The Empire Was Right in Star Wars


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It's interesting to see how things can be easily twisted around with propaganda:

The video is done in fun to show both how propaganda can be used to spin anything and that there are some plot holes in Star Wars.
For over four decades, there has been debate on who the true villains and heroes of the Star Wars Saga are.
With over 30 minutes of content and discussion, I feel that a fair argument can be made in favor of The Empire. I am not implying that the empire, sith, or their associates are perfectly good and I am not saying the jedi, rebels, or their associates are purely evil. But each side sits squarely on a spectrum. With the empire leaning towards the morally justified side and and the rebels and jedi leaning more towards war mongering blood thirsty side. Jim Huss ENT


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I don't know what to say. The argument seems a bit weak to me. But I don't understand politics or social issues that well. Maybe it's just some cognitive dissonance? I guess he's saying that the rebels are terrorists?

The theory that Agent Smith was The One in The Matrix was better explained, in my opinion. This video reminds me of some of the "Cinema Sins" videos. They nitpick a lot and go through all of the fallacies. And I'm thinking that it's just a movie, and I give them leeway to not make total sense and be a bit inconsistent to make a point or tell a story.


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I guess even criminals need lawyers.

The Force is essentially a fairly decent caricature of the Cosmic Mind acting through the Jedi.

The problem was that the Jedi allowed themselves to align with the government. Church & State don't work so well when you fail to separate them, and the Jedi Order's power began to degrade from there. -One of my favorite little scenes from the prequels featured Yoda noting in private that his and the Jedi's connection to the Force had been waning over the years. He didn't offer his theory as to why, but I would imagine if he wasn't a particle in a story, a master of his level would have seen the source of the problem immediately. But what use would a mythological tale have if people didn't make catastrophic mistakes for the edification and education of the audience?

In any case, this situation opened the way for the Dark Side to take over the government; a natural conclusion. An effort to both centralize and bureaucratically establish control over God's will? Ha.

All in all, there was a great deal of spiritual and political insight in these films. -And in an example of the lesson jumping the 4th wall, the latest batch of films, (The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi), after Disney took over were insipid, real world examples of what happens when psychopaths infect and take over the "government" (of media, aka Hollywood).
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