The Curious Case of Two Mighty Storms: Saving Japan from two Mongol invasion


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'Never Trust Wikipedia' says:
The thunderstorms of 1274 and the typhoon of 1281 helped the samurai defenders of Japan repel the Mongol invaders despite being vastly outnumbered. These winds became known as kami-no-Kaze, which literally translates as "wind of the gods". This is often given a simplified translation as "divine wind". The kami-no-Kaze lent credence to the Japanese belief that their lands were indeed divine and under supernatural protection.
"Divine winds", on both occasions, 'precision striking' the invaders. Uh-huh, sure.. I thought wikipedia editors were making up history as usual, turning reality into a fantastic fable, but then, I found this independent link and you won't believe it, they corroborate the wikipedia-editors, about what they think happened. Their more objective-appearing account is even more unreal, - you'll see what I mean in a moment. Read the passages about the war, they are quite dramatic. How weak Japan - mired in internal disputes - was only able to muster a puny, squabbling samurai army using outdated battle customs and low-level military technology, compared to Kublai Khan's hi-tech invaders.

The invaders had 3 times as many soldiers, their immense fleet used catapult-launched hi-tech bombs, poisoned arrowheads with shorter bows that were able to shoot twice as far as samurai bows, plus superior, drum-signal-based troops coordination. Yet these mighty invaders were repelled with the help of two storms. Still, even with this supernatural help, the samurais in Japan were almost destroyed.

Now, you could say, its just coincidence. Two isn't really that big of a number. As the Mongol invaders simply massacred entire villages in their way, probably large amounts of negative human creative energy was trashing around feeding the storms. Maybe the Japanese - witnessing their slain people - were hating the Mongols so much that their hate-energy fed the storms.

Anyway - and this is the surreal element here - the account even uses the words describing the extremely violent weather as:
Japan's Miracle
They say that truth is stranger than fiction, and in this case, it's certainly true. Just when it appeared that the samurai would be exterminated and Japan crushed under the Mongol yoke, an incredible, miraculous event took place.
e.g. the mighty storms came.
But this surreal taste of the unbelievable is exactly what characterizes the phenomenon I was describing on numerous occasions.

Normally and as a cautionary measure here on the forum we usually emphasize our explanation as speculation, when we hear about a tall tale and suspect it a complete fantasy. But if its actually happening in your village and people are commenting about the event, can you call it speculation? Doesn't matter. For the sake of keeping up Objectivity, we shall use the word anyway.

What could have happened?
So going with this forum's rules, here is my - s p e c u l a t i o n - about what might have happened:

I think it was a similar operator. Probably not too old, full of libido with most of his/her mitochondria working at full intensity. A single such person or even better a group in 13th century Japan gathered ample info about the incoming Mongol invasion, heard the signals, counted the dead, witnessed the wailing relatives of slain villagers and decided, its time to act.
Modus Operandi:
Its really the easiest job is to amplify psychic "charges" in an already storm-prone area. A land that lays where there is frequent violent storms, to make it unnaturally strong and become super devastating. Make it so its rooting up trees, destroying houses and when out on the sea, triple the waves trashing strength so the sea destroys any ship. You can imagine what kind of thoughts must be amplified in order to create such scale of destruction. If you ever heard "Speaking in languages" during some Christian gatherings that cannot approach this. The wailing and swearing of an evil spirit through the possessed during an exorcism might be too long and incoherent, lacking focus for this purpose. Nah.. How you create such a devastating storm is a focused and relatively short speech without language, vocalizing the violent energy of the storm, building up a feeling what might be called hate - felt toward the Mongols in this case -, but its no hate really, rather its directed into Nature as an extremely violent psychic energy giving it the purpose of total destruction. The result is usually a destructive storm. Understandable the personal hate-feelings toward the Mongols must have been very strong then, so you can imagine the psychic energy that was shot UP there to do its work. The result was pretty much what could be expected. Two large storms on each occasion, saving Japan from the Mongol invasion. Again the results are so surreal and unbelievable, but real, that even if this Operator / or Group was famous and the story "went viral", historians wouldn't have believed it anyway and would have told it exactly as they did. Using the word in the quote above. Because this is how the limits of the Human Condition and its limited mind operating on closed-shut, short-circuited principles.
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Hearing about the great losses on each occasion, the Mongol mothers and fathers had a lot more reasons to grieve, since their casualites maimed a lot more families. Senseless large-scale massacres on this planet surface, organized from time to time to feed the Pain Machine On Earth. The Lizzies and their Masters must have great feasts during such wars.
- I think this is how we destroyed Kantek.
Driving large crystal amplifiers: an inconceivable amount of contractile Evil that blasted Kantek into pieces, causing how many deaths feeding that Planetary Pain Machine?


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Can you raise your voice among the clouds,
or veil yourself in the waters of the storm?
Can you send forth the lightnings on their way,
or will they say to you, “Here we are?”
(Job 38:34,35)

WOW! Found this amazing excerpt in the book I'm currently reading. I don't think whoever wrote this in the Bible - meant these lines as an ode to God. I think whoever had these vivid memories [from a probable 4thD incarnation, I think], knew that these things you read on the top quote are everyday activities in 4thD, like a professional cyclist training or parachute jumping drill or an astronomical observation practice here in 3rdD.
1. responsibility
2. knowing what you are doing / expertise
3. ability

I can do the same:
- I can raise my voice among the clouds
- I can veil myself in the waters of the storm, becoming one with the massive energetic streams of a storm - an immense-lightning-river-of-elemental-energy, it feels amazing, but amateurs can be badly 'kesdjan-burned!!!!'
- I can call forth the lightnings on their way: more that I wish! --> So in the end I wish I wouldn't have called them, because they are so loud and strong and many and it is overwhelmingly terrifying to stand at the feets of such "Atmospheric Giants" of an Electric-Universal Force! Such is the power of those nature forces...
- Those forces then tell me and the whole city area of a multi-mile diameter --> with deafening and earth shaking BOOMS = "will they say to you, “Here we are!!”":

You think, I'm kidding, pulling your feet or I'm a delusional schizophrenic. You probably wish and you are probably convinced that I am mental. -->No cigar for you!!!
The above phenomenon has the special Work Taste of the Unbelievable. Its a very specific psychic taste, as it has two sides:
1. disbelief = the mind is making multiple attempts at brazenly denying that it is happening
2. stunning-startling realization accompanied with tiny electric shocks, and pins and needles on the skin on the neck + spine that it is real --> this is a shock destroying the energy of disbelief

Such the TASTE you better try to train yourself to get used to in the future, as we further drift into 4th Density.
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