Surprising amount of food for thought: Prince of Darkness (1987)


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Prince of Darkness (1987)

This one has a groundbreaking idea introduced at runtime 53:20 (min:sec). I would like you to pay attention not only to the info-heavy dialogue, but also to what happens after this idea is announced, because it is nicely tied to the very end of the movie and it is what basically makes this creation groundbreaking.

Highly recommended watch for a couple of surprisingly spicy cosmological ideas, John Carpenter discusses in this movie. This one is a serious hypothesis in a disguise. Considering how many secrets of the Secret Societies now we know about - compared to what we knew, when the Sessions began, this movie is a breathtaking doozy and eyebrow-raiser.

Watch the remastered version, which has improved minor details & backgrounds, thanks to the environment enriching features of CGI.

This movie was created before mobile phones scrambled the minds of creative script-writers. Especially now, in our age, it is surprising how the dialogue gives lots of food for thought.

Ignore the stereotypical blood & gore elements (necessary for a horror piece), concentrate on what is said. It is best if you watch with English subtitles and stop playback so you have the text on screen - like in a book - and reflect about what is said, because a lot of the times the dialogue is quite substantial. Unusual for us in 2019 that a movie dares to make people think, especially in the a "horror" genre.
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