Teal Swan AKA "the Spiritual Catalyst"


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I've stumbled upon this lady : Teal Swan, self-called "the Spiritual Catalyst".
(A good-looking narcissic new-agey guru ?)

First, I'm going to quote some infos about her as published on her website.

From this page :

...her short biography :
Teal Swan said:
Teal was born in Santa Fe New Mexico in the year 1984.

As a toddler, Teal began noticeably exhibiting extrasensory abilities. Among these abilities were clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, the ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields and the ability to communicate with thought forms.

Her parents, who were both Wilderness Rangers, later accepted a job in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest of Utah, not knowing at the time about the intensely religious climate of the location. Word of her abilities got out very quickly and were not only frowned upon but feared by many in the religious community. It was because of Teal's extrasensory abilities that she was inducted as a child into a local cult by a family acquaintance, where she was routinely ritualistically tortured for thirteen years.

She managed to escape from the cult when she was 19 years old. Since then, Teal has become a "spiritual catalyst" both accepting and utilizing her abilities to remind people of the united, energetic nature of this universe and to teach people how to find bliss in the midst of even the most extreme circumstances.

Some other details from the same page :
Teal Swan said:
Teal is part of the first, 1980's wave of Indigo Children.
During the summers, Teal and her brother Sky were raised in a two-room guard station cabin in the wilderness, with no electricity, and no indoor plumbing.
From a young age, Teal began professing that she had been sent into physical life by the non-physical grouping of energy called "Adonai".
As a very small child, Teal began writing an unknown language.
Teal is a victim of childhood MMR vaccine injury. It has been suggested that neurological damage incurred by this vaccine contributed to the extremity of her extrasensory abilities as well as her sensory integration challenges. Teal is an avid supporter of the natural health movement. As a medical intuitive and personal survivor, she often speaks publicly about the harm and misinformation about vaccines.
Teal's love language is gifts.
Teal is an INFJ Myers Briggs Personality Type.
Teal is a type 4 with a 3 wing on the enneagram personality system.
Despite being an avid food lover and cook, Teal must watch her diet incredibly closely so as to not spontaneously astral project or channel. She does not drink alcohol or consume refined sugars, or flours. She is also a lifelong Vegan.
Despite attention for her extraordinary abilities, Teal is firm in her belief that psychic abilities are not a power. They are inherent to everyone, and one gains access to the utilization of them through the raising of their own consciousness.
Despite the severity of her childhood abuse as well as it having resulted in a state investigated case; Teal does not support the current justice system. She often publicly speaks about the fact that you cannot "punish someone into health".
For a time, in an effort to try to "stay in her body" Teal became a competitive telemark ski racer as well as a competitive long track speed skater.
Teal worked for a time as a professional model. She now speaks out publicly about the harm caused by the fashion industry and the importance of positive body image.

Now, from this page :

...the long story (what a story !) :
Teal Swan said:
I was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1984. My parents wanted children badly, but as I grew, my parents were often at a loss for what to do with me. Even though the physical aspect of my life was good because I was well taken care of, the emotional aspect of my life was torture. Even though my parents professed to love me, they often admitted that they did not know how to love me. My parents had such a hard time relating to me that there were two running jokes in the house when I was growing up. The first was that one-day an alien space ship would arrive to pick me up. The second was, "the beeswaxes have our baby". In New Mexico, most of the hospital staff was Hispanic and therefore spoke Spanish. They had such a hard time with the pronunciation and spelling of my last name when I was born that when they rolled me from the nursery into the post partum room, the little label on my hospital crib said "Beeswax".

This understanding gap between my parents and I was only increased by the fact that I was born extrasensory. Your sensory organs are a bit like filters. They filter out stimulus in the environment so you can perceive solid objects etc. As a small child, it felt to me like my filters were blown. I suffered from sensory integration disorder and I struggled with my abilities every day.

