The Curse of Oak Island (History Channel)


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Hi All, just wondering if anyone else has watched this yet, and if so, what your thoughts are:


Personally I think the narration is pretty ham-fisted. The show is set up like a lot of the other dramatic-docu-shows of the day, with sweeping music and emotional cliff-hangers.

I do find it interesting, the effort these guys are putting forward to explore the island. You could say they are wasting money, but to them it seems like the fire of curiosity. I don't imagine the whole thing was set up just for a History Channel show, but I suppose that is also possible. I think they started their efforts and probably sought out some kind of media attention to help with funding.

All in all, the show gives a good overview of the history of Oak Island, and interestingly, in the episode that aired last night, they discovered a 17th century Spanish coin in the swamp, indicating that people were indeed on the island before the discovery of the "money pit" in the 1800s.


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I have been watching it. After reading what the C's say is there I doubt very much that they will be able to find it. The readings kept fluctuating so there is definitely some high strangeness going on.


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I wonder if the discovery of the coin could be a (quasi) hit for the C's? Only in the sense that this is the first "proof" that people were there before 1851 (aside from the coconut fiber dated to between 12 and 1400), although obviously that's nowhere near 10,000 years. My first thought was (albeit a little out there) that the "regenerator" could be used to create and plant whatever kind of artifacts you like. So treasure seekers could just keep finding artifact after artifact, ad infinitum. Although the C's do say it hasn't been used.

At the very least, to me, it's a curiosity of history. I'm interested in anything that places foreigners on the east coast of North America before Columbus...

[quote author=,21613.msg226768.html#msg226768]Q: (L) What is buried on Oak Island?

A: Regenerator.

Q: (L) What is a regenerator?

A: Remolecularizer.

Q: (L) Who put it there?

A: Lizard beings.

Q: (L) When did they put it there?

A: 10,000 years ago, approximately.

Q: (L) Do they use it from time to time?

A: No.

Q: (L) Does it still work?

A: It could.

Q: (T) What is the purpose of a remolecularizer? (L) Yeah, what do you use it for? Entertain your friends at parties?

A: Regenerate matter.

Q: (L) Such as physical bodies?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, you just go and stand next to it or inside it or whatever and it regenerates you?

A: Any matter.

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My first thought was (albeit a little out there) that the "regenerator" could be used to create and plant whatever kind of artifacts you like. So treasure seekers could just keep finding artifact after artifact, ad infinitum. Although the C's do say it hasn't been used.

From what they said as I understood it is that it is not used by Lizzards but when they say it could it maybe means that it still could be active or needs to be activated to work. If they were reffering that it is still active and there is no need to activate it, it would make what you say possible. If on another hand it could work but needs activation I think it does not add up because do not think you can expect from some curious adventureres who do not know anything about hyperdimensions to know how to utilize it, that is start it. At least that is how I understood it.


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I have recorded and watched the first 3 episodes, but it is so formulaic (just like mentioned in the first post here) that I find very little real content in it at all, just added drama fluff and vague disinfo. I tend to use the DVR to jump a minute at a time through it to see if anything catches my attention and so a whole episode only takes about 15 minutes to get through :)

I thought I recalled some mention on the forum or by the C's about some alchemist type being associated with this as well (not Fulcanelli) but I can't remember the name to search for.


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I found the transcript from the other C's session talking about Oak Island:,28432.msg353875.html#msg353875

They were talking about some of the parchment and etc. being alchemy. I still think there was a reference somewhere to a specific name or names but no luck finding it yet.

If the stuff was put there 10,000 years ago then I wonder what this other group that was in supposed communion with higher entities was doing there in the 1500's digging a pit? Maybe to try to locate it or add additional protections to confuse?


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Just going on memory (not good), I vaguely remember something in either the transcripts or Laura's books about Nicolas Framel (an Alchemist) and Oak Island. I did a search on the whole forum, but found nothing to connect the two.

Probably I'm wrong.


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Kept digging and I found the connection to Nicolas Flamel.,617.msg3225.html#msg3225


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Lindenlea said:
Kept digging and I found the connection to Nicolas Flamel.,617.msg3225.html#msg3225

Thanks, Lendenlea! That was the name I was trying to remember and the reference that was vaguely stuck in the back of my mind ;)


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The (Untold) Story of The Oak Island Money Pit

The Oak Island Money Pit was constructed by the “powers that be” who were and still are to this day, the secret force that controls the course of mankind on earth.
This organization is known as - The “Free Masons”.

The story of The Oak Island Money Pit begins in the 1760’s
It was conceived by a number of Britain’s high ranking naval officers, who were also Masonic 33 degree members of the Free Masons and belonging to the Masonic “Premier Grand Lodge of England”.
These Masons were members of the Whig Party opposed to the next successor to the throne, the unstable King George III.
These members were:
Washington Shirley, 5th Earl Ferrers – Vice Admiral - Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge – Premier Grand Lodge of England
George Anson, Baron Anson – Admiral of the Fleet
George Keppel, 3rd Earl of Albemarle - Commander-In-Chief
Augustus Keppel, 1st Viscount Keppel – Rear Admiral – Brother to George Keppel
William Keppel – Lieutenant-General – Brother to George Keppel
George Pocock – Admiral – Commander of the Invasion of Havana
Benjamin Franklin – First Grand Master of Pennsylvania who met in 1760 with the Grand Master of England to discuss their plan.

