The H & W Show: The medical and social implications of gender multiplicity


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Had a listen to the show last night. One of the comments made early in the show, this new aspect, control of the language with laws and such, indeed, it sure came about quickly, and I had not really paid much attention to it either. Perhaps there is a new divide and rule angle, as was also mentioned. As for the PC thing, I'm not a good follower, so hopefully I will not get a $250,000 fine as a violation.

Anyway, on a social level, went looking to see some of the roots of these matters, aside from the genetic/epigenetic possibilities, and came across this 1984 paper titled 'SEX AND SOCIAL ENGINEERING' by Valerie Riches - FAMILY AND YOUTH CONCERN (The Responsible Society) 1986, and had a read. Although this is couched outside "gender multiplicity" and contains it's focus to things like contraceptives and abortion, it also looks to the organizations that seem to steer societal education etc.

Here are a few things she touched on. Some of it links to the Kinsey Report as financed via the Rockefeller Foundation (1948 and 1953), which has been discussed on the forum. It might be worthwhile familiarizing yourself with his pathological work if not known. She also discusses Rev. Thomas Malthus (1798) who Charles Darwin latched onto - there is the eugenics issues within, too. She lays a lot of this at the feet of the IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation) and others. I also had a look at the IPPF's current stuff, which now brings into scope the issues of "gender". In general, much of what the IPPF does around the world seems sound, yet I don't know, especially given ponorolgy effects. Also, what is written for public consumption and what is reality may be two different things - here is one of the IPPF's look at the issue based on Hormone Therapy - Without looking deeply, there is likely a great meshing between IPPF with vaccination programs and GMO agra in areas concerning third world families (yes, just looked and HPV vaccinations was mentioned ).

Going back to the original piece, there is a forward written by one Professor Sir Bryan Thwaites, former principal Westfield College, University of London
Winchester, January 1986 in which he says:

snip said:
Valerie Riches’ account is starkly factual. She is recording, not evaluating. Yet she
speaks not as an academic who, all too often even in these hard days for academe,
pontificates from an ivory tower without offering practical solutions to the
problems he analyses. For she is also the driving force behind that remarkable
organisation, Family and Youth Concern (formerly The Responsible Society) which
saw the threat to the stability of society as early as 1970.

There are so many important lessons to be learnt from Valerie Riches’ analysis that
a Foreword can only hope to synthesise one or two of the highest significance. For
the general public, it may come as a surprise to learn of the close inter-dependence
of apparently independent and disparate bodies whose campaigns are, at first sight,
eminently worthy. The “radical establishment”, however; is not only small in
numbers but is highly organised; and the paradox is that it can flourish only in the
kind of free society which it seeks to destroy by the imposition of its own uniform
values and practices.
This inter-twining of membership is, in fact, characteristic of
radical groups.
Much of this, given the particular context, might well light up some feelings to readers given what is currently thought of. In this respect, the mechanisms of social engineering should be more to the point.

Valerie Riches said:
...It is not my intention in this paper to suggest that all those working in the
organisations mentioned are involved for malign purposes. Many sincere people of
goodwill who are involved may not realise what they are actually supporting. They,
and indeed most of us, live according to a new conventional wisdom laid down by
a relatively small number of radical men and women whose driving force is a
mixture of new-found ideology, power and economics.

The assault on the family is not simply a national phenomenon, it is going on all
over the globe. Until we can grasp the fact that the problems Britain faces are – or
soon will be – the problems of the family worldwide, we will not understand what
we are dealing with, or the size of the issues at stake, or how to find solutions.

The aim of this booklet is to reveal some of the driving intellectual forces in the
concerted attempt to alter the future destiny of the family through the sex
education of children.
Given that this is, as said, looking at issues such as birth control and abortion from back in 1986, take it forward with some of the content in other contexts:

A remarkable book was also published in America which documented the activities
of the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS). It
was entitled The SIECUS Circle – A Humanist Revolution (6). SIECUS was set up in
1964 and lost no time in engaging in a programme of social engineering by means
of sex education in the schools. Its first executive director was Mary Calderone,
who was also closely linked to Planned Parenthood, the American equivalent of the
British FPA. According to The SIECUS Circle, Calderone supported sentiments and
theories put forward by Rudolph Dreikus, a humanist, such as:

– merging or reversing the sexes or sex roles;
– liberating children from their families;
– abolishing the family as we know it (7).

