Surviving Death


The six-part documentary series "Surviving Death" was recently released on Netflix.
It is an interesting addition to Leslie Kean's book. It is based on her book, and she is a consulting producer.

The series is absolutely not sufficient in itself in my opinion. I have also seen several negative reviews about it. Which is not surprising from the skeptics in our materialistic world.
It is true that the book is much more convincing.

But in addition to the book, it allows us to take a more "concrete" look at the paranormal. Like, among other things, to have a better idea of the emotions aroused by the people involved. Whether they are witnesses to certain demonstrations, people looking for answers to their missing loved ones, or families confronted with the presupposed reincarnation of one of their member.

"What happens after we die? This docuseries explores personal stories and research on near-death experiences, reincarnation and paranormal phenomena."

1. Near-Death Experiences
A doctor is found lifeless after going over a waterfall. Now she and others share their near-death experiences. Does consciousness expand after death?

2. Mediums Part 1
Poised between life and death, mediums promise a chance to commune with the departed. Can seekers cultivate that ability and find solace and healing?

3. Mediums Part 2
A medium leads a séance, deeply moving a student. Plaster casts of "spirit" hands — physical manifestations of the dead — are explored.

4. Signs from the Dead
A bird, a dancing light or a caress: Signs and messages from the dead happen all the time, mediums say. So the grieving look for ways to communicate.

5. Seeing Dead People
Can consciousness survive a body's demise? An investigator records eerie sounds at a historic spot, and a doctor discusses encounters with the dying.

6. Reincarnation
Vivid details and unshakable confidence — from a 5-year-old. A child psychiatrist studies cases of past-life memories, which occur around the world.

Michael B-C

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Thanks trytofly. I'll watch out for this.

Always interesting to see how the materialist just have to get that old spoke in the wheel...

...extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence

Which is actually a baseless gatekeeper concept. Science is not determined by volume of agreement but by its quality (i.e. a verifiable, repeatable, consistent signal from whatever source or scale the noise might be). And of course the baseline agenda has been preset (or rather appropriated) by those who have predefined as a given the eminently flawed hypothesis that the universe is materially based, that life is just the noise it makes as it goes around and that all products emerging from it - such as supposed consciousness - merely a further byproduct of the gears in motion and not to be taken as indicative of anything else being present. Thus the hubris of demanding extraordinary evidence whilst they cannot provide even a single shred of supporting data for their non-scientific, negative hypothesis that life or consciousness doesn't and cannot continue after death. You cannot disprove a negative hypothesis and especially one that only exists in the first place as a result of actively suppressing and willfully ignoring/defaming the enormous wealth of evidence existing to the contrary, and accumulated throughout human history (especially and increasingly today).

Sounds like COVID...
I just watched the series and really enjoyed it. It seems that something like this even a few years ago would not be considered by Netflix. Perhaps "the other side" is preparing the many to be transitioning to 5th density in a big way during the upcoming turmoil.


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I saw the first episode yesterday and enjoyed it. I am curious what will happen next, for now, I recommend it.

Generally, most of the content on Netflix is pipsqueak for the distraction and programming of the people, though Netflix can surprise positively at times - probably also for business reasons to attract customers of my kind, but less here. Anyway, this series starts well and I'll probably watch the next episode.

From what is on Netflix, I recommend the Haunted series (2019), it is part documentary (so Netflix maintains) and part film production that tries to show the events that witnesses are talking about; I assume, they are a bit exaggerated to be more cinematic, although it still seems quite interesting to me.
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