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I would like to share my experience with the herb spiral, this three dimensional bed is
a good start for permaculture gardening, and for folks with little space in the garden.

Nearly in every second garden in our location you can find a herb spiral, we are a
herbal area and predominantly „ alternative“ people live here.

The herb spiral is based on permaculture.

Here a link:

I would recommend to surch for„ Kräuterspirale“ , under the German word you will find very good pictures and sketches. ( Sometimes a picture says a thousand words).

My short instruction for people who are searching for a new springtime garden project:

Before you start, remove the sward where you like to construct the spiral (visual judgement). Use old bricks, they better store heat and moisture, then pebbles or other stones.

The spiral have four climate zones, you start with the Waterzone:
Wet, cause of the small pond. The pond should be integrated into the environment.
The pond must be arranged to the south. Traditionally the spiral is build clockwise in
the northern hemisphere and anti- clockwise in the southern hemisphere.
For the crossing from the pond to the moistzone i have used an old potato sack, made out of jute, the sack becomes impregnated and so moist the second zone. Here i have plant watercress.

Moistzone: Sunny, moistly, rich in humus, filling material: garden mold, here i have plant parsley, chive and peppermint.

Normalzone: Dry, humus, half shade..........lemon balm, oregano and licorice marigold.

Mediteraneanzone: Lean, dry, garden mold mixed with chalk. The top of the spiral i filled up with debris and the rest with the mold, so you have a better drainage.
Tip: For the mediterranean herbs i use small clay pots, cause the German winters are very
cold, so i can dig them up and overwinter the herbs in the house. Herbs: Lavender, quendel, marjoram, thyme, sage and basil.

I have made good experience with the spiral, for herbs planting this is a very fruitfull
method, you have small time effort and an amazing result (the herbs are growing like weed :shock:). The spiral is constructed in approx. two hours.

I have a very small spiral, certainly you can build a lager one and plant herbs you prefer !

Happy gardening!

Note to moderators: Hope it is ok with the link ? otherwise please remove the link. Thank you!


Thank you for sharing, this is a great idea! Also, a nice touch to plant some herbs in clay jars and take them in for the winter. I keep losing my rosemary, it just doesn't survive the local winters, even though sage and lavender do OK.
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