These spiritual "gifts" (which I considered a curse and the mainstream medical community considered mental illness at that time) were intriguing but frustrating and a bit frightening to my parents who had never encountered anyone who had them or knew anything about them at that point in time. Because of the reactions that people had to me as a child, I felt like something was wrong with me. I felt like I didn't belong with my parents. I felt like I didn't fit in anywhere.

When I was very young, my parents accepted a job as wilderness forest rangers in Utah. We lived in a tiny two-room guard station cabin with no electricity, no indoor plumbing and an outhouse in the Rocky Mountain wilderness. When I was almost four, my brother was born. My brother was born with platinum blonde hair and bright blue eyes. My brother was not extrasensory. Unlike me, he was happy, playful, rarely ever fussy and insatiably outgoing. Unlike me, my brother did validate my parents. In my opinion, his birth drove a deeper wedge between my parents and myself. I felt like I was all alone. I felt like I was bad. And I felt like I was stuck with people I didn't belong with.

If the emotional conditions of my family had been different, life at the wilderness cabin would have been a wonderful way to grow up. In fact, I loved it there. There is a simplicity and a sense of undisturbed peace that comes from living a life removed from the static hum of electricity in the walls and open wilderness. Raising us in this way was the best decision my parents could have made. But my parents moved to Utah without considering the pervasive religious atmosphere of the state. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints makes Utah one of the most religiously homogeneous states in the nation. It is not a Sunday religion; rather it is a culture that permeates every second of every day of its member's lives. But the community began to notice that they weren't seeing me or my family at sacrament meetings. And rumors about my extrasensory abilities spread by word of mouth around the town. Given that I was born to liberal hippies, I did not conduct myself the way a typical Mormon, female child is taught to conduct themselves. Long story short, I was not received well in the community at all.

After the aggressive attempts to convert my family subsided, the majority of the people in town made it a deliberate point to not interact with us. In many cases, their children were not allowed to play with me, and they would not allow me to enter their houses. I was singled out often in the after school parking lot and informed of the consequences of following my parent' impious choices. I was told that the life my family led was an impure one without hope of salvation. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints professes to be the "one true church" as they believe God's true word and priesthood can only be passed down through its founder, Joseph Smith, making all other religions, the religions of false profits. Spontaneous healings and interaction with things "beyond the veil" were not things unknown and unpracticed in the Mormon faith. These extrasensory gifts were thought to in fact be a potential gift of priesthood, passed from God to Joseph Smith and from Joseph Smith to the baptized and devout. There was just one catch; priesthood could only be passed from God to Joseph Smith, to a man. So, when the rumors began to spread that there was a young girl in town who was exhibiting these very same abilities (me), they were not seen as a gift of the divine. They were seen as a gift of the devil.

For the most part, Mormons subscribe to the turn the other cheek philosophy. But like most religions, The LDS church has splinter groups. One example of an LDS splinter group is the Fundamentalist LDS who have been at the heart of scandal in the mainstream media again and again given their beliefs about polygamy and how often those beliefs bleed into the practice of pedophilia. One seldom recognized splinter group is called the Blood Covenant. The Blood Covenant believes that it is their God given mission to rid the earth of evil. They believe in the LDS church's original teachings on blood atonement. In the Blood Covenant it is expected that sins be paid for with the blood of man. These two beliefs lead the group to infiltrate local Satanic covens with the intent of undermining them and holding counter rituals. It also lead them to participate in sadistic and masochistic ritual acts under the belief that in suffering, you find the light of Christ and through bloodletting you are cleaned of your sins.

