The Kyle Odom Manifesto


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Anyone here read it? Elsewhere online, I noticed people opining that, for someone assumed (in that knee-jerk, usual 'official narrative' way) to be mentally ill, his writing did seem 'unusually' coherent.

Any thoughts? Possible milab? (He's supposedly ex-military.) Being mentally messed with by 4D STS? Targeted by some lower level 'astral' parasites? His description of his ordeal included what sounded like attempts at 'bidding' by those he saw as harassing him...


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Is it about this document? _


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Great catch indeed, Kalibex. Thanks. :)

mkrnhr said:
Is it about this document? _
Yes, this relates to the same above commented. Yet to anyone new in those things: Kyle's "Martians" hardly is an appropriate term, likely just another of the attempts to mess with him as kalibex has pointed out.

More on this can be find in these links:


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A number of articles discussing it online, as well as readily available copies of the supposed document itself, that fact itself which is... interesting.

One of the other interesting theories I saw was that, given Odom's academic and military background, this could actually have been a semi-public 'initiation', for, shall we say, one of the more unusual types of jobs, ie, to see how he performed under pressure and his resourcefulness, before admitting him to the next level of secrecy.

(Or we could just stick with schizophrenic or harassed individual finally having a breakdown, Occam's Razor style.)

It was also noted that, for a man who'd been hit 8 times, that pastor Odom shot has been recovering very, very quickly.


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It does read a bit like something out of Hostage to the Devil. My overall impression is that he was playing around with astral projection or something similar, opened the door to the unknown without having the discipline for it, and ran into certain "nasties" that are native to that realm. Due to the fluid nature of reality there, they were able to confuse him and get him to accept their energy as his own by presenting him with a "loving female," and the initial linkage was established. 4D STS probably uses these "nasties" as liaisons to undertake certain missions of subterfuge and domination.

His description of the "Martians" and their agenda for world domination, as well as mentioning their peculiar fascination with sexuality and the fact that humanity is an experiment, would suggest that he penetrated some level of knowledge of the STS hierarchy. However, by this time he was thoroughly under their influence, and while some of the underlying events in the narrative may have happened, they were likely skewed by projections and didn't happen in quite the way he presents them. I did find the identification of certain politicians as "Martians" interesting, because it would seem that the political psychopath has a much more direct line to emanations from STS thought centers. His awareness of all of this remains heavily veiled, however.

His appeals to the President (as if he really does anything) and descriptions of the Martians themselves are a bit laughable and are likely schizoid perceptions of the reality that are manipulated by 4D STS for damage control to redirect attention from themselves.
Session 151107 said:
(Galatea) Wait, when Elisa Lam was moving her hands in this really bizarre way in the elevator video, why was she moving her hands like that?
A: Trying to persuade the creature to leave her alone.
Q: (Perceval) Is something that only she could see?
A: Yes
Q: (Perceval) So, it kind of like created some kind of alternate reality around her, or she was transported into a parallel...
A: Partly.
Q: (Galatea) It was attuned to her specifically.
(Perceval) A bleedthrough, yeah.
(Atreides) So, what did the golem that's not a golem want from her?
A: Energy.
Q: (Galatea) Does that golem live in that specific place, or was that a one-time thing?
A: The location has useful energy patterns for such purposes.
[ Information on the hotel Elisa Lam stayed at: _ ]
Q: (L) So basically, there are just people who have these things and who like sit in their little control booths or something, and... I mean like all these missing people in this Missing 411 book... Somebody is just frickin' playing with the human race!
A: Yes
Q: (Approaching Infinity) In this latest book, they're going after the best and brightest: athletes, young men that seemed to have promising futures, etc.
A: So, with all of this kind of knowledge, why do you not stay aware of what can be turned against you?
Q: (Perceval) I guess we will!
Based on his background and reading other similar cases, I think he falls into the category described in this session. He likes to keep mentioning how "smart" he is, but every time the entities wanted him to complete some task, he did it without a whole lot of resistance and that just allowed them to dig their hooks in deeper and deeper. It seems they used his intelligence as an ego hook to surreptitiously weaken him. "Yes, you're so smart, you can resist us, that's why we like you, but no you can't resist us. Now do XYZ" And then they draw energy from both sides. If he had been more informed, he wouldn't be in the situation he's in. That's just kind of a guess, but that's my reading of the affair.


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Here's a new link to what Kyle wrote, for those interested. There is the whole phenomenon of the targeted individual and he seemed to fit the description.


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Here's a new link to what Kyle wrote, for those interested. There is the whole phenomenon of the targeted individual and he seemed to fit the description.
it's sad because we know he's telling the truth, I'm 100% sure he wasn't the first to see amphibian aliens, it's one thing reading about it and another seeing, be abused and forced interacting with them of course it would make anyone AT LEAST appear crazy

I'm with @Neil on one of the triggers being related to astral projection, if you go to Amazon and see the books there the top ones look a lot like brainwashing, all the ritualistic formal terms that you need to memorize, some of them come with an *alpha wave training track(any similarities to alpha programming and greenbaum?)
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