The Politics of Climate Change: Green New Deal And Other Madness


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Oh, but that's just thin air.

SWEDEN is so WOKE and so incredibly ECO at all levels in society, that you don't need a ministry of Climate, really... Because everything is "going by itself" anyway... Cooperations too, remind you just everywhere, that efforts and savings need to be done, for the sake of environment and CO2 reduction. It's constant propaganda everywhere. Even on the milk boxes and other foods. :rolleyes:

I'll take Armstrongs article with a grain of salt. New Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson is a puppet like most others. He and his party where for much, much fiercer lockdowns, Vaccine passport ID, and harder measurements during the Plandemic. "Reliable" like a politicians are ...

It's not just air, it's Martin Armstrong's air business. He's been selling these air bags for a long time. Now he's selling the "green West against Russia." But Russia is extremely dedicated to the development of the Green Program with all its details. Russia is confidently moving towards its green future with a green economy and a green society (you know, carbon credits and everything else; it will be announced very soon, most likely in sync with the "evil West", as the other developments of the Great Reset in Russia are synchronized). "The fight against climate change" is a major part of Russia's development.

All this can be easily found in open official Russian sources, through the most reputable Russian press and government websites. But... this is not very fashionable to show in the West, where the endless projection of "Russia vs. globalists"Reigns.

Now I will see if I will be approved to participate in this forum and I can show what is happening in Russia, with all the necessary sources. But the more I read, the more I begin to doubt that I will be approved. If not, let us be alive and well in these troubled times.:)


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The woman cyclist died 😕
It is not clear weather she would or wouldn’t die if the ambulance came on time but still this terrorists has to be stopped….

I listened, again as usual, to German Alternative channel "Nuoviso" during their "HomeOffice" session either 279 or 280 the other days, in which it was spoken about the accident in Berlin. [Nuoviso usually take up articles they research, and then discussing them freely during their sessions, with pro and contra [for and against] arguments).

Apparently there was a emergency doctor present at the site where the woman was injured - and he said that it wouldn't have made any difference if the ambulance would have come in time or not, because she was in very bad shape already. It is unlike that she could have been saved if the ambulance had made it in time.

Further they discussed about the seriousness in the green movements, that there could be a risk of radicalisation, for example if those still "innocent" glue-road warriors, would unite with other, far more radical acting-out groups, it could develop into a similar movement, like that of the Baader Meinhof / RAF terrorist groups back in the 70s (which the German Gov used for their agendas). I mean we already see indications of that the whole eco warrior type of groups are being used / supported indirectly via other organisations, NGO's etc. Greta is just another example of how she and her surrounding, had a well organized, deliberately created network behind her green fame, and wasn't just by coincidence, or solely the creation of Greta herself.

My Berlin, 1980s
I remember back in my days when I still was a teenager in Berlin, that we sometimes discussed the phenomena of people surrounding places of accidents, gawking and taking photos - while at the same time making it difficult for emergency services to get though to an accident site... I disliked that kind of behaviour a lot - and decided early on - if there was an accident - I am not the guy who stands tightly in a group just watching and "wanna know more". Likewise I never made photos of such events, either.

I believe it has something to do with that i felt that behaviour in surrounding people gave off a "sensational greed", a sort of gawking vulture like character, which I couldn't feel any interest in. The resonance that is radiating out of of people, excitingly watching other people in severe accidents, feels very strange to me.

I don't mean to say, to ignore everything because "it doesn't feel good" - it's not that. Sometimes a watcher can be of great unexpected help ! It's the 'mindlessness' of crowds that tick me off.


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Mayors from across the globe have met in Buenos Aires, entering into a pact called the C40 cities where they plan to implement the same climate policies to drastically reduce carbon emissions in the future. It can only happen with a drastic power grab (reduce ability to buy clothes, meat/dairy).

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, reveals his attitude towards those opposing this draconian change: "covid deniers, conspiracy theorists, and climate deniers".

Lots of BS being spewed around.

