Survivorman by Les Stroud


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Les Stroud - known as Survivorman - published some of his documentaries on youtube for free, and it looks like he is uploading more. I watched some of his stuff some time back and found his documentary quite interesting. Of course nobody should end up in such a position of being in an emergency situation and cut off from any help, but eventually this docu could give some hints what to look for in case anything bad happens. What needs to be kept in mind is that every area is different and what works in one climatic region can cause you harm in another. What I remember is that his hardest survival situation was in the Arctic region.

In my experience it is also important actually to practice stuff (i.e. making knots), because just watching and thinking about is one thing and then doing it is another story, though any knowledge could be helpful and who knows if you need it or not.


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IMHO, Les is a joke. If you are interested in this sort of thing, I think the best you can get is Ray Mears
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