Even though the authors of the books mentioned above had begun their
investigations from different angles, the almost universal conclusion was that there
is a carefully planned international attack upon the nature of the family and the
value of human life.


There is no better example of the ideology lying behind the pressures for sex
education than that contained in Can People Lean to Learn? by Dr. Brock Chisholm,
humanist, and first director of the \\World Health Organisation and subsequent
President of the World Federation for Mental Health (8).

Chisholm was wedded to the idea of world government, and believed that those
who opposed him were neurotic, selfish or mentally sick. He believed the most
persistent barrier to developing a civilised way of life in the world was the concept
of “right and wrong,” a concept which he thought should be eradicated
. Codes of
belief, fixed rules or dogmatism, were anathema to him. Children had to be freed
from national, religious and other cultural “prejudices” forced upon them by
parents and religious authorities. He saw parents as dictators and suppressors of
the child’s better nature, and believed that sex education should be introduced in
the fourth grade, eliminating “the ways of elders” by force if necessary
Chisholm’s ideology is deeply embedded in the thinking of the sex education
missionaries, as can be seen in many fashionable sex education publications and



In spite of the inadequacies of the methods employed by Kinsey, the revelations in
his reports quickly came to be treated as fact and were used by the media, “sexual
minorities” and vested interests as an excuse for sexual freedom. Sex became a
commodity to be exploited and love a subject to be avoided. It is impossible to
underestimate the far-reaching influence these oft-quoted reports have had on
sexual attitudes, sexual behaviour and sex education policies. The Kinsey reports
provided the blueprint for the sex education missionaries – and the long term
effects on Western societies are obvious


The FPA also provides courses for the training of teachers, youth leaders, social
workers, doctors and others. Many of these courses are funded by the Department
of Health. In 1974, the FPA issued a statement on sex education which said that
one of FPA’s goals was to create a society in which “archaic sex laws and irrational
fears of sex and sex exploitation are nonexistent.”
(29) To this end, it should be
noted that the FPA tacitly supported a report from the Sexual Law Reform Society
which advocated, among other sexually liberating proposals, that the age of
consent should be reduced to fourteen years of age, including consent to incest,
the fear of which was regarded as “irrational”

Throughout the 1970’s, the FPA enthusiastically supported every radical book that
came onto the market, including The Little Red School Book, later judged obscene by
the Courts. Another book Sex Education The Erroneous Zone, published by the
National Secular Society, was promoted by the FPA. This advised that economic
freedom would give girls the ability to choose as many lovers as they wished, of
either sex. It also suggests oral and anal intercourse as methods of contraception, a
suggestion which occurs more and more often in sex education publications for the

The FPA was also involved in the promotion of Make It Happy, by the Secretary of
the Sexual Law Reform Society. This book seeks to undermine laws and social
constraints which regulate sexual behaviour in any civilised society. Oral and anal
intercourse, group sex, communal masturbation, incest between brothers and
sisters, and sexual contact with animals short of actual coupling are put forward,
with the suggestion that those who oppose such activities are old-fashioned and
killjoy (31).

The FPA’s attitude to parents is entirely consistent with Chisholm’s view that they
are suppressors of their children’s better nature. “Parents – they’re the most
dangerous people of all,” said an FPA spokeswoman (38).

The FPA advised the Department of Health on the memorandum on family planning
services published in 1974, which removed parental responsibilities for their
under-aged children. But even before that, the FPA advised adolescents to go to
advisory clinics which would “treat your problems sympathetically and not tell your
parents unless you want them to know:” (39) The FPA and its offshoots bring all
their power to bear upon parental moves to have their rights restored. The reason
is clear. Lady Brook, founder and President of the Brook Advisory Centres, wrote in
reply to criticism of the sex education missionaries:

“It is now the privilege of the Parental State to take major
decisions objective, unemotional, the State weighs up what is
best for the child ...” (40)
Like I said in the beginning, this all kind of came up without a great deal of focus, and I'm still just digesting what it all means. Given epigenetics, toxins, behavioral modification and all the programing that goes on, and mostly, the ponerology that comes out of the pens and mouths of people like Kinsey, there is likely a lot going on here.