Global Mayors admit consequences for citizens noncompliant with green new world order: C40 summit:

I completely agree with you, and I am glad that you call things by their real names, as befits a worthy and honest thinker! I can't wait to read what you have to say about Russia's involvement in the same hoax when I publish the quotes and links this night.


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The latest climate insanity coming out of Europe.

The very disturbing circular which threatens with imprisonment the teachers "suspected" of moving away from the governmental narrative on #climat or international politics. Teachers summoned to denounce any remarks by "suspicious" students, and therefore their parents . Spring @AlexSofamous

Except that. Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. Binding.




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Crews called out to wind turbine fire in Aberdeenshire​

Fire crews were called to a wind turbine in flames in Aberdeenshire.

Images showed the fire in the St Cyrus area on Wednesday afternoon. (23 Nov)

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said: "We were alerted to reports of a fire affecting a wind turbine near Mains of Lauriston.

"Operations control mobilised two appliances to the scene, where crews remain onsite and are liaising with onsite personnel to make the area safe. No firefighting was required."



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A couple of stories of lightning hitting wind turbines - from October 20th off the coast of Ireland

A wind turbine off the coast of Arklow in Co Wicklow was struck by lightning this afternoon and was on fire.

The turbine fire was expected to be allowed to burn out without intervention from the emergency services.

Smoke was seen billowing from the turbine about 11km from Arklow since the lightning strike this afternoon.

It is understood that standard industrial practice for an unmanned turbine is that a fire is allowed to burn out itself, a process likely to be aided by wet weather.

"It's of no immediate danger to anyone," a garda spokesman said. The turbine is believed to have been struck by lightning shortly before 1pm.

It is one of seven turbines which form the Arklow Wind Farm, which was developed almost 20 years ago and is owned and operated by GE Energy.

More recently.

Wind Turbines Trigger ‘Thundersnow’ During Buffalo Snowstorm​

A recent lake effect snowfall in western New York offered researchers a rare opportunity to gather data about how wind turbines trigger “thundersnow”—or lightning within a snowstorm.

“Lightning damage is an increasing concern for wind power providers,” reported the Washington Post, in the wake of the late-November storm that brought a record amount of snow to the east ends of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. “Like any tall structure, a wind turbine can serve as a strike point for a downward-propagating lightning flash.”

But “as turbines grow taller, they appear more likely to trigger upward-propagating flashes that extend from the turbine into a storm, rather than vice versa.”

The lightning strikes can lead to substantial losses for the wind power industry. In the second quarter of 2020, turbine manufacturer Vestas paid out roughly $200 million for claims related to lightning-related turbine damage. Now, thanks to the November 20 snowstorm that featured dozens of lightning flashes, researchers have gathered valuable data to help understand the predominance of turbine-triggered flashes—rather than the usual downward-propagating strikes—in snow bands around wind farms.

“It was the most lightning I’ve ever seen in lake effect snow,” said State University of New York at Oswego (SUNY Oswego) meteorology professor Scott Steiger, who co-directs Project LEE, a study of lake-effect electrification.

Nearly a decade ago, Steiger had been part of the Ontario Lake-effect Systems (OWLeS)—a snow band data-gathering project that surprised researchers by showing that most of the lightning associated with snowfall happened inland, rather than near and off the lakeshore. Now-retired professor Robert Ballentine noticed at the time that a nearby wind farm seemed to coincide with the location of peak inland lightning.

OWLeS inspired Project LEE, which uses a Doppler on Wheels mobile radar unit and other weather tracking technology to help researchers connect lightning formation to precipitation processes. Project LEE’s next step is to use the data to map out more precisely how lightning is triggered within snow bands.


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France BANS short haul domestic & connecting flights as part of 2021 Climate Law, hopes for it to be mandated across EU

France has been given the green light to ban short haul domestic flights.

The European Commission has approved the move which will abolish flights between cities that are linked by a train journey of less than 2.5 hours.

The decision was announced on Friday. The changes are part of the country's 2021 Climate Law.

