The Lost Americans/Prehistoric Man In Europe/Digging Up America/Treasure in the dust by Dr. Frank C. Hibben


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Came across the work of Dr. Frank C. Hibben thanks to a short summary given by Randall Carlson in the new Kosmographia podcast. See here:

In the segment above, Carlson is quoting out of his book The Lost Americans that was first published in 1946. It went through several revised/updated editions including one in 1961 called
The Lost Americans the Story of the Man They Said Never Was Old Stone-Age American, and one in 1968 called
The Lost Americans - The Pre-Indian Hunters Whose Bones, Tools, and Weapons Reveal Human Life of 8,000 - 30,000 Years Ago.

The book summary is stated in the following two ways on Amazon:

Thirty-five years ago, a lone cowboy spotted an odd-shaped arrowhead half buried in the bed of a dry river-and pushed back the history of the New World thirty thousand years. This momentous accident set excited archaeologists on the trail of a man they had said never existed: Old Stone-Age American.
The story of the discovery of Stone Age man in America, beginning with the 1925 find of bones and odd shaped spearheads near Folsom, New Mexico.Chapters include: The beginnings of man --How old is man in America? --The spread of the Folsom hunters -- Sandia cave man --Yuma man Ancient country cousins --Ancient immigrants to the new world --Bering Strait --front door to America --Radioactive times --the world of the ancient hunters --End of a universe --The early hunters themselves
He wrote a number of other books as well. Among those, the following three sound pretty interesting as well:

- Prehistoric man in Europe published in 1968
Digging Up America published in 1960
Treasure in the dust: Exploring ancient North America published in 1951 and revised version
Treasure in the Dust: Archaeology in the New World published in 1953

He was one of those early explorers who didn't quite see and publish what the Mainstream in archaeology and science community wanted to see/hear and was thus thrown under the bus with all sorts of allegations.
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