your average public health policy maker these days 🤦‍♂️
Where I live, we were basically forced against our will to get vaccinated.
It was either that, or you would no have been allowed to appear in "society".

We had to get two doses back then (years ago now) just in order for "them" to grant us our natural born freedoms

The upside is:
Folks are WAY less on board now (not on board at all) because of all that has come out and transpired since then
And a lot of us were also lucky enough batch-wise in hindsight; Thank the DCM !
France: Argentinian barytone Alejandro Meerapfel dies of a heart attack while performing at the Ambronay Festival

Alejandro Meerapfel.jpg
He collapsed mid-performance. An Argentinian artist died of a heart attack on Friday evening while performing on stage at the Ambronay baroque festival (Ain), as revealed by Le Progrès. The show, broadcast by France Télévisions on Culturebox, was interrupted and the audience evacuated, the fire brigade and organisers said.

The singer was Argentine baritone Alejandro Meerapfel, aged 54. He has already performed on numerous occasions in the Abbey of Ambronay. The ensemble Cappella Mediterranea and the Namur Chamber Choir were on stage in Ambronay Abbey under the direction of Argentinian conductor Leonardo García Alarcón when the artist collapsed.

Emergency services were called and "a request for psychological care for the troupe was sent to centre 15", according to the Service départemental d'incendie et de secours (Sdis).
The 44th edition of the Ambronay Festival, one of Europe's leading Baroque events, takes place from 15 September to 8 October.
At a first glance the masked avenger seems like Little Britain character but more you listen to him more he sounds like some preprogrammed android. This is your average public health policy maker these days 🤦‍♂️
Yes, very hard to listen to him but he is well taught in how to avoid saying anything of substance. Like trying to hold an eel, which for those who haven't had that experience, is pretty difficult. They are very slimy and slippery.

On a direct question whether he agreed on the CDC assessment that it is still ok to vaccinate from 6 months and up, he answered "yes".

This guy, Edward D. Simmer, was 30 years in the navy where he made his career so it is not surprising that he is a 'yes man'. Here is his CV and a photo of him without mask (his mask hides his age a bit):
The latest Campbell’s broadcast.
In the beginning he was promoting the jabs and even masks but then somewhere along the line he opened his eyes and took a red pill.
He’s restricted and now only allowed to ‘present the data or study findings’ without giving personal views. He’s getting more and more exasperated as time goes on, and is subtly now telling us to wake up and question the narrative. Or he’ll get Russel Branded. Long may he be able to broadcast

Death of a 12-year-old footballer: tributes and emotions on the pitch
Chrys was 12 years old. The young footballer, who played for USO Mondeville, died of cardiac arrest at home on Friday 22 September 2023. The news caused a wave of emotion across the region's football grounds at the weekend.
Bodybuilder dies aged 34 of a massive heart attack in Acre
Bodybuilder Elidir Pereira, well known in Rio Branco and called "Tubarão" by his friends, died in the early hours of Tuesday 26th in the Acre capital. Aged just 34, Tubarão, according to family and friends, died of a massive heart attack.
We had some foreknowledge that many, many people would die, but it's still heartbreaking to see them go. And what's even more heartbreaking is witnessing that, despite all these deaths, the general population's mass psychosis remained mostly intact. Alas, the circus will probably go on until people have nothing to lose...
I have mentioned these deaths of young athletes and sportspeople to a few people over the past few months and they all denied knowing anything about them. It had not entered their consciousness that they were occurring (probably partly due to lack of coverage in the media in the UK) and I don't suppose they would have connected the dots anyway. It all boils down to lack of awareness. However I have had conversations with several close friends who have been vaccinated and they all (yes 100%) have decided that the vaccinations are not good news and they were not going to have any more. A couple of them have had unpleasant side effects which are ongoing. I am silently very pleased that at least they are now thinking seriously about is happening with the vaccinations. On a sadder note my friend and ex-colleague at the care home where I previously worked before I was "terminated" told me that the residents had had their latest boosters and many of them were very poorly yet again. They were given the covid shot in one arm and the flu injection in the other. Most of these poor souls are frail and very elderly. The wickedness continues unabated....
COVID vaccines linked to unexpected vaginal bleeding

Women who don’t menstruate — including postmenopausal women and those on contraceptives — were several times more likely to experience unexpected vaginal bleeding after COVID-19 vaccination than before the vaccines were offered, a study finds.

When COVID-19 jabs were rolled out globally, many women reported heavier-than-usual menstrual bleeding soon after vaccination. Study author Kristine Blix, at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health in Oslo, wanted to look at the trend systematically, particularly in women who don’t normally have periods, such as those taking contraceptives or who have been through menopause. The work is published in Science Advances.

The team didn’t investigate the reasons for the unexplained bleeding, but suggested that it could be linked to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein used in the vaccines. In general, the COVID-19 vaccines have been found to be safe and effective.

Blix and her colleagues used an ongoing population health survey called the Norwegian Mother, Father, and Child Cohort Study. “We had already, from the early pandemic, biweekly questionnaires going out to cohort participants to monitor effects of the pandemic,” Blix says. In the first questionnaire that covered COVID-19 vaccinations, sent in 2021, some women reported in free-text fields that they had experienced heavy menstrual bleeding. “This urged us to ask for bleeding patterns in a structured manner,” she says.

Widespread effect​

The team looked at more than 21,000 responses from postmenopausal, perimenopausal and non-menstruating premenopausal women — including some who were on long-term hormonal contraceptives.

The results were surprising, says Blix. They found that 252 postmenopausal women, 1,008 perimenopausal women and 924 premenopausal women reported experiencing unexpected vaginal bleeding.

Of these, roughly half of each group said that the bleeding came in the four weeks after the first or second vaccine dose, or both. Premenopausal and perimenopausal women were most likely to report unexpected bleeding in the month after the vaccine, with their risk being three to five times as high as before the vaccinations existed. The risk for postmenopausal women increased by two- to threefold.

Norway used the mRNA jabs made by Moderna and Pfizer–BioNTech, and other vaccines including the one made by AstraZeneca. In October 2022, the European Medicines Agency updated the side-effect information of mRNA vaccines to include heavy menstrual bleeding.

Unexpected bleeding after menopause is usually considered medically serious, and could be an early sign of conditions including endometrial carcinoma and precancerous lesions. Although the cause of the post-vaccination bleeding isn’t clear, if it’s a known side-effect of the shots, physicians can take this into account when evaluating a patient’s condition. “Postmenopausal bleeding is often very concerning and a possible sign of cancer. Knowing a patient’s vaccination status could put their bleeding incidence into context, ” says Kate Clancy, a biological anthropologist at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Clancy’s group has published results of their own survey showing changes in menstrual bleeding after COVID-19 vaccination. She says that the results align with her team’s findings and could help to inform patients and clinicians.

“The most important contribution of this and other documentation will be that female bleeding patterns are included as end points, or monitored, in clinical trials of new vaccines — and perhaps even drug trials,” says Blix.

“Hooray for another group looking at peri- and postmenopausal people!” says Clancy. “I’m so glad to see more attention on a very underserved group.”
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