France is also cracking down on the use of private jets for short journeys in a bid to make transport greener and fairer for the population.

Transport minister Clément Beaune said the country could no longer tolerate the super rich using private planes while the public are making cutbacks to deal with the energy crisis and climate change.


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Finally someone took some action against these nutjubs:

German police launch raids against Last Generation activists​

4 hours ago4 hours ago

The raids have targeted the Last Generation group of climate activists, which recently grabbed headlines by blocking runways and vandalizing museums.

Police announced that they had raided at least eleven residences across Germany on Tuesday as part of an investigation into the climate activism group Letzte Generation, or Last Generation.

The group has become well-known in recent months for blocking airport runways and throwing food at the frames of famous works of art.

Group spokeswoman Carla Hinrichs confirmed the raids on Twitter, saying that it was "frightening when police go through your closet."

However, she added: "Do you think we're going to stop now?"

Authorities said they had confiscated laptops and mobile phones, accusing the group of being tied to a "criminal association."

Oil refinery targeted​

Cyrill Klement, a prosecutor in Neuruppin, north of Berlin, said the investigation had to do with an action against the PCK Schwedt oil refinery last April.

At one point, oil flows were cut to the plant on the border with Poland that provides 90% of Berlin's fuel.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has accused the Last Generation of "dangerous" and "incomprehensible" tactics.

For its part, the group says that it will continue with their efforts to draw attention to how climate breakdown will affect their generation and those after them. One spokesperson of the group announced they would continue with efforts in civil disobedience during the Christmas days and in the new year despite the police raids.

es/dj (dpa, AFP, Reuters)


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Finally someone took some action against these nutjubs:
Group spokeswoman Carla Hinrichs confirmed the raids on Twitter, saying that it was "frightening when police go through your closet."

However, she added: "Do you think we're going to stop now?"

It's frightening for ambulance drivers not being able to reach accident victims (least one discuss the untreated victim), while it is also frightening for people to watch these childish goon-gluers disrupting normal life. These people at their levels, have not figured out 'yet' just how they are being used, nor will they likely realize it when the SHITF - that it will be too late for them as they ponder their own demise.

Bavarian state premier and CSU member Markus Söder announced that 12 Letzte Generation members, at least one of whom is a high school student, would have to sit for 30 days of pre-trial detention for blocking a Munich street — a charge that would usually allow suspects to await trial at home.

Will they clue them to their chairs? That would be, er, fitting.

Further along it mentions that one arrested was a school kid, so that is on you, Carla.

Here is Carla in a Carhart polyester hat made of synthetic oil, with Carhart a clothing company that produces items for workers - oil patch, farming, fishing, mining, construction, logging et cetera (all largely dependent on oil).

Hope she grows up, so far she and her group are just bad social ideological green ton.


The No-More-Oil/Letzte Generation group might be sent to Ukraine, as I hear they are out of the oil and gas business, for now.


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With these sour political times, one does not always hear things one should be paying attention to, and then you read it and know you missed a sad day dedicated to remembering - remembering someone who was tireless in his convictions. A man taken to court, vilified at every turn, while being a general, thankfully, pain in the ass to the PTB who deserved his every words down to the syllables.

Remembering, is to the scientist Timothy Ball, Ph.D who left behind the memories of his voice and good humor. The memory of a man who never backed down against the AGW crowd. A man who the same crowd, in turn directly avoided in arguments as Tim would brilliantly point out common climate sense. A man who the mass media would be most hesitant to let speak to citizens on particular subjects. A man who university faculties tried to create distance from as they absorbed more grants - a man with deep understanding of the IPCC and their minions, and man who helped people to better understand these subjects of science, history and the political undercurrents and climate puppeteers.


Tim Ball left us all September 24th, 2022 and will be remembered and live on.

RIP, Tim.💐



OCTOBER 7, 2022
By H. Sterling Burnett

Timothy Ball, Ph.D. passed away on September 24. I’m truly sorry to have to write this. I had few personal encounters with Dr. Ball, unfortunately: a couple of phone interviews, some email exchanges, and brief hellos exchanged in passing at meetings we both attended.