The Mason’s plot originated after King George III’s destruction of the Whig’s political power with his redirection of this power to the Tory Party, and the Mason’s concern of the imminent invasion of England, during the Seven Years’ War, by the joint forces of France and Spain. Spain outlawed all forms of secret organizations, including the Free Masons.

The Mason’s plan was to redirect a fortune to the “New World” (North America), to enable the transfer of the Masonic organization, if and when these fears materialized.
Their plan entailed the capture of Havana in 1762.
Havana’s Morro Castle was the Fort Knox of Spain, holding the South and Central America’s gold supply prior to its shipment to Spain.
The invasion of Havana was under the command of George Keppel, with Admiral George Pocock and Keppel’s two brothers Augustus and William Keppel, commanding the actual attack. They were successful with the capture of Havana and Fort Morro and its unprecedented amount of treasure. They also captured a number of the Spanish Fleet, which was needed to accomplish their plan. Accordingly, Admiral Pocock returned to England with the main English fleet carrying a portion of the treasure, while Augustus and William Keppel along with their crew and Masonic engineers all sworn to secrecy, manned the 8 Spanish Galleons and the 2 British Man of War. This treasure was diverted to a small island off the coast of New England and Nova Scotia now called Oak Island.

At Oak Island the treasure was buried based on the Masonic 13th degree “Royal Arch” (Enoch’s Temple) consisting of nine arches going down nine levels by way of a main shaft (The Money Pit) which was dug down to the bedrock. From the ninth level another tunnel was constructed which ran back up to a point above the known water level, roughly 20 feet underground and at this point an enormous cavern was built to hold the treasure. The treasure was carted down the main shaft and placed up into this cavern. To conceal their plot they had the 8 Spanish ships dismantled with all the wooden parts not used in the construction of the shaft, tunnels and cavern burnt and all the metal parts (canons, anchors and bolts) were placed at the bottom of the main shaft. Flood tunnels were built out to the ocean to booby trap any treasure seekers attempts to follow down the main shaft. A large stone was placed at the air lock (8th level) as bait to activate the flooding. This stone had strange engravings on it to entice any unworthy greedy treasure seekers to pause and take the bait (stone) away for deciphering, thus allowing time for the tunnels and main shaft to fill with water and be destroyed forever. The Masons knew exactly by their calculated mark above ground where the treasure cavern below ground was located, and could access it by digging down 20 feet.

Once the treasure was secured in the cavern and all the evidence was hidden from the island it was documented that the Keppels sailed back to England with 2 ships and a small portion of the treasure, claiming that the remainder of the fleet had sunk in a hurricane on route.

The Masons left several markers on the island to relocate the treasure.
1 large triangle or more precisely a crude Sextant
2 drilled holed stones
1 large stone cross
These combined markers point to the “X” where the cavern is today located.

Is the treasure still in this cavern?

I believe it was removed in 1795

One of the three original discoverers of the Money Pit was Daniel McGinnis, who stated he was drawn to the island when he noticed strange lights appearing on the island just prior to his discovery.
These lights were made by the Free Masons when they returned for their treasure.
This Masonic party was headed up by George Washington, President of the United States – acting Grand Master of the Washington DC Masons.

The treasure’s vast fortune was used, as planned, to further the power of the Free Masons in their new world, with them becoming “The New World Order”.


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Where did you get your information re: Oak Island treasure?
Suggest you go to, scroll down left side of page until you get to part 4 of the Adventure series, click on it and go to the Oak Island section.


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Where did you get your information re: Oak Island treasure?

I have spent 20 years researching this story
The Free Masons had a diabolical plan, but never imagined the investigating power of the internet.


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Hi Robot,

Welcome to the forum. :)

We suggest that all new forum members make an introductory post in the Newbies Section telling us a little bit about themselves and how they found the forum.

Also, just wondering if you are familiar with any of Laura Knight-Jadczyk's books/articles since a lot of what we discuss has to do with them.


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Yes I posted today and Thank You for hosting me!

I am new to Forums and found Cassiopeia through the internet.

I own a computer company in Vancouver, Canada but choose to run it from my home located 500 miles in the northern part of British Columbia, Canada.
My log home is situated on a pristine lake 17 kilometers long, with only the sounds of Loons in summer and wolfs howling at the moon in winter.
The occasional Bigfoot has been sighted within 20 miles of my home and the clear skies are full of unidentified phenomena which leads me to my passion on the unexplained.
My work allows me to multi task and use my time to research unsolved mysteries over the internet.

I hope with the help of your knowledgeable and open minded members along with the power of the internet that we may seek out the truth to these mysteries.

As a new member I have viewed Laura's very interesting books on line and plan to read them in the future.

Look forward to the expansion of my mind and the sharing of knowledge with fellow Forum Members.


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Hi Robot, thanks for introducing yourself, and for your post. I'm skeptical, since your account of the story is so precise. Could you provide some data to support your story about the history of Oak Island? I ask because it smacks of a Dan Brown story (no offense) - Ben Franklin, George Washington, Masons use the fortune to found the US, it's all too, I dunno, movie script-like. I am, however, curious how you put that together... :)
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