Amendment: Just looking into what is current on Valerie Riches, the Irish Times (IT) had this to say:

The Irish Responsible Society, of which five key PLAC leaders were members, was the Irish branch of the group led by the English right-wing Catholic activist Valerie Riches (now a papal dame). For Riches, the degeneration of society through sexual permissiveness was a conspiracy driven by International Planned Parenthood.
Okay, so the IT refers to her as a "right-wing Catholic activist" and a "papal dame", along with the title of conspiracy theorist against IPPF. I read also, she is a homophobic, I guess, which might be so.

More research is needed.


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Thanks for sharing that voyageur. It seems this increase in gender confusion fits snug into the agenda below:

According to The SIECUS Circle, Calderone supported sentiments and
theories put forward by Rudolph Dreikus, a humanist, such as:

– merging or reversing the sexes or sex roles;
– liberating children from their families;
– abolishing the family as we know it (7).
I have trouble seeing the kind of effects abolishing gender roles will have in society... aside from possible skill shortages in paired couples when it comes to certain things. :/ The later two points seem downright insidious though. "Liberating" children sounds like opening them up to become prey for indoctrination and exploitation by predators in the state. Getting rid of families in general seems to be being accomplished by the increasing ways in which the developing sexuality of teenagers/adults is being perverted through pornography and paraphilias. In essence it prevents them from being able to form normal sexual and emotional relationships with others. It reduces reproduction as well, which is certainly becoming more difficult with the decreased fecundity of people from environmental pollution. Japan is kind of a canary in the coalmine on this issue.

Japan's under-40s appear to be losing interest in conventional relationships. Millions aren't even dating, and increasing numbers can't be bothered with sex. For their government, "celibacy syndrome" is part of a looming national catastrophe. Japan already has one of the world's lowest birth rates. Its population of 126 million, which has been shrinking for the past decade, is projected to plunge a further one-third by 2060. Aoyama believes the country is experiencing "a flight from human intimacy" – and it's partly the government's fault.
Keit said:
This is a new model for a Cover Girl.
Yeah, it's Cover Girl's very first male model for their makeup brand's flagship magazine. I guess they're trying to get more men into makeup?
Also, the model identifies as male so he's not considered by the culture to be "trans". He's "cis", but more likely to be called "sissy" by some who believe strongly in gender proscriptions like "only women should be using makeup to style themselves or cover up perceived personal defects". I'm not a fan of makeup in general, whichever sex wears it, due to the inherent subterfuge of the act, animal cruelty issues, heavy metal content, etc.


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Keit said:
This is a new model for a Cover Girl.
I came across this video last night by the band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and thought it related to the discussion on the show. It depicts a woman seemingly 'freeing herself' from the constraints of femininity to become more masculine. Notice the abundance of tattoos.


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I identify myself as a unicorn. Can I have my own bathrooms and privileges? This tolerance nonsense is getting ridiculous.

Really bizarre how this gender thing is becoming the next cool thing.

There is nothing healthy about tolerating mental illnesses.

If people really want to help those people. Try to understand what is truly happening with them. Instead of encouraging their mental illness, which only prolongs there suffering.


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Thanks for sharing voyageur, quite disturbing to know what kind of people have been running these organizations. While looking for more information I found these two papers by Anthony Hegarty MSc (Criminology & Criminal Psychology), I haven't read all of it yet, but it includes very shocking information. It's a bit off-topic as it isn't so much about gender multiplicity, but rather about attempts made to normalize pedophilia.

"The paper concludes with the assertion that those involved in the 1940s ‘research’ were part of a wider conspiracy to alter societal attitudes in order that adult child sexual relationships would eventually become normalised; and the contention is they are succeeding."

Part 1
Part 2

It also includes information about SIECUS, FPA, and other organizations.

Regarding gender identity issues, there used to be very few people who seriously had these issues. It is quite peculiar, and strange that the number of cases have increased tremendously. BBC article says:

The number of children referred to the NHS with gender identity issues has increased significantly in recent years, according to figures obtained by the BBC.

The details were revealed after a five-year-old Nottinghamshire boy recently returned to the classroom as a girl.

The Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) said 969 under-18s have been referred in the UK in 2015-16, including nearly 200 aged 12 or under.

This compares to just 94 in 2009-2010.
That is not really normal. It seems that society is increasingly becoming bizarre.


