The Consortium, the Quorum, the alien interface, depicted in 'romantic' fiction - what the heck?!


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Once again, by making the parallel of the novels with reality, I found that the conference of Pierre Hillard on the topic of "Pandemic and globalism" brought a little more water to the mill of this history of russians and Putin in these novels.

And possibly, "the Sons of El" would be a stand-in for secular Judaism?

There are several fractions of the upper sphere which are opposed to each other, to appropriate the biggest part of the cake, but not only because the religious side is very important.
These fractions can be separated into two families, even more into two messianic branches.
The Rothschild/Barrington family, which is impalpable but very present in the novels, and the Loubavitch Habad family, which I did not know existed.

A: They keep hitting snags. It's not nice to try to control Mother Nature.
Q: (L) So Mother Nature... Nature is getting in the way.

Both want world governance, but not in the same way. To understand this, you have to know that Jews are still waiting for their messiah.
The Rothschild branch does not want to reach the return of their messiah, and prefers the hubris mode, here is its definition in Pierre's splendid article "RNA Vaccines, Obedience and Eugenics":
By attempting to alter the very genome of human beings, the elites are playing God and trying to fool Mother Nature. In Ancient Greece this attitude was called "hubris":
Hubris, in Greek tragedy, is the excessive pride towards or defiance of the gods [...] The overbearing pride which leads humans to follow a path or projects which lead to certain self-destruction. In this sense, hubris is a crime of power. [...] Hubris is the extreme pride or self-confidence of an individual character which, when it offends the gods, that character is usually punished severely. The central meaning of hubris is doing deeds and thinking thoughts more than a mere mortal human should do and think, thereby showing impiety towards the gods. Hubris leads to nemesis, the inescapable agent of someone's downfall. Nemesis was the goddess or spirit of divine retribution [...][49]

I would add that also:
"In ancient Greece, from a legal point of view, hubris referred to a violent transgressive act considered a crime. This concept covered violations such as assault, sexual assault, and theft of public or sacred property."

And Aristotle: "V. He who outrages (hybris) despises. For contempt is the mistreatment and affliction of circumstances which cause shame to the object of it, and this not for the purpose of procuring anything other than this result, but for the purpose of finding pleasure in it. Those who retaliate do not act in contempt, but in revenge.
VI. The cause of the pleasure which is experienced by those who offend is that they think they are giving themselves an additional advantage over those whom they wrong. This is why young people and rich people are prone to insolence. They think that their insults give them superiority. To insult is connected the fact of dishonouring, for he who dishonours despises, and that which is worthless lends itself to no estimation, either good or bad."

Hybris — Wikipédia

Whereas the Lubavitch Habad branch, prefers to wait, and thus wants a global but multi-polarised governance, where some balance of power will naturally fall into place by all cooperating together.
And it seems that Putin is connected to this branch, and in a way Trump too.

Georgia Le Carre may have had a back door to bring some of the Barrington/Rothschild information and facts to light for the general public.

I focused on the dangers the author faced in revealing, but perhaps like Lana, she too is protected by a "Blake".

And that maybe, yes maybe, that's why some of the heroes of these romances, like Konstantin and Alexendr Malenkov/Zane, are Russian, and maybe that's why we find positive things about Putin.

By the way, I skipped "Redemption" without realizing it.

Here is Pierre Hillard's video in French:


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And there is Lana as totally opposite character from Blake and his family. I think it is a good representation of a young woman falling in love with a psychopath. The author is describing what she feels when she is near him.
I interpreted Blake as a very damaged person rather than a psychopath. His younger brother told Lana, “he’s not like them , he never has been..”. There is also the passage that he reflects on how he feels about his son and Lana and the only other time he felt like that was when he as a boy rescued an injured baby bird and nursed it although it passed away the next day. I think that when he met Lana it ignited a humanity in him long forgotten. It also makes sense that a person as damaged as he was as a child it is only through the intense sex that they have that he starts to feel again. To me this makes sense in light of what we know about the lower centres having to develop first before the higher centres can develop.
Because of the connection she feels for him they explore some of their darker nature together and then end up evolving as a couple. She completely surrenders to him and he completely dominates her and then they start to evolve.

To me it looks like a polar complement relationship that the intensity of their connection drives an evolution that is unstoppable. But just my interpretation.


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Paweł said:
Maybe El is "L" - "L" like Lucifer.

Q: (L) Who is Lucifer?

A: You. The human race.

Yes, forest_light, we on this forum know that. But isn't it that these people at the top of the power pyramid believe in and worship their own version of Lucifer? It reminds me of a quote:

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