The Practising Mind: Developing Focus and Discipline in Your Life


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I finished the book some time ago now. I found it to be really worthwhile, quite straight-forward and easy to grasp. His perspective is simple, crystal clear.
The experience of slowness he illustrates is fascinating as he end up more productive and stress free.
Yet as I said I finished it some time ago now. I can tell how fast I forgot to do the observation. DOC - Do, Observe, Correct. It is quite frustrating to observe how automatic we are. A machine, yes.
And each time I notice I lost the thread, the same pattern of self judgment, guilt and frustration comes back.

But something is changing over time. I don't give it as much credit as before. It must be a mix of realizing that I give myself too much self-importance, I am disconnected of the present, loosing time, energy into feelings that have no reasons to overwhelm me. There is no reason to give any credit to these feelings, it's feeding the Predator Mind even more. I am too serious about not so serious occurrences.
I find serenity when I take time to ponder the relativity of my "Ow so precious" struggle, turns out ridiculous when I think about it. That helps, it's a relief.

Also, when you think about it, you can access serenity through Present at any moment in life, that realization in itself is like accessing Faith. There is no "it is too late", "too soon" or whatever. It is here, always. You can access it. A simple shift in perception allows you to do it. And when it happens it is blissful, simple, and out of time.

The thing is, you forget it. :lol:

Coming back to present is always the goal. It has to be always reminded. I will always have to remind myself to enjoy the process. Let it be that way. I have to say it is a pleasure to (finally) come back to the forum and write this.

Thanks :flowers:
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