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Keit said:
This is a new model for a Cover Girl.
I remembered this case of the new Cover Girl image when hearing the show. And I think that fashion industry has done this for a while now, you can see models being more masculine looking with time, finding the normal body type of girls, with curves and all, not very appealing, and I may be wrong, but this leading to lots of girls in that industry with ED's so they can fit into those standards imposed by the fashion mafia. :shock:


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So first they mix up the genders.

Than they can start to mix up sexuality in age?

So that's the secret formula to make pedophilia acceptable.

Seems that they are halfway through that process.


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bjorn said:
So first they mix up the genders.

Than they can start to mix up sexuality in age?

So that's the secret formula to make pedophilia acceptable.

Seems that they are halfway through that process.
Assuming that there is a 'they' directing this trend, it's quite possible. It also seems like some in this extremely dumbed-down generation want something to rebel against, so they decide to rebel against their own biology, the 'patriarchy', all religion and/or spirituality, all societal structures good and bad.

The gender thing and entire sexual liberation movement is enough to destroy western society IMO, even without all the other stuff going on right now. It's basically reverting people back to neanderthal level of mating strategy. There will be no more marriage, no more bonds based on love. Just meaningless sex and shiny new virtual reality porn. Productivity will decrease, the birthrate will fall, foundations of society will be no more - all mainly because a large part of the meaning of life for most people comes down to romantic love and family. We really don't have much else down here on Earth.

But it will be an absolute playground if you happen to be a psychopath.


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[quote author= Carl]But it will be an absolute playground if you happen to be a psychopath.[/quote]

Yeah, psychopaths will make humanity unrecognizable. Western society is about to get a makeover. This are the genders you can choose from on Facebook : (58 so far.)

• Androgynous
• Bigender
• Cis
• Cisgender
• Cis Female
• Cis Male
• Cis Man
• Cis Woman
• Cisgender Female
• Cisgender Male
• Cisgender Man
• Cisgender Woman
• Female to Male
• Gender Fluid
• Gender Nonconforming
• Gender Questioning
• Gender Variant
• Genderqueer
• Intersex
• Male to Female
• Neither
• Neutrois
• Non-binary
• Other
• Pangender
• Trans
• Trans*
• Trans Female
• Trans* Female
• Trans Male
• Trans* Male
• Trans Man
• Trans* Man
• Trans Person
• Trans* Person
• Trans Woman
• Trans* Woman
• Transfeminine
• Transgender
• Transgender Female
• Transgender Male
• Transgender Man
• Transgender Person
• Transgender Woman
• Transmasculine
• Transsexual
• Transsexual Female
• Transsexual Male
• Transsexual Man
• Transsexual Person
• Transsexual Woman
• Two-Spirit

Can you imagine all of this roaming the Earth in mass numbers. I don't even know what most of it should represent. But apparently, this is how a society that accepts pedophilia looks like.

In order to make pedophilia acceptable, they have to get humanity in such a bad shape that they start transforming themselves into half human, half something creatures. Because obviously no sane person would ever accept pedophilia. Only way how is to get everyone insane about their gender and sexuality.


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This reality discussed and some comments made above got me thinking about this interview Behind the Headlines - Interview with Stefan Verstappen - Paradise Stolen, whereby Stefan discusses one of his video's concerning Dr. John Calhoun's mouse experiment. Although this experiment was on over population, which is more about densely populated societies (and what the thresholds for that are I don't know), it was also about transformation in society. Have a look at the transcript of what he discussed (bold mine):

There's some studies from behavioralists that do make some sense. There's something there in the behavioural sciences and one of those things was the mouse utopia experiment. Now in the video I dug up this old video of the actual mouse utopia experiment with Dr. Calhoun and I edited it because it was a lot longer, just to get the points across. But the actual results of those experiments were horrific. I don't tell you in the video what really happened and they don't tell you in the video what really happened.

But what happened to the mice, and they repeated this experiment numerous times with mice and rats and under different conditions. They replicated the experiment at least two dozen times, always with pretty much the same results. But what happened was the mice and the rats all went insane. They went like zombie apocalypse. There were rat rape gangs that would break into the dens of other rats and kill and eat the males and gang rape the females and then kill and eat the females. I mean we are talking apocalyptic nightmare! This is what happened.