Although I didn’t know him well, I followed and admired his work for years. Dr. Ball was a fighter for the use of the scientific method to explore the world and discover truth in all areas of science. In his last few decades he was perhaps best-known for doggedly using the scientific method in academia, in the popular media, and in court to expose the pseudo-science used to promote climate alarm. For his efforts, Ball received praise in the form of multiple awards, and he was sued by noted climate alarmist Michael Mann, Ph.D., of hockey stick infamy. (More on this later.)

Among the awards Dr. Ball received were the Clarence Atchison Award for Excellence in Community Service, the Clifford J. Robson Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence; and the Lifetime Achievement in Climate Science award by The Heartland Institute at the 13th International Conference on Climate Change in 2019. In a follow-up to his receipt of the latter award, I interviewed Dr. Ball for an article published in Environment & Climate News.

Below are a short bio of Dr. Ball; a brief remembrance by Joe Bast, former long-time president of The Heartland Institute; and excerpts of a post from the Manhattan Contrarian blog discussing the court case for which Ball is perhaps most famous.

Brief biography, Timothy Ball, Ph.D.

Dr. Timothy Ball received a bachelor's degree with honors in geography from the University of Winnipeg in 1970, followed by an M.A. from the University of Manitoba in 1971 and a Ph.D. in geography with a focus on historical climatology from Queen Mary University of London, England in 1983. His dissertation was titled, “Climatic Change in Central Canada : A Preliminary Analysis of Weather Information from the Hudson's Bay Company Forts at York Factory and Churchill Factory, 1714-1850.”

Dr. Ball joined the University of Winnipeg faculty in 1971, retiring as a full professor in 1996. Ball then served as chief science advisor to the International Climate Science Coalition and a policy advisor to The Heartland Institute.

Dr. Ball was a researcher and author of scientific papers on a range of environmental issues, including a coauthored paper in the scientific journal Ecological Complexity titled "Polar bears of western Hudson Bay and climate change: Are warming spring air temperatures the 'ultimate' survival control factor?"

Ball was one of several authors of Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory, published in 2011. In 2014 Ball wrote the book The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science. Ball’s most recent solo effort discussing climate change is Human Caused Global Warming, with the attention-grabbing subtitle “The Biggest Deception in Human History.”

As one can see from the titles of Dr. Ball’s books, he was not one to hide his true thoughts or shy away from controversy or an academic or, as it turns out, a legal fight.

From Joe Bast:

Tim Ball, Ph.D., was part of the first generation of modern climatologists trained to understand and study Earth’s climate “in the round” rather than just one or a few aspects of it. He had the misfortune of watching his discipline succumb to the temptations of government funding, media attention, and specialization that have caused so much damage climate science and to other scientific disciplines.

Dr. Ball bravely and loudly called out the politicization of science, the substitution of climate models for genuine climatology, and the terrible real-world consequences of the policies advocated by climate alarmists. He taught thousands of students to see past the headlines and declarations of political entities such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and to focus instead on the real science of weather patterns.

Dr. Ball liked to say climate change “is a puzzle of thousands of pieces; climate science is [only] one piece of the puzzle.” Computer modelers, physicists, botanists, geologists, and economists, to name just a few of the academic disciplines that claim to have insights into the causes and consequences of climate change, typically lack the training to understand the dynamics of the climate system. At best they can shed light one small pieces of the climate puzzle. Dr. Ball frequently said they should never be trusted to declare “the science is settled,” much less pontificate on what public policies ought to be pursued.

Despite fierce and often highly personal criticism from all corners of the climate alarmist industry, Dr. Ball never lost his composure or tailored his speech or writing. He was the IPCC’s strongest and one of its most credible critics. He was generous with his insights and advice to me and to two or even three generations of other policy analysts who sought him out. He will be sorely missed.

