Sweet potato & blueberry brownies


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4 regular sized sweet potatoes (Depending on size, 40-50g carbs)
½ cup tapioca flour (52g carbs) (I used a little less though)
2 tbsp of cacao powder
75g/ 2 tbsp butter
260g of blueberries (35g carbs) (I found that 260g was too much and made the brownies too soft and gooey, I’ll try with probably half next time)
5 teaspoons xylitol
1 teaspoon vanilla
bit of ginger
bit of cinnamon
(Roughly around 150-160g of carbs in the whole thing, so if cut into 8 then it’d be 20g carbs)


1) Peel and cut sweet potatoes into squares, place them in a steamer.

2) Whilst the sweet potatoes are steaming, empty out the blueberries into a bowl (or blender if you have one) and process them. Add ginger, cinnamon, xylitol and vanilla.

3) When the sweet potatoes are done, mash them in another bowl with the butter – then add them to the mixture of blueberries (just spoon them in)

4) Add the tapioca flour and cacao powder (spoon/fold it in)

5) Whisk/blend/process it all together.

6) Add them to a baking dish (easier if on baking paper) on 190 degrees celcius for about 25-30 minutes. (you can put a knife in the middle and if it comes out clean, they’re done)

7) Let them cool down to “brownie temp” or eat them hot :D

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