In the mouse experiment on the video it only says "They all died." They all died, that's right. It didn't explain exactly why. They all died because they went insane. What happened was the survivors, the ones that weren't raped, murdered and eaten by other rats were so dysfunctional they could not perform sex anymore. They couldn't have babies. And if they were somehow able to reproduce the mothers were so dysfunctional they were unable to raise the infants into adulthood and so the infants perished. So they weren't able to reproduce and replace their diminishing numbers. And that's how they all died.
It makes me curious that there seems a type of engineering behind this strange new phase we seem to be encountering - long term changes in society. It seems all upside down and it may well help to lead society, incrementally or in certain areas, into a type of "dysfunctional" state, as Verstappen indicates.

His video seems to discuss when humans turn their focus inward on self-love, constantly grooming themselves and inverting their natures, at least that's what was remembered. In the dynastic cycles he discusses, this type of focus must have been prevalent at the apex prior to the fall, or in some cycles (with other reasons too). Within our technological age, an age of medical synthesizing and modifications, this focus seems all to easy to push along with the constant mental confusing bombardments we see in society today. Hence, four year old children being psychologically and medically readied for a physical altered orientation and the establishments that would condone this, let alone a parent who would offer up their child for this transformation. How rapidly this gets pushed along remains to be seen, yet there seems to be many enablers helping to create an educational platform for children, laws, media, psychological systems and medical drugs and procedures that will carry this forward, or so it seems.

Added: I had the wrong link for the IPPF above, it's this pdf that discusses some of the issues and how to look at them, some of which are directed to associate members:

Edit: Here is a brief wiki-bio on John B. Calhoun

(May 11, 1917 – September 7, 1995) was an American ethologist and behavioral researcher noted for his studies of population density and its effects on behavior. He claimed that the bleak effects of overpopulation on rodents were a grim model for the future of the human race. During his studies, Calhoun coined the term "behavioral sink" to describe aberrant behaviors in overcrowded population density situations and “beautiful ones” to describe passive individuals who withdrew from all social interaction. His work gained world recognition. He spoke at conferences around the world and his opinion was sought by groups as diverse as NASA and the District of Columbia’s Panel on overcrowding in local jails. Calhoun's rat studies were used as a basis in the development of Edward T. Hall's 1966 proxemics theories.


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I think there's another force involved in these disturbing new social trends.

Bad food, toxins and iodine deficiency have led to broad hormonal imbalances in the population. -One particular note which struck me while exploring the iodine deficiency situation; David Brownstein explains that Iodine is integral to all hormonal activity in the body and that girls, as they grow up and develop, are especially prone to these effects during their teen years. -As if being a teenager isn't challenging enough!

We see teens and young adults today more emotionally unstable and fragile than ever. I have known many young women in particular who have great trouble managing their emotional states, frequently reporting depression and social anxiety at high levels.

For people growing up in these states -and it is not just young women who are affected- the old chestnut, "Sticks and Stones may Break my Bones, -but words will never hurt me" is simply not true. For them, hurt feelings represent a real and major experiential factor in their lives which they struggle to deal with.

For people caught in this mental health crisis, the popular movement toward respecting people's feelings above all else actually represents a rational response to the conditions they experience.

Of course, they are not addressing or are for the most part even cognizant of the root problems which have led to their current situation. I've met many medicated vegetarian youth who are hopeless messes who run away when I've gently tried to introduce the ideas of healthy diet or even just iodine supplementation. (The first because, "Animals have Feelings!" and the second, I think, because, "Not everybody else is singing in chorus about it, which means it isn't an acceptable Herd Activity (like being gay or tattooed and thus acceptably 'non-conformist' :huh:) and I have enough trouble being accepted as it is without listening to your weird ideas, thank-you very much. But I'm not judging you. Love and light!".)

I am regularly struck by the similarity between humans today and cows. I see it even in subtle movements and expressions and mannerisms.

Cows are gentle, sensitive creatures which do not rebel against their "Food" status. -Bred from once powerful creatures down into a population which is easily managed by their masters. This was a deliberately achieved goal and I suspect the same is true of the Human/Master relationship today.

