Stories of Covid vaccination side effects or worse


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When does it stop! OMG when do military and medical people put an end to this?
How much longer do we have to deal with this? The only thing I can do is remember that my great and grandparents had to deal with the trauma and tragedy of two world wars. They survived and millions didn’t. We just keep going I guess. Why, why, why, can’t people see?


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When does it stop! OMG when do military and medical people put an end to this?
How much longer do we have to deal with this? The only thing I can do is remember that my great and grandparents had to deal with the trauma and tragedy of two world wars. They survived and millions didn’t. We just keep going I guess. Why, why, why, can’t people see?
Can't tell, it should've stopped as it's so obvious now. Everyone in my country pretty well knows someone who's had the glorified sniffle that is C19 and the best they can say is that it would've been worse without the jab. Even though it's clear the jabless aren't any sicker than the jabbed. Yet still 1000s of Aussies line up to get tested and boosted and the reactions are piling up.

On this day last year unjabbed Australia had 148 X less people in hospital than it does today. Following a well trodden path led by Israel, Taiwan, Singapore and others.

My organization still pretends it's a thing and insists the jabs are safe however it's death and disability fund has just reduced payouts by 8%! Meaning they're fully aware of the injuries to come. My spineless union issues statements on how to minimize contact with the relatively unjabbed RFS (Rural Fire Service) and concludes the statement with 'In Unity'. Only the fatigue that comes with complying with bizarre and unworkable rules will diminish this.

On a brighter note my job in the private sector at the hotel is normal, no one cares, it's 2019 again. My handyman customers don't care either. Well, maybe they do but no one dares to start a debate with me anymore!

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When does it stop! OMG when do military and medical people put an end to this?

I'm sure that more and more people will be waking up only to find themselves in a situation where acting according to their consciousness will endanger their careers, the loans they have to pay off and their families.

There will be hellish internal conflicts to endure and many might be tempted to look the other way hoping that the predicaments may just be passing by.


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I hope I'm not sounding cynical by suggesting that many people's lessons would be cut short if the Universe decided to make the comets drop just now.
I'm actually finding myself (or some part of me) wanting more hard lessons for everyone, because the only way people learn is by being exposed to lessons. We might still come out on the other side relatively unscathed if enough people actually learn their lessons. Reading about these cases is heartwrenching, but at the same time it seems to be our only hope. This must go on until people either destroy themselves or wake up.
So let it be and enjoy the show. Even though it's a live action horror film unfolding before our eyes, it's the film they apparently collectively decided to watch.
Free will. We can exercise ours in a qay that we don't allow ourselves to be taken up by the whirlwind.


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Yes, this is everyone's speech.

The vaccine keeps you from ending up in the hospital seriously ill, they all say. Everyone.

No argument is valid.

You cannot reason with anyone.

One thing I'm noticing is that the fear of discussing one's position openly, at least for me, has diminished considerably.

I found myself in discussion with an older couple in a parking lot. I can't remember how it began exactly; some nicety about the inclement weather somehow turned into a five minute discussion about covid policies in Canada. -Though, it almost certainly was the result of me shooting down some canned nonsense comment like the one above.

Evidently, I've got Steven Crowder "Change My Mind" conversational debate speed when called upon. I don't know what throws that switch. I feel that half my waking life is spent trying not to stumble over my own words or sound like an idiot. Other times, the information flows easily and I'm quick as a whip.

Anyway.., the husband was nodding enthusiastically with my comments with his wife landing somewhere in between the official line and Objective Reality.

She agreed that the media isn't always true, but could mostly be trusted. I think she might have felt outnumbered. If she were among a gang of covid cultists, I might have had a harder go. In any case, she tried out the sound-bitten "Vaccine boosters are normal. All vaccines need boosters!"

I've heard that one a lot, too. It's easily countered with, "Every eight years is a booster. Every eight months means the vaccine doesn't work. And they're lying about those eight months, too." (That's hard to argue or forget. Delivered with a laugh and a smile.) Her expression fell.

I have pity for these people. (Not the kind of pity which allows me to treat them gently. "Pity those who pity".) More like hard love pity. But it is heartbreaking to see how many of the people who cling to the official narrative are doing so because they are simply afraid, not out of any true belief. Self-imposed delusion, wishful thinking, simulated brain damage, whatever you want to call it, is their primary means of not being shattered by fear and uncertainty. It takes time and long effort to build up a proper, healthy resistance to Horrible Truths You Don't Want To Hear, whereas the immediate coping technique of self-bullshittery is easy and it works in the short term.

Our parking lot conversation was cut off by her abruptly deciding that it was time to go, dragging her husband along behind, her expression set on, "I don't like this and I'm not thinking about it anymore!" Not in a huff, just.., discomfort and the need to escape.

Fair enough. I was just getting warmed up and I can see how that might be off putting, especially given that we were standing the the middle of a parking lot in the Winter. But I've seen that maneuver before. Even in comfortable quarters, people will find excuses to leave the room. I never actually lose these arguments. How can you? They're not even arguments. Knowledge trumps nonsense, and if you have your facts straight, then the opposition must either grow hysterical or leave. Or concede.

Whatever the case, we're rarely going to hear anybody say, "Gosh! You're right! You win! You've completely changed my mind! Thank-you, oh wise one!" during these discussions, or see immediate results. But the seeds do get planted.

My big takeaway was that three months ago, I wouldn't have entered into this conversation at all, but merely nodded politely and kept on going.

I can't recall which YouTube personality brought it up, (a guest on Timcast IRL, I think), described how during the English Blitz, for the first week, Britons spent their days hunkered underground while the bombs fell, huddling in subway tunnels and home made bunkers. Then, after a while they got fed up with living like rats, and within a month or so, most of London had returned to business as usual. -And the bombs were still dropping!

The point being, you can't keep an elevated level of fear peeked for very long and milk it for the same effect it started with. It eventually becomes the new normal and people return to sanity.

And that means you can risk conversations with your fellow citizens without being pounced upon and calls being made to the local gestapo.
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the trauma and tragedy of two world wars.

Not to cheer you up or anything but in WWI it took fully 4 years before humans stopped charging into machine gun fire and dying in their hundreds of thousands, and the only reason they stopped was that the elites finally said, eh it's gone far enough, that's enough blood for now, let's wrap it up.

Notably: it didn't stop because the people said no, we're not doing this anymore.


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If the man didn't have the vaccination paper in his pocket the people there would have probably thought that it was an unfortunate accident.

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Interesting enough, they don’t have to wait the 15 mins with the boosters. I heard my pharmacist saying that to someone getting their booster and I was shocked.

How many more such car accidents have happened ??????
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