In 1989, I was invited to visit the home of a girl who attended the same kindergarten class as I did. Her father was a member of a satanic coven in the area. It was there that I caught the attention of "Doc". I have had to change his name for the purpose of this bio for legal reasons. Doc was in his fifties or sixties at the time. As it turns out, my parents knew him casually already. But unbeknownst to my parents, he was a member of the Blood Covenant, but he had infiltrated a local Satanic coven. Doc was a sociopath with multiple personalities. The only personality that most members of the community saw (including my parents) was a super intelligent, charismatic and successful "do gooder" type of personality. Because of his multiple personalities however, Doc lived a double life. On one hand, he was a likeable, intelligent, local health expert was obsessed with the study of the human mind; on the other hand, he was a sadistic, psychopath who attended cult rituals in his spare time. I do not know if he and my parents had crossed paths again before this point, but having developed an obsession with the idea of possessing me, he followed me in his truck when I was riding my pink huffy bike alone one day, pulled me off the bike and raped me for the first time inside a local Mormon stake house. He placed me back on my bike, but I was bleeding and I was in so much pain and shock I couldn't ride the bike straight. So I pulled the bike off to the side of the road and ran into a field where I sat for who knows how long, feeling like my reality had just collapsed. I figured that what had happened was punishment. I thought that I was in trouble for riding my bike around the stake house parking lot. I remember not wanting to get in trouble with my parents on top of the trouble I had already been in so I stayed silent about the event.

From there, Doc set up a plan to gain access to me. When I was six, he managed to corner me at a horse lesson and turn my world upside down. He held me by my throat up against a wall of a stable and told me that he was my real father. He told me that I was a demon that had taken the place of my parent's real child. He told me that if anyone found out what I did, I'd be taken away from them and that no one could save me from that fate but him. Doc informed me that if I told anyone about whom I really was or what he had said to me, that my whole family would be killed. Being the silent, strong, personally accountable type of child that I was, I assumed that it was me who had done something wrong that day to deserve the interaction. I said nothing to my parents about it because I had no reason to disbelieve what he had said. I was terrorized by the idea that he would In fact retaliate as he had promised If I were to tell anyone about him.

Later that week the vice principal of my grade school came into my classroom. She said the school had received a note from my parents saying I was going to be picked up after roll was called. They asked me if I needed someone to walk with me out to the parking lot to get picked up. I said no. So once roll was called, I took my backpack and walked out of the school to the parking lot and low and behold it was not my parents waiting in their car. It was Doc waiting in his truck. That was the beginning of 13 years of ritual, mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. He re-established a friendly relationship with my mother, which was easily done because he already knew her. And after systematically gaining access to me without my parent's knowledge, Doc managed to capitalize on the already pre-existing emotional gap between my parents and myself. Pedophile sociopaths are opportunists. They target ostracized children. The emotional dynamic between my family and myself opened the door for Doc to weasel his way between my parents and myself. He managed to convince my parents that he knew everything about the extrasensory gifts I was exhibiting and that he was the perfect mentor for me. By that point, I had already developed a complete dependence on him and his approval of me. This is a syndrome, which has often been referred to as Stockholm syndrome. I truly believed he was my real father. I believed everything he said. My parents were growing distressed about how chronically unhappy I was. I had no friends whatsoever. And my parents began to accept that something was seriously wrong with me.

My parents saw most of the red flags but misinterpreted them. I showed a great many symptoms. I was self injuring and so any time I arrived home with injuries caused by Doc or another member of the cult, it was excused away as self injury or an accident that I had had with horses. When I was acting as if I was in an altered mental state because of the drugs that had been administered to me, or because of the extrasensory abilities, it was explained away as schizoaffective. When I would hoard food in my room, they explained it away as a personality quirk. When I wouldn't play like other kids, but preferred to obsessively perfect whatever task I was set on performing (usually an athletic one) they explained it away as me being a talented perfectionist. When I wrote dark, disturbed poetry or drew disturbing pictures, they assumed I was overly sensitive and had been affected by someone else who was being abused at my school. When I kept getting bacterial infections and urinary tract infections, stomach pain so bad I was hospitalized and migraines, they attributed it to a weak immune system or hormonal imbalance. When I was 13, a friend of my mom's who was a RN examined me and she discovered that my hymen was not intact, after asking my mom if I was sexually active and being told no, she explained it away as potentially the result of years of horse back riding. When I displayed extreme separation anxiety well past the appropriate phase of development in childhood and withdrew socially, making no friends whatsoever, it was explained away as shyness.