I think a ponorized agenda with the whole gender-bending movement is fairly obvious, and it seems to be leveraging the drive among legions of the emotionally unstable to respect feelings at all costs. If somebody decides to take on one of those new gender labels, the most socially offensive crime one can commit is to look askance at their choices.

Bound up with the drive to respect feelings is the inability to deal with reality. -Truth hurts, and if you don't have a strong body and brain and thus emotional base, such pain may be so overwhelming that the escape hatch of wishful thinking can be very enticing.

Wishful thinking has always included at its core the desire to turn inward, rejecting reality, in this case, even one's own biology. "God is a big meanie who hurts people. We should be able to choose and have respected our own sexuality! Such a choice signals my rejection of, my Vote Against this terrible, terrible Universe!" If all the Herd says so at the same time, loudly enough, and if it aggressively uses the one tool at its disposal, that of socially shaming others, (applying the thing most feared; emotional pain!) against those who raise rational objections, then maybe.., just maybe the wishful thinking bubble can remain a "safe space" for another day or week.

Anything to keep the tidal waves of anxiety at bay!


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If you want to poison the minds of the people. Start with poisoning their bodies, right? Maybe the two or somehow interconnected.

With vaccines and pesticides creating Autism epidemics. What do you think happens when over half is autism born. I mean this are the predictions we are talking about for the next decade. And it's only going to get more extreme.

With autism life itself is rather traumatizing. And sanity isn't your birthright either. When those people get raised in an insane society that practices 'gender theory' You are going to get these people insane and confused about their gender and sexuality real fast. Especially when it is encouraged.

Mental illness comes more natural with autism than sanity. Not that I can speak for everyone.

If this is right, ''gender theory'' is about to conquer Western society at a real fast pace.

Senior scientist at MIT declares 'half of all children will be autistic by 2025' thanks to Monsanto


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In some of the arguments I've had with the most stubborn and vociferous (insane) pro-vax people, I've become aware of something particularly disturbing bubbling just beneath the surface, and I think with the right conditioning the population might be persuaded to adopt the following progression of opinion...

1. Why are you anti-vaxxers so against autism? Are you judging them?

2. Be proud of your autism! Only elitists would want their kids to be free of the spectrum! A good citizen should strive to not be too intelligent!
(I suspect that anybody who has been vaccinated has become at least a bit more stupid and brain-damaged than somebody who hasn't.)

I think this progression of opinion is a stretch, but then prior to 9-11 I thought broad mosque-burning anti-Muslim sentiment was an impossibility. I can't even understand how I believed that now, but at the time I just didn't think it could happen.

The pro-vax people are obviously nuts; it's like trying to work with robots with buggy software when you encounter their reactions and logical flaws and weird thought loops. There's something off about the stand-out examples I've encountered. It feels to me like they are a variation of shooters or bombers going off on schedule.

But more so, I get the impression that they resent the sane, and maybe having elected to reject reality and align with the forces trying to make us stupid, they aren't actually pro-vax so much as they are anti-awareness. They see the vaccination program as a means to disengage from their interaction with the Creation. They WANT to sink into autism, and they WANT to drag the rest of the world with them.

There's a reason the intellectuals are wiped out during fascist periods.


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Woodsman said:
In some of the arguments I've had with the most stubborn and vociferous (insane) pro-vax people, I've become aware of something particularly disturbing bubbling just beneath the surface, and I think with the right conditioning the population might be persuaded to adopt the following progression of opinion...

1. Why are you anti-vaxxers so against autism? Are you judging them?

2. Be proud of your autism! Only elitists would want their kids to be free of the spectrum! A good citizen should strive to not be too intelligent!
(I suspect that anybody who has been vaccinated has become at least a bit more stupid and brain-damaged than somebody who hasn't.)

I think this progression of opinion is a stretch, but then prior to 9-11 I thought broad mosque-burning anti-Muslim sentiment was an impossibility. I can't even understand how I believed that now, but at the time I just didn't think it could happen.
A stretch perhaps, but I got the feeling as well that the media is slowly 'legitimizing' autism, i.e. promoting the view that it's not a mental illness, but a somehow valuable way of life. There seems to be some admiration for spectacular 'insular talents' by such people, and even Aspergers is portrayed somehow favorably (for example in the Danish series The Bridge), the total lack of empathy being seen as 'cool'. I guess all this fits into the overall picture of a society that goes down the tubes on every level.
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