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So my girlfriend and I are planting a garden and we need to get dirt. Has anybody ever heard of tagro? Its made in Tacoma WA, basically of sawdust, sand, and class A biosolids, but it says on the web site not to let your pets near it for the first couple weeks, and not to put it next to a water runoff because it will contaminate fresh water fish. I'm having a hard time thinking this will be okay for vegetables that we will consume. I just want to use some organic soil but it's $17. per yard and the tagrow is $8 any suggestions? here's a link to the tagrow site.



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What is your existing soil like? If you are concerned about plants not having proper nutrients and such, you might be able to get a soil test done. Some counties do this free of charge, I think.


The Force is Strong With This One
well the soil I'm getting is great I have the pH levels around here somewhere cant find them right now my concern was growing using treated human waste! She says her mother and aunt both use it but that don't mean its right.


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I don't know anything specifically about this 'tagrow' product, but I would never use anything on my yard that my pets should not get near, not only for my pet's sake, but for any and all living creatures anywhere nearby.


The Force is Strong With This One
Dont forget to have yourself a good compost pile, preferrably hot compost if you have the time to put into stirring it.
here is a good website explaining how to hot compost http://www.resourceconservation.mb.ca/cap/method.html

hot compost is available for use much quicker than traditional compost heaps.
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