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6 May 2022

An interesting formation to be seen in the raw images send back by the Curiosity Rover on Mars... So NASA claims. I also found some litter to be interesting, when viewed at higher resolution. I made a small panorama so you can see an overview in the affected area. Below as attachments, the original images.

A link with the aforementioned images at NASA



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after seeing the strange "door"
That's what I thought it looked like, too. And, what is that flat, black thing with what looks like a tail on the right side of the photo? This is interesting and cause for a bit of speculation. Thank you for putting the panorama together, XPan.


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Just found this great summary of the tour the Curiosity robot has driven so far on Mars and some of the stunning pictures it took of the different landscapes and features on the way so far:

Did they ever done the dating of the samples that are soaked with water?. As we know it will be 10K year back, but was curious whether they ever did it. If they find it recent, they have to explain, where did the water go so soon?
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