For all his stellar work, Ball is perhaps best-known for his trenchant critique of Michael Mann’s widely disputed “hockey stick” reconstruction of the Earth’s recent temperature history and the hiding of the data Mann and his colleagues used to develop the widely cited graphic. Ball’s critique resulted in him being sued for libel by Mann. Frances Menton of the Manhattan Contrarian described the lawsuit well, including Ball’s ultimate vindication. I excerpt his comments here:

Ball was that rarity of a climate scientist in the world of academia with the temerity and courage to say and repeat that CO2 is a beneficial gas. He would not back down, in a world that rapidly went insane and became increasingly intolerant and hostile to his position. Notably, Ball did not shy away from calling out the biggest scamsters of the climate hustle, most particularly one Michael Mann. Mann is the professor at Penn State who was the lead creator of the IPCC’s iconic “hockey stick” graph that has been used to sell global warming hysteria to the world for the last 20+ years.

This post will draw substantially on a previous post I wrote back in 2019 titled “Michael Mann Hockey Stick Update: Now Definitively Established To Be Fraud.” That post goes into extensive detail on a lawsuit between Mann and Ball that ultimately ended in total victory for Ball. Here is an abbreviated version of the story of the Mann/Ball litigation, excerpted from that post:

[In 2011 a] prominent skeptical climate scientist in Canada named Tim Ball accused Mann of fraud in generating the Hockey Stick graph. The famous quote, from a February 2011 interview of Ball, was “Michael Mann should be in the State Pen, not Penn State.” In March 2011, Mann sued Ball for libel, focusing on that quote, in the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Vancouver. Here is a copy of the Complaint. … The case then essentially disappeared into limbo for eight-plus years. But on [August 23, 2019] the British Columbia court dismissed Mann’s claim with prejudice, and also awarded court costs to Ball.

Ball’s accusation against Mann was solidly based on the work of Canadian mathematician Steve McIntyre in attempting to reconstruct the Hockey Stick graph, and also on the so-called ClimateGate emails, released from the University of East Anglia (collaborators of Mann) in 2009. McIntyre conclusively demonstrated, based on disclosures in the ClimateGate emails, that Mann had truncated data in generating the Hockey Stick in order to achieve the presentation that he wanted. But throughout the process of McIntyre trying to reconstruct his work, Mann flatly refused to share the data and methods that he had used to generate the graph.

And then, even after suing Ball in British Columbia, Mann continued his refusal to produce his underlying data. That’s not something that a litigant can get away with. … From the 2019 post:

Mann absolutely refused to provide the underlying information in the Ball litigation. … The court repeatedly tried to get an agreement that something would be produced that would satisfy Ball, and repeatedly gave Mann more time to comply. Could this really go on for eight years? In the U.S., that would be extraordinary, but not impossible. . . . n 2017 Mann actually agreed (under court pressure) to produce to Ball within 21 days the key technical information about construction of the Hockey Stick graph that Ball was requesting. But the information was not produced. … [F]inally seeking the dismissal of Mann’s claims as the ultimate sanction. On Friday [August 23, 2019], the court granted that relief.

Thus Ball was fully vindicated in the end by the court. …

In Canada, a loser in court is required to pay the fees and costs of the winner. Ball was awarded the fees and costs in an oral ruling by the court. …

Mann’s lawyer (McConchie) did not even oppose the application for costs, since that is the norm in Canadian litigation. But, in an event that will probably surprise no one, it turns out that in the intervening three years the execrable Mann has never paid anything to Ball. Ball was essentially wiped out financially by the costs of the litigation, to the extent that a GoFundMe has now been started by Anthony Watts to help his family pay for funeral expenses. Follow this link if you would like to contribute.

Tim Ball’s death is a loss to the community of climate realists: people who still believe that data and evidence should trump a good story, an elegant but unsupported theory, and complex but flawed computer model outputs when it comes to describing the state of the climate and whether a changing climate poses a dire threat to humanity and to nature. His passing is also a loss to the public, leaving us with one less champion for the pursuit of truth through faithful adherence to the scientific method, and one less defender of the benefits society receives from the use of fossil fuels.
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