The Health & Wellness Show: Chronic pain: Is it all in your head?


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Just chiming in to say I caught the show and it was highly interesting. There were two video links noted in the chat (grateful!) that were checked out;

1. The Placebo Experiment Can My Brain Cure My Body
2. Chronic Pain - Is it All in Their Head? - Daniel J. Clauw M.D

Dr. Clauw had so many details and explanations in his step by step discussion. When it came to opioids, it fit right into the Fentanyl discussion on the other thread - like the anti-opioid drug Naloxone that treats opioid overdose and Naltrexone (oral dose) which fights opioids. This showed why opioids are not a good choice for centralized pain and even acute pain as it can make everything much worse and why. The former two actually work better to block the opioid brain receptors and pain in some cases.

Then there was the opioids themselves, as Daniel makes the point that he never uses opioids to treat Chronic pain and then makes a further point that only in US; and he brings up Canada, do they do this, most all other country's don’t because they know they don’t work. This also leaks over into acute pain, as said above, being prescribed post surgery much more than in any other country (Canada is no exception). The basic math is that in the US/Canada they use 83% of the worlds opioids with 3% of the population of the world, thus it was well understood that opioids did not work back in the 80’s. Thereafter, the pharmaceutical co’s twisted it all around and voila, mass opioid prescriptions and black market sales, and we see the societal results.

So, from prescribed opioids that may later move to on the street cheap heroin due to availability and cost, it will at some point get spiked with Fentanayl as Clauw seems to be saying.

He offers up discussion on Cannabinoids (and its problems (medical type) - mostly pyhsician do not know enough) and natural methods for pain management, as the show was about too.

Excelled, thank you all!
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