The iconic Ettamogah Pub.


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This last weekend my wife and I travelled to Albury in New South Wales (Australia) to visit the Ettamogah Pub.


The concept of this pub is from an iconic cartoon featured in a now defunct Australian magazine called the "Australasian Post".

See images here:

The pub itself is larger than life, it has huge doors and windows, and the exterior walls have a slant to them just as the original cartoon pub did. On the roof is a delivery truck, and there is a Cessna aircraft crashed just outside the main entrance. There is all kinds of Australiana inside, along with a fully functioning pub, walls covered with cartoons from the original magazine and so on. There are caged sulphur crested cockatoos, which talk to you. It's quite the tourist trap, as in its day the cartoon and the magazine was immensely popular.

We had driven South for four and a half hours from our place in Queanbeyan in order to meet our older daughter at the Pub so that we could celebrate her birthday. My younger daughter had also driven down from Queanbeyan with her husband and two very young children, while the older daughter had driven North from Melbourne with one of her mates. I must say a good time was had by all, and we had lunch at the pub washed down with a couple of ales.

We stayed at a motel in the town of Albury, which is situated on the River Murray, for three days, and then drove home.
The weather was Sunny and it was quite an enjoyable trip.
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