The evil entity/entities that is plaguing my family in the UK


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My mum will be 87 on the 28th of June. She is a very devout person who has always helped others throughout her life, and has been an outstanding example of ‘Work on oneself’ to her children. My dad died in May 2003 – 10 days after we all celebrated their wedding anniversary, and nearly 18 months prior to my son dying.
She helps my sister look after my niece, 17,who alternates living with my sister – 3 miles away – and my mum. My youngest sister has suffered from schizophrenia since 18 so my niece was made a ward of court since age 10 approximately. She hasn’t seen her mum in 10 years,because she got a bit scared of her. However, her mum has now miraculously recovered immensely and they are due to meet once again on the 6 July. Apart from that my mum has my loving cat from Cyprus – who always vies for her armchair.
Mum ‘closed down’ her psychic side when she was 16 after experiencing poltergeist activities when sleeping with a fellow waitress in the garret of a tudor tea-room they both worked in. Examples there were both beds shifting apart/together/across the room – with them in them. Plus candles shooting across the room.
At the beginning of the year we had a serious setback when we noted mum was declining fast, added to the fact was her consultant told her she had a heart problem. I immediate asked he NOT to have an operation and certainly not stents. Luckily she listened and her consultant agreed. I said the anaesthetic/operation alone would be too much for her. (just my hunch). My other sister agreed. We had the distinct feeling this would be her last birthday, at the outside she would make xmas but her sight and hearing were now declining.
(Our medium – without any prompting, confirmed all the above to my sister – especially not to have the operation. Luckily she relented. (He also said that now that no operation on the horizon she will live a few years longer as the anaesthetic WOULD have killed her). When my mum saw him he assured her that the entity would not bother her again. (Though it is bothering my sister in her house).
Other accelerating factors connected to demolishing her health were:
Two extremely bad bouts of virus/flu, early in the year but prolonged for many months.
Unexpected stress on travelling to Cyprus when they overbooked and were going to offload my autistic niece who went into a meltdown – naturally. End of March.
Further nightmare – after they all needed the break in Cyprus – on return journey. Flight was delayed, they missed their connection, and from rising at 4am never reached home until mid-night. The final straw was when my youngest sister came around the next day and gave her the worst virus!! Henceforth her whole body declined, she could only shuffle around, and had to restart injections in her eye – that had recovered prior to the trip! This was 15th April!
Last event was end May. She went to the usual fish and chip shop. It had changed hands. On eating her fish she could smell chemicals but put that down to her taste buds deteriorating. It was not even the cod she had ordered. However, she ended up alone foaming at the mouth, unable to breathe and unable to talk to call for help. She was sure she would not survive, but luckily she did. Just.
The events:
Since end of September mum said she felt a heaviness and dark feel in her house. Also that everything seemed to be more of a struggle to do things than usual. It was just before New Year that my mum awoke to feel extreme pressure on her chest. She could hardly breathe because of the weight. She looked around to see a dark shadow by her bed. She assumed it to be my niece wanting something in the night – though she had never disturbed her at night before. In the meantime my cat had moved to sit on mum’s face – again never before. She felt it was for protection (later confirmed by medium). Thus she could no longer see the dark shadow so did not feel anything to be afraid of. My niece confirmed she had not entered her room that night.
Next event was when mum was sitting in her usual chair when she heard an almighty crash in the kitchen. The cat darted upstairs to her hiding place and mum went to investigate. Mugs were being thrown from the cupboards and smashing on the floor. Then she later noticed that her whole ceramic hob had a huge crack in it. ( My sister recalled running her finger along it later that day saying it was about 1/4inch wide). Mum was very upset because she did not have the funds for a new hob.
Beside herself that night, she stood by the hob in despair. Suddenly she said aloud : ‘ Now what am I to do? YOU are good at fixing things. So please can you ‘fix’ this!!’
Well blow me down, she said next day when she got up and went into the kitchen the whole hob was like NEW. It was totally fixed!! Nobody would have guessed it had been broken!!
The next event was again when she was sitting in her chair reading. She felt an evil entity beside her. This time it started to physically push her into the wall beside the chair. Actually causing her a lot of pain in the process, and it would not let her get away.
A totally different scene occurred a few days later. She went through the dining room to go to the kitchen. She spotted a guy around early 20’s standing there in the dining room. He was very shocked that he had been spotted. Then just de-materialised. She did not feel any affinity nor that he meant any harm. She felt he was more shocked than her.
Mum then related all this to the female vicar at church in confidence, as she did not wish to feel mad. The vicar automatically went around to clear the house and bless her and my cat! I doubt it did any good and explained why.
In the meantime things were simultaneously happening at my sister’s house:
She had been shopping and had put her shopping on her hob to unpack. The hob suddenly was on full heat and burning her shopping. At the same time the toaster came on full. Mugs had also been smashing on the floor from the cupboards.
Now she is having both smoke detectors going off through the night and is unable to stop them. She gets the distinct feeling that it is to try to wear her out – which it is, and she has been under a t of stress this year and barely coping with that anyway.
She is trying to prepare – with mum – all things that need to be completed before mum does die. Including trying to raise cash to put a Stennah lift in mum’s house so she can stay there with dignity. Also my niece is starting a new 6th form school for autistic/dyspraxic and Asperger children – to do her A levels – so my niece is giving a bit of ‘fall-out’ due to the changes etc. She is hard work due to her autism. So thankfully and practically the meeting of my niece and her mum is in timing for when my sister no longer has mum about to assist with the care of my niece. Together we are all a close-knit team despite me being in Cyprus, (Which they 100% support and prefer for me/my health/project etc). We all discuss openly and honestly together with mum – her passing, wishes, practicalities to be attended to knowing she has done so much, must be ‘tired’ and deserves not to ‘worry’ about us afterwards. In fact it is also our way of coming to terms with the inevitable, devastating as it will be!
So the latest is that my sister has taken out the smoke detectors – still ringing – and driven over them with her car!! However, I did point out that she needs some form of alert in the house – especially with the entity turning on fire hazards! She has many crystals as non-practising crystal healer. She says she has ‘protected’ her bedroom, and that the entity stays out on the landing!! Hmmm. She has two cats that watch it.
My thoughts:
My niece in the common denominator between both houses – she could be unconsciously causing these effects – like my mum at similar age. However, she would never dream of hurting her grandma nor do evil things!
My younger sister could have brought the entity into the house, though she had not been to my sister’s house prior to happenings there.
Something is trying to kill my mum and all the external events surrounding the ‘appearance’ of this evil entity also point to wearing them out or causing such weakness/illness that she would die anyway.
My aunty is arriving from Perth and requested to see our medium. At this time mum should ask ‘who/what’ this thing is and what reason it has. Plus if he can psychologically ‘reason’ with it.
My concern is that in this current climate such things are on the increase. Perhaps ‘spirit release’ doesn’t work with such entities? Purely strength of our will over theirs (as I recommended). Plus EVEN if you live an impeccable life, these entities will still plague you!! As Laura has written about the many ‘visitations’ herself.
Thank goodness I have my crystals and our Forum peeps. Very ‘interesting’ but confusing and very testing times ahead.


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When you stare into the abyss, it stares back... and sometimes can climb out on your stare.

I would definitely ditch the mediumistic consultations and realize that most of this kind of activity is a result of stress - EM bursts from the stressed brain/body/mind system. Salt the house, sing appropriate songs, and stop messing around with stuff you don't understand.


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When you stare into the abyss, it stares back... and sometimes can climb out on your stare.

I would definitely ditch the mediumistic consultations and realize that most of this kind of activity is a result of stress - EM bursts from the stressed brain/body/mind system. Salt the house, sing appropriate songs, and stop messing around with stuff you don't understand.
Thanks for the advice, and what they can do. I will let them know.
Mum certainly never dapples in such things, and only sought advice/help after the fact/episodes. They are all in the church choir and community, especially music, being a very talented musical family, so I am sure they will find appropriate songs.
I don't understand the abyss analogy. It sounds deeply dark and frightening like something stepping out of a psychomantium type thing, or a rip/portal type event?
I have no need to see a medium, they already relayed on the only thing that was bugging me. So I just pulled the plug on a fledgling company, gut feel told me to get out of.
More important to me is the NeuroOptimal therapy. Not that I could afford it anytime soon.
However, I do have the book Darkness in Tibet so it may be a good idea to study that next.
For now I am really over the moon in discovering I can really grok the style and methods in Personality Shaping - Through Positive Disintegration - Dabrowski. Viscerally taking that on board will keep me busy enough!!
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