All of the symptoms that I showed, which were caused by the abuse were attributed to something else, most especially mental illness. They thought I had a mental illness that no psychologist or psychiatrist could diagnose. Don't get me wrong, psychiatrists and psychologists diagnosed me plenty; it's just that they all disagreed on my diagnosis because my symptoms did not fit the mold of any one form of mental illness. Sexual abuse was mentioned several times as a potential by psychologists, but upon seeing that neither of my parents were perpetrators; they were forced to move on to other potential explanations. The idea that I could be getting abused by someone else that my parents trusted was an idea that was simply outside of everyone's reality. I do not know if they even considered it at the time. It was an idea that was as far fetched to them as alien abduction. The sicker and more unhappy I got, the more Doc would "come to the rescue" suggesting that I spend more time with him and that he knew what to do to help me. Little did they know that he was creating the very condition he said that he was solving. From my parent's perspective, it seemed like all the adults around me in my childhood, including themselves and Doc were all working together to try to figure out what was wrong with me, and how to fix it. My parents would let Doc spend more and more time with me because they were desperate about what to do to help me and trusted that maybe if he said he knew what to do and demonstrated such enthusiasm to be near me that I would somehow get better or at least develop strategies for how to live with my unusual brain. I think in some way, the idea of having so much control over me that he could do all of it right under my parent's noses was what gave him excitement. Like an addiction, he had to keep increasing and increasing the level of deception and risk to get the same high. The same went for his need to increase the level of his violence.

To spare you the graphic details, from age six to nineteen I was tortured physically and sexually in cult rituals. I was raped, deprived of food and forced to undergo three abortions (all fathered and aborted by Doc himself). I was photographed for sadomasochistic pornography, sold to men for sex out of outdoor gas station bathrooms, kept in basements and in a hole in the ground in Doc's back yard. I was exposed to electro-shock programming, forced to undergo isolation torture and left overnight tied up in lava caves in southern Idaho. I was drugged chronically by Doc with anesthetics (all of which he had unlimited access to due to being a vet by trade). I was chased through the Idaho and Utah wilderness by Doc "playing" tracking games in which he would hunt me, and I would undergo consequences (like having my rib cage cut or being raped) if I was caught. And I was used as a lure to other children that ended up being hurt and on occasion killed.

When I was a young teen, the men who used to pay Doc to have sex with me did not want to continue because I was no longer a child. Pedophiles only pay good money to sleep with children. So when Doc found out that a modeling agent in a horse supply store had scouted me, and when he subsequently discovered that a young girl could make good money as a model, he suggested that I try modeling. So I started to model. Modeling trips were the only trips he condoned me taking because I would pay him if I made any money at it. I fell in love with modeling. I hated the industry and I couldn't emotionally handle the job. But I loved being in front of the camera and I loved glamor. It was such a different reality from the seemingly insignificant, painful rural life that I was living. I modeled for odd jobs until I was nineteen.

By the time I was nineteen, I was a shell of a person. I was a cutter; I was dissociated most of the time. I had attempted suicide and was still suicidal. I had believed for thirteen years that my family was in fact not my real family, that my life with them was a façade. I lived with the guilt of the belief that I had stolen the life of their real child. I believed that I was evil. I believed that if I told any of them about my "real life" with Doc that they would all be brutally murdered. After exhausting every single option my parents could think of to try to get me help, they were so confused about what was going on with me and so utterly powerless about what to do with me that they had all but given up. I had graduated nearly three years earlier but I couldn't go to college or get a job because I was so emotionally damaged, I wasn't functioning. Just about the only thing I decided that I could do was ski. My parents, desperate to keep me alive, opted to pay for my ski pass and equipment instead of college tuition. My father was an amazing skier. He had taught us to ski when we were old enough to stand. When I was 18 and 19, anytime I wasn't with Doc or modeling, I was skiing. It became my obsession.

When I was nineteen years old, Doc made a mistake. It was the first mistake he'd made in thirteen years. He made a mistake with the dosage of an anesthetic drug that he was administering to me. He had intended to drug me to the point that he could convince me that I had done something that I hadn't done. But the mis-dosage resulted in me retaining memory that I did not do what he said that I had done. I thought to myself "If Doc is lying about this, what else has he lied about?" I could not come up with any reason for him to convince me that I had done something that I hadn't actually done other than to scare me into total powerless dependency. And because of that realization that came on the heels of his mistake, I found a window to escape and I did.

I escaped that very same night to the sanctuary of a man whom I had met only twice. His name was Blake. I had met Blake as a result of my mother trying to expand my non-existent social circle as a teenager. She had connected with a family whose son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It was my mother's idea that perhaps if we found another teen with a mental illness, I might feel some kind of connection and feel less alone. I attended a party with this new acquaintance of mine and as I went to open the front door to the house where the party was being held, a willowy looking young man, full of enthusiasm said hi as he propelled himself into the air and over the railing into some bushes. I thought to myself "what an idiot'. But when he came back inside, and we made eye contact for the first time, I found his eyes and his essence to be so familiar and so pervasively kind that we were inseparable that night. We went skinny dipping in a reservoir with a group of other teenagers and something in me felt a palpable camaraderie and knew that he was so pure and innocent that I could trust him completely. When I fled to his house, he was not home and neither were his two roommates. I was in such a state of distress that I broke in through a window and knew no other way to cope with the distress than to cut myself. When Blake returned, he was shocked to find me in his bathroom bathtub with blood spilling down the drain. He cleaned me up and bandaged me up and told me to stay with him. And so I did. I had no real plan to run away from Doc forever. I didn't think that was an option. But I stayed with Blake for a day and a day became two days and two days became a week and by the end of a month I never wanted to return. I was hiding. I talked to my parents on occasion and told them who I was with but not where I was. Blake didn't know at first why I was so obviously disturbed and tortured, he didn't even ask. But he was so devoted to my every whim that I started to get better. I knew that neither Doc nor any other cult member would come looking for me at first because that would violate the rules of the "bonding" and "call back" programming that they had implanted over the years. If they had to come looking for me, it was a liability and also, it meant that I was the one in control. They were relying on my programming to cause me to return willingly like a runaway dog. I eventually explained the entire story of my childhood and Doc and the cults to Blake, which only seemed to deepen his dedication to my healing process. Again I was faced with the fact that the only thing I felt passionate about and had any real world skill base at, was skiing. So I decided to start entering Telemark ski races. I eventually made the US Telemark Ski Racing team and some years after that, I switched sports to try my hand at competitive long track speed skating.

Some years after I escaped, a case was opened against Doc. Like so many other abuse cases, the years that had passed between the time of my escape and the time that the case was opened left little for physical evidence and so when the district attorney decided there was not enough tangible evidence to persecute, the case turned cold. It was decided that in order for any further action to be taken through the justice system, further evidence would need to surface or witnesses would have to come forward.

After I escaped the abuse, I wanted nothing to do with my extrasensory abilities. I threw myself into competitive winter sports in order to avoid them. I tried to become as grounded in the physical world as possible. I still helped people with them on occasion if someone was in a desperate state but as far as I was concerned, my abilities were to blame for all of the pain that I had experienced. I was tortured by the fact that I could not get rid of them. I was still desperately afraid of the world. When I was 22, I married a man I didn't love because I wanted to be kept safe and I wanted to be taken care of. That marriage fell apart and was annulled after six months. Then that very same year, I married for a second time; I got married for a sense of safety again. What I did not realize then is that I was really trying to use men to run away from myself. I wanted to be kept safe not only from the world but also from myself. Inside myself, I was living in an atmosphere of self-hate so pervasive that I could not trust myself.

When I was 25, my son was born. Having gone through infertility treatment and having lost three pregnancies as a teen, I was desperate to experience the magic of having a child of my own. Contrary to my fantasy, I experienced an extremely traumatizing pregnancy and birth. When we found out he was boy, I had imagined that I would have a physically active jock for a son; a sports enthusiast, who would never have to suffer from the pain that I did. The love that I felt for my son was unparalleled by any other love that I have ever felt in my life. But to my dismay, when he was born, he was born with a clear colored aura; an aura that looked like a prismatic crystal light. These auras, which because of their color have been referred to as crystal auras, only belong to people with inborn extrasensory abilities. Low and behold, like usual the universe had given me the very child I needed. I cried for a solid forty minutes because I was so afraid that because of who he is, he would suffer like I had suffered. And then it dawned on me that if I was going to teach him to embrace his own inborn abilities, I would first have to embrace my own. So I began to see clients again. It surprised me that the things I knew about this universe and the people in it, things I took for granted, were unknown to the vast majority of people. It surprised me even more that the things I knew had the capacity to genuinely help people. After a year of seeing clients, I realized that to my surprise, I actually loved this life healing oriented work. Low and behold, my greatest love had sprung from what I always considered to be my greatest hate. I felt a pull to reach a larger audience so I wrote my first book, The Sculptor In The Sky, I created an online weekly video series called "Ask Teal" in order to offer my perspective on various subjects to the world. And I began to host group healing workshops. Like wildfire, the content I was producing made its way across the world. My bent and broken life started to read more like a great success story. For the first time, like a completed puzzle, I saw the full picture of my life. I saw the reasons why I experienced what I did as a child. I saw my purpose. I finally knew what I was really here to do. And now, I am doing it.
:shock: :scared:

OK, such a dramatic story is possible in this mad world, but I doubt that anyone (even an "Indigo child" gifted with ESP) can recover "so well" from 13 years of complete abuse by a psychopath and a satanic cult, including mental programming. Maybe she has not even escaped it, and have been used as a vector of disinformation/attack, and/or a theta operator if she has ESP.

What do you think of her case ?

To follow : a cursory study of her "teachings".


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NB : she's probably just a minor case of New-Age guru, not really worth the attention. But I take it as an exercise...

Some data :
She was previously known as Teal Bosworth and then Teal Scott before marrying Mr. Swan.

Her videos on Youtube had around 21,6 million views !

Another of her websites, with videos :

Her apparent fan club :

There is a movie project about her life, $50.000 were raised for it.

She claims having a 170+ IQ - without telling which IQ scale is it, probably Cattell ?
Teal Swan said:
They call me an idiot savant. When I was younger, I was given the IQ test twice. Both times the score came in at over 170 points. What that means is that I am a genius in some ways and underdeveloped in other ways.

She worked as a professional model, there is a gallery of swimsuit pictures... :rolleyes:

Many people are skeptical about her :

Globally, from what I'm discovering, she seems incredibly mythomaniac and narcissic.


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I noted Teal initially i think from a share by Bernhard Gunther. Aafter some discussion on one of his FB threads, it became apparent that her past does not reflect her story of child abuse and the rest; apparently the local news media revealed some of this. Later, a few images were brought up showing, at some point, she must have been working towards either stripping, or something similar - not a problem, but i don't think she ever mentioned it.

Besides her information is inconsistent, cherry picked and her 'one on one' sessions with people reek of ego and 'guru' as well as the fact that most of her pieces to camera involve an off the shoulder number and a sultry gaze.

All in all, she's got a LOT of fans and is influential online but, for me, is probably disinfo in one way or another. And her rapid rise is highly dubious.

Apologies for lack of links but i don't feel its worth my energy to track these down, right now anyway.

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She starts her videos by having people breathe in to a count of 6, hold for à count of 6, then exhale to a count of 6. And behind her is all these trippy, hypnotic images. Definitely pushing the 666 into the Viewers minds.


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I also shy away from her mesmerizing beauty and hypnotic music and background video. Too alluring and smooth. Seems rife with potential subliminal messages. Anyway, I get a very strange vibe from her. Though she might just be a highly intuitive woman, intuition heightened by trauma of being a sex slave in a cult (or the memories of such)


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The BS meter is going off like an air raid siren.


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Hi Bastian. I don't know anything about Teal Swan. Have not watched a video or read anything but what you've posted. But, based strictly on that and on the basis of my previous researches, my thoughts are that whatever she has experienced and whatever bliss she possesses is hers and hers alone. There are drugs that will save time in acquiring many of these kinds of mental states and experiences.

I'm not advocating or encouraging any such thing though because my point is that if there is such a thing as an extraordinary transcended state for you and if it is within reach for you then, like Teal Swan, you would probably already have achieved it or be well on your way as result of your own lived experience.

IMO, and based on experience, if this isn't right for you, or if there's nothing to it, then, like drugs, no matter what you temporarily achieve through some strange practices, the effects will be detoxed by the body as soon as you stop pushing yourself. Basically, you'll have to keeping hunting and keep chasing your 'game' and repeating the cycle, which is how some of these programs are designed or how they maintain themselves over time, even if not designed that way.

So, just figured that could be useful info for you, even though I could be wrong. Others have also offered good comments and observations, IMO.


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I agree with Laura.

I became aware of Teal through the Spirit Science website around 3 or 4 years ago. _http://thespiritscience.net.

I read a few of her articles and watched a few of her videos, and something about her didn't work for me.


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I've only seen the first 20 minutes of it, but here's a funny and interesting (because of JP) interview with both Teal Swan and JP Sears. Normally, I wouldn't really post a video like this on the forum, but it became apparent to me after both were asked the first question by the interviewer where each sort of 'stands' in their understandings of what spirituality is. Also too, JP took some funny subtle jabs at Teal's perspective and answers in a way anyone who's watched his Ultra Spiritual videos has come to enjoy. JP's responses seem grounded and genuine in relation to the topic, where a person could actually apply what he said to their life in a fundamental way, but Teal Swan exposes herself while her responses start to become more unintelligible and word-salady as the interview goes on. And maybe it was just me, but I'd swear JP was directing some of his answer towards Teal, but she seemed so lost in her own illusions and half-truths she probably didn't pick up on it - or is too narcissistic to think it applied to her.



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Sheesh, I find her just plain boring...

I would say, also, firmly rooted in the lower mind. (throat chakra)

blah blah blah blah


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Teal Swan is all over internet and her rise in popularity in such a short timeframe, makes me wonder if she might just be a puppet of a handler whose intent is to divert a part of the truth in a blind end road. That being said, I don't have an immediate feeling that she all about thin air. I have been following her for a little while, 3-4 month and listen to some of her youtube videos etc. I take whatever resonates within me and let the rest fall to the ground. I believe that one can use to much energy in debunking things as well, in the end what good is it, if you really believe and trust your own intuition. There is truth in everything.


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DHTH said:
I have been following her for a little while, 3-4 month and listen to some of her youtube videos etc. I take whatever resonates within me and let the rest fall to the ground.
If "you" take only whatever resonates within "you", then "you" are far from being able to evolve, because "you" select only informations corresponding to "your" beliefs / structure.
I would suggest you rather to study what don't fit with your established beliefs - in order to be able to change them, if they would be proven wrong.
I believe that one can use to much energy in debunking things as well, in the end what good is it, if you really believe and trust your own intuition.
You cannot believe your intuition - sometimes it's just plain wrong - you have to analyze (with your intellect) the content coming from intuition/feeling.
There is truth in everything.
What a curious belief - where does it come from, for you ?


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I agree, Bastian, regarding "resonance." The notion of resonance is sold hard throughout the New Age movement as some kind of method to identify truth. I guess this false definition works because our self-centered, self-serving natures tend to make us believe our reading instruments are always right. But resonance can occur in the receiver from sensing anything of sympathetic vibration. It should be easy to understand that if you are, for example, hateful and wish destruction upon others, you are likely to resonate with any message advocating those thoughts or behaviors. But, I don't find I've been successful the few times I have tried to convey that idea to others.

Teal Swan - to me, it looks like a lot of overt marketing techniques on display in her videos, from the crafted thumbnail images (that you might expect to see on a fashion vlog or something) to the trendy gender-political, non-sequitur, and self-help-style titles that wouldn't be out of place in the NYT Bestsellers list. I don't imagine that this material appears compelling to anyone who's been seriously at the seeking game for long. Unfortunately, it seems there is a multitude of these gurus who attract the same demographic who buy the shallow self-help books populating the bestsellers list every year. I do run into a lot of people who are strongly influenced by and reflective of one or another of them, and I've noticed it sometimes feels like a obstructive barrier is in place when communicating with them.

I listened to some of her talks. She might have read the How To Be A Guru manual. Lots of basic/sensible stuff, a heaping helping of "I have special powers," and a plenty of chattery filler, but nothing enlightening. I didn't find her soothing, but strident.


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Hi Bastian, I now see that a reply to your post would be fit. Have been away for some time now, so sorry for the delay.

First of all I do agree with your points of view. It is clear to me that you have caught me on the deep end there, with what you are pointing out to me. So thank you for that. I will be focusing on the opposite as you suggest to me, it makes sense.

You write "You cannot believe your intuition - sometimes it's just plain wrong" is that something you experience yourself or is it a proven fact?

In regards to my statement "There is truth in everything" does it really matter where it comes from. You clearly have a lot of resistance towards it and that fine with me. My experience is that wherever you put your focus, there is some level of truth to be found.


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DHTH said:
First of all I do agree with your points of view. It is clear to me that you have caught me on the deep end there, with what you are pointing out to me. So thank you for that. I will be focusing on the opposite as you suggest to me, it makes sense.
You're welcome.
Notice that it's a common human bias to look for confirmation rather than challenging your ideology : change requires energy, so it's more "economic" to avoid change / evolution.

You write "You cannot believe your intuition - sometimes it's just plain wrong" is that something you experience yourself or is it a proven fact?
Well, I've experienced it badly a few times... to answer if it's a proven fact, one should define precisely what's "intuition".
Let's define it as a "spontaneous thought" (opposed to analytical thought), then :
- sometimes it's "pure truth" coming from your "higher self" (or soul), if such a thing exists - this, you could follow blindly.
- sometimes it's your ideology / emotional traumas (or survival strategies) which express themselves - that, you should avoid to follow !
(Even if, of course, "everything is lessons".)

A book on the subject of intuition vs. rational thinking is "System 1 / System 2" (in the recommended list IIRC).

In regards to my statement "There is truth in everything" does it really matter where it comes from.
Well, logically speaking, the sentence "there is <anything> in everything" is just wrong, whatever <anything> is (potential exception : "God" ;) ). For instance, "everything" includes falsehood or lies. Then how could there be truth in lies ? (By definition !)
You clearly have a lot of resistance towards it and that fine with me. My experience is that wherever you put your focus, there is some level of truth to be found.
Well, "some level of truth" is vague enough to say whatever you want...
If one uses (aristotelician) binary logic, a sentence is either true or false ; anything else is excluded. But if you begin to use fuzzy logic (something is X % true), or ternary logic (either true/false or non-determined / true and false / neither true nor false), etc. you can probably tell anything.
What kind of logic do you use ?

I guess you meant that "one can gain knowledge from any experience" : is that it ?
Then, indeed, I agree. But gaining the knowledge from an experience not always that easy, sometimes it requires long and deep analysis (or a deep intuition !).


PS : by "ideology" I mean a set of ideas (or "memes") that preexists, like all of the -isms, including religions : christianism, buddhism, etc. But also political ideologies (capitalism, communism, leftism, etc.), or social (racism, feminism) or environmental (ecologism), etc.
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