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mkrnhr said:
Hi pavlin_k,
Since we are hijacking the initial thread, could you organize the whole process, with data, data analysis, orbit estimation, etc. in a single file (doc or pdf or whatever), and than maybe if it makes sense we can discuss your findings in a separate thread? That would clarify the communication.
OK, mkrnhr.
Just, created this new thread for the purpose.

Here is the information presented so far.
pavlin_k said:
Laura said:
pavlin_k, gather the "evidence" and provide it and provenance to mkrnhr who happens to be qualified to examine it and offer a professional opinion.

Look at these three images.

They have different but close coordinates.
On each one of them we are seeing a distinct and very similar to each other stellar objects.

Those three objects are positioned on a line.
Therefore those are not separate objects but one that is moving.

The brightness/energy of the object on images is increasing.
That is in accordance with an electrical object getting closer to the Sun.

The direction and speed of the object's movement projected on the ecliptic is the same as the movement of the summer solstice through the ages.
That is a proof the object is a part of the solar system.

Current position of the object should be like it is indicated here.

More information and parameters estimates here.
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