The Fifth Element


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Starring Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich & Gary Oldman.

Four of the five elements refer to the four elements of alchemic Greek tradition - earth, air, fire and water. Gathered together and activated in some way, they create the fifth: life. This reminded me of Akasha and Plato's writings. In the film, there exists an opposite life form that exists in another dimension (6D STS... Ormethion?), that exists for balance. As the director of the film says, '...The more of this life-energy we create, the more it irritates and provokes this other.'

In the 23rd century of The Fiffh Element, humanity has wandered out among the stars. The dark entity's ability to absorb everything occurs only once every 5,000 years when a doorway between parallel dimensions briefly opens. At the beginning of the film, it is shown that humankind once knew how to fight this entity, but as the years past, the way was forgotten.

In the film, there is a menagerie of weirdly exotic aliens: hulking, armored creatures with incongruously small heads called the Mondoshawan who, despite their imposing presence, work on the side of good. When they come to aid humankind, their ship is destroyed by aggressive, warrior-like Mangalores (Nephalim?), an army of mercenaries in the service of Zorg (Gary Oldman). The only remains is a hand (or armoured glove) that is used, via technology, to recreate a Mondoshawan. The result is Milla Jovovich, a super-human of sorts with 24 strands of DNA and remarkable abilities. Aside from being Bruce Willis' love interest, she effectively becomes the fifth element.


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After reading Bringer's of Dawn i gave the super-coiled DNA bit a second thought.

Anyone else feel like a scrambled egg? :-)
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