The Bridge (1992)


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Finally, after 30 years of searching for this film, I found it. It took 30 years exactly. This film had impacted me enormously by its beauty, its magnificent images. In fact, it is a film about beauty. And also a love story, and love is beauty.

This film tells the story of the impressionist painter Philip Wilson Steer during a stay in Suffolk. It is the story of creativity, that is to say the power of imagination. The story of a painter and how he sees the world.

The music is also wonderful, the shots, the tempo, very meditative. A permission to enjoy what is beautiful, what is intensely beautiful.

The film is directed by Syd Macartney, whom I don't know at all, and the script by Adrian Hodges.

I don't know why today the title of the film appeared in my brain, and by searching, and not long, I found this little gem. There are days like that.

If you like painting, especially impressionist painting, if you like the sea, if you wonder how an artist sees the world, and how love appears between a man and a woman, you will like this film, I can assure you. The film itself is a great painting, scene after scene.

Let yourself be carried away by Beauty, we